There is an unannounced Silent Hill game: what happened to it?

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From a simple direct that should have shown a single project he event that instead has become decidedly interesting: it is useless to get around it, Silent Hill is really back. In addition to the remake of the second chapter, in fact, Konami has announced several video games and side projects, which seem to take us back in time, to the era of PS2 and Xbox, where the series was certainly in great shape. However, there is a mysterious yet unreleased project that fans have been waiting to see.

The project we are referring to is The Short Messagge, a Silent Hill game that we already knew existed thanks to the Korean board that deals with video game ratings, such as our PEGI. There were many who bet (at least metaphorically) on the presence of that title, but in the end last night's live broadcast revealed nothing.

Now, hard to tell that project was cancelled. According to modder Lance McDonald some videos had been stolen and Konami may have canceled everything, but it is a very unlikely hypothesis. On the other hand, it is easier that The Short Message was a simple code name for Ascension, an experiment halfway between a TV series and a video game, which will ask viewers from all over the world to interact in real time. So many hypotheses for now, but no certainty.

It may have been cancelled as the majority of it leaked, about an hour of footage has been being passed around in private of it, I believe. I haven't seen it myself.

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 19, 2022

Finally, we cannot exclude that The Short Message is nothing more than a project linked to the remake of the second chapter or to Townfall (the mysterious "f" is more difficult, that seems really far away) and which will serve as a demo or introduction to one of the two games in the future. On the other hand, Konami had already thought about it in 2014, when it released PT, with a game concept that bewitched millions of players and then disappointed them with the cancellation and dismissal of Hideo Kojima. All doors are open and all possibilities are on the table: we just have to wait for any official announcements or proclamations.

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