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What are the best apps for finding work? It has been a few years since the internet became the best way to find job offers and to find the best Public Competitions, but we've taken another step forward since then. It is no longer necessary to turn on the computer, as we have more available job search app.

When we look for a job, either because we are unemployed or because we want to improve, the more we expand the search range, the better. These are the best apps to find a job.

look for work you don't have to leave the house just install some applications on your phone to browse the offers available in your city for your sector. LinkedIn, Infojobs, Job Today… we make a selection of what we consider the best for your job search. Take note!

LinkedIn has greatly facilitated access to the job market. Having the opportunity to connect with other people who work in your industry is a great strategy for getting to know yourself and find work what are you looking for.

But, in addition to LinkedIn, you can find work with the help of an application for find work. Now, there are a lot of them on Google Play, so we recommend these five.

The best apps to find work

1) ideas

In fact, it will help you find a job on an Android and iOS phone, wherever you are. It has millions of downloads on Google Play and will help you specifically search for the location you are looking for. He is responsible for the collection of job offers from different web portals in positions are published and you can access it to submit your resume from the application.

It is also very convenient because you can save your searches by category to see if new offers have been launched the next time you open the application.

2) Infojobs

It is one of the most popular. One of its more useful and beneficial features than Indeed is that you can see the status of the locations you've signed up for, so you can know which applications have rejected you and which have not.

It's pretty comprehensive when doing job searches on iOS and Android - you can do it by job, keyword, or company. Another advantage over Indeed is that its interface is somewhat simpler and more thoughtful. One between the best apps to find work from your Android phone.

3) Job search on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is a great option for expanding our network of contacts, the social network has launched its own job search application. If you have a LinkedIn profile you won't have to do large configurations, which is very convenient.

And if you are concerned that your social network contacts find that you are looking for a job, don't worry, this app operates privately on your network of contacts.

4) Job Today

Job Today for Android and iOS is another handy application for looking for work. You will have a feed with available offers and you can also search by job and position. Yours chat party it will make it easier for you to talk to recruiting staff and arrange an interview.

5) job talent

Finally we highlight the application for Android and iOS called jobandtalent. If you are looking for a temporary job, you may find many options through this app. A big plus is that not only can you search and find the right job for your needs, but you can also create the documents: sign the contract from the app or check your payroll.

6) Jobeeper

This platform was born directly as a mobile app. The application revolves around notifications, the "beeps", which will send you when it detects an offer that may interest you. You just have to enter and save the searches you want, saying what you would like to do, where and how often you want to be notified.

You enter with Linkedin data, so you don't need to register. Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

7) Guudjob per iOS e Android

If you are self-employed, Guudjob can help you find new clients. You just have to open a profile that describes what you do, where you are and what your price per hour is. Then, you will appear in searches for people who need someone with your profile close to where you are. Available for iOS and Android.

8) Monster

Among the best applications to find a job, it is worth mentioning the Monster job search app for Android and iOS, the mobile version of this well-known job vacancy network. It can be downloaded freely on iOS and Android and is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets.

It has a very clear interface that facilitates navigation between the different options, upload our resume, you can sign up in certain fields to receive notifications and thus be very attentive to job offers.

9) yours

The best option to look for work with your smartphone throughout Europe is EURES for Android and iOS, a tool that is presented by the European Union and could not miss in the list of the best applications to find work.

It allows you to contact a group of consultants that helps users and also gives you the ability to mark the offers we see as preferred so as not to lose sight of them.

10) Employment

It is the clear and simple name of the mobile service offered by Indeed, which concentrates millions of companies and job offers listed in all countries of the world. Its interface is so simple it borders on the extreme, but there's no denying that it gets right to the point when it comes to offering an opportunity to look for work.

All these applications are made available to users of iOS and Android mobile devices, free of charge, so that they can find the job they want.

They are not the only apps of this type available, but they are the ones that stand out for their popularity, quantity of offers and ease of use.

If you know of another good option, let us know in the comments below.

11) Jooble

Jooble has always been a meeting point between the best talents and the best companies. Consult among thousands of job advertisements, both in Spain and abroad, the career opportunities that best suit your professional profile. Navigation is quick and easy.

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