What to do when the mobile is not charging?

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What to do when the mobile does not charge? Some of you may be suffering from this problem. Maybe you've even gone out to buy a new charger. However, before assuming the problem is the faulty battery or charger, read these five tips to know what to do when the mobile is not charging.

What to do when the mobile is not charging?

Why doesn't a phone charge?

The phone does not fully charge when plugged in, or the connection drops, or the phone charges very slowly - sometimes only slightly faster than the rate at which the battery is consumed. This is a very common complaint. Here are some tips to fix the problem and you can do it yourself.

Repair the USB port yourself

The fastest and easiest way - and often successful - is to simply do a small repair on your hardware. The problem is that the metal surface inside the USB port and the micro-USB charger do not have good contact, due to the constant connection and disconnection of the charging cable

All you have to do is turn off the device, remove the battery (if possible) and use something small - a toothpick, for example - to "exploit" the small "card" inside the USB port of your smartphone or tablet. Proceed very carefully and gently, reinsert the battery and turn it back on. Nine times out of ten that's all that needs to be done.

Replace cables and adapters

The most fragile part of a charger is undoubtedly the cable, not the adapter that plugs into the wall socket. So if your device is having charging issues and the previous solution didn't help, you may have a faulty cable.

Before you rush out to buy a replacement, simply grab a spare USB cable from another device and try it out. Often the cable wears out inside because it is constantly being rolled up, twisted or otherwise. Instead of buying a new charger you may need a new cable.

Likewise, if the cable doesn't seem to be the problem, check the wall plug adapter. Also, check the charger / cable on another device and see if it works normally.

Cleaning: Remove dirt!

Sometimes the reason why a mobile does not charge correctly it is due to the fact that there is something in the port or that there is debris blocking the connection. The filaments that are in the pockets of our trousers, dirt and other waste can enter from all sides on a smartphone, take a look at the micro-USB port (or the charging cable).

You can carefully use tweezers and a toothpick, even using a flashlight to illuminate the entrance. Avoid using swabs, cotton and toilet paper, which leave residues. Do not use any liquid!

Of course, do not use water or in excessively hot or humid conditions. Also, do not overcharge the device by charging it overnight when the battery only takes 2-3 hours.

Indeed, modern appliances can detect when the battery is fully charged without danger of overcharging, as long as the equipment is original. If it has not passed the tests to prove its safety, charging can continue even when the charge is full and can cause problems. Therefore, if your equipment is “parallel”, we reaffirm: leaving your phone on charge all night can be a bad idea.

Replace the battery

If your device is old, or appears to be acting very strange with regards to the battery, it may be faulty. If your Android device has a detachable back cover, please remove it and make sure the battery is not deformed, lost or have other problems.

If so, remove it immediately and clean the area carefully to avoid corrosion. If the cover is not removable, you can put the phone on the table and spin it to see if the battery is protruding or deformed. Replace the battery with a genuine one from the manufacturer or a trusted third party.

A new battery should last about two years before needing to be replaced, although this depends on the number of charge and discharge cycles. If your mobile won't charge and your device is still new, check your warranty - you may be entitled to a free replacement.

Charge the device

Charging via a wall socket will always be faster than via a PC or laptop. Of course, if you use another charging cable and adapter that came with your phone, the charger may not be powerful enough for your device. For example: If you are using a charger that came with a Bluetooth headset, it may simply not be able to charge the device.

To charge faster, turn on airplane mode or turn off your phone. Were you able to resolve after reading this article?

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