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When working on a title based primarily on storytelling, the most important thing is obviously that of have something to tell. After a juicy preview (which you can find here), we realized that the LKA team he really has a lot of things to say and, equally importantly, he knows how to do it with extreme craftsmanship and poetry. After a couple of weeks, in fact, the definitive version of The Town of Light, title for PC made entirely by the studio. Will Luca Dalcò's team be able to keep the excellent promises of the beta? Don't waste any more time and find out by reading our new review now!

I'm not mad. It's just that they draw me like that!
The Town of Light is a product that is born, lives and dies with only one purpose: to tell a story

As anticipated a few lines ago, The Town of Light is a product that is born, lives and dies with a single purpose: tell a story. The story revolves around the character of Renée, a young sixteen year old who, after a series of tragic events, is interned in the asylum of Volterra. The direction of the whole production is nothing short of excellent and makes use of continuous flashbacks and flashforwards to never get bored and to mix elements of the present (the moment in which the story is told) with those of the inevitable past. Most of the cutscenes, moreover, they are composed of videos made with grotesque drawings and from strong emotional impact, going to mark even more the terrible misadventures of the poor girl. The possibility, with the simple press of a button, to obtain a clue on the next location to be reached, allows the player to follow history without ever getting lost and, consequently, manages to keep the pace of the narrative always high. In any case, we would like to emphasize how the topics covered by The Town of Light are not within everyone's reach, in particular to those who are particularly sensitive to topics such as "madness", "emotional distress" and "violence against minors". Not that the guys of the LKA Team ever descend into vulgarity or the exploitation of certain aspects, but we must admit that we have never seen a video game deal with such strong themes, albeit in such a poetic and elegant way. The longevity overall title hovers around 5 hours, But the presence of some narrative crossroads which lead to different dialogues (or rather, monologues) makes the whole production replayable on average.

A slow descent into madness
The Town of Light gameplay is completely dependent on the rhythm of the narrative

The few perplexity that we had had during our preview of The Town of Light they were just about the gameplay which, on certain occasions, seemed unintuitive, woody and with a lack of support for the controllers. Incredibly all of these factors were eliminated in the transition to the final version e now the production of the LKA Team appears functional from almost all points of view. The game structure, as it was already possible to guess, mixes with the narrative and allows our character to move through the rooms of the Volterra asylum to discover all the events of Renée's past. They have been introduced, Furthermore, a series of multiple answers which will change not so much the game events, as our understanding of some pieces of the story of our protagonist. Answering one thing rather than another will allow us to become aware of a certain event rather than another, making the adventure replayable to understand the whole story at 100%. Together with a vague tutorial (just to understand the basic keys) and to one convenient division into fifteen chapters, the LKA have improved the use of the controller which now is not at all uncomfortable as a replacement for the more classic mouse and keyboard. The only flaw that we would like to point out is theexcessive slowness of a few moments. We are not talking about the narrative (which is never boring) and we are aware that Renée's movements must have a certain rhythm to accompany the atmosphere of the story, but we found the last moments of the game to be excessively slow, where, at a very low speed, we were forced to walk from point A to point B (to be honest, not too close to each other).

A beauty

Also with regard to the technical profile we can not help but praise the LKA Team. The Town of Light now it is much more fluid, though maintaining good lighting and good modeling of places and characters. However, we must highlight how, throughout our adventure, we have experienced some unmotivated and heavy frame drops which, especially in a sequence towards the end, made it difficult to cross a certain playing area. The music is confirmed as flawless that, from the first minute of play, will simply leave you breathless thanks to a soundtrack on the piano with a sure impact that, mixed with well-calculated silences, will undoubtedly surprise and conquer you. A praise also to the dubbing in other languages ​​of Daniela D'Argenio who from the very first words demonstrates her great acting skills, interpreting Renée's character to perfection. Also in this case it will only take a few minutes to realize you are in front of you a production with attention to the smallest details also with regard to the sound sector. Apart from some aforementioned frame drops, we have not noticed any other technical problems and we would like to promote them The Town of Light also from this point of view.

Verdict 9/10 Life is really, really strange Comment The Town of Light is a small pearl in the gaming landscape. The LKA Team has succeeded in dealing with delicate and difficult issues with extreme mastery and with a delicacy characteristic of only the best productions. The gameplay reduced to the bone, in front of such an artistic component, is not a real defect as much as a fundamental part of the production. There are no puzzles to solve, enemies to face or environmental puzzles to get lost in; every multiple choice made, every document found and every room crossed are inserted in that point only to contribute to the story of Renée. And we can tell you without hesitation: it is not a story that you will forget easily. Pros and cons Unique atmosphere
Adult themes treated with skill
Storytelling functional gameplay
Excellent quality soundtrack and dubbing x Themes not for everyone
x Renee's movements sometimes too slow
x Some heavy frame drops

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