WhatsApp: QR code arrives to quickly add a contact

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WhatsApp continues to introduce new features: users will now be able to generate a QR code so as to be easily accessible. Support for this feature is only available to users who have installed the beta version 2.20.171.

Before this time, the only way to contact another person on WhatsApp was to register theirs number in your own address book or be in possession of the appropriate link. For some time now, developers have been designing support for QR codes.

The function that allows you to generate the code is present in the settings, next to your profile picture. Once you click on the appropriate button, a QR code will be generated which can then be freely available shared. Obviously - it should be noted - people who have access to the code will also be able to view the telephone number.

WhatsApp will also allow you to reset the code, i.e. delete the old one and create a new one. By changing the tab, it will be possible to go to the "Frame code". Here users can scan another person's code.

The news is available, for the moment, they are in the beta version. Almost certainly, during the next few weeks, it will also be implemented in the stable version.

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