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Nowadays the maintaining your car it involves rather high costs, especially if you do not keep an eye on various factors, risking having to spend much more or due to missing checks or repairs.

But over the years cars have become more and more hyper-connected technological tools that can be managed by smartphone applications designed precisely to be able to monitor their cars without any worries.

All applications for car maintenance

Right on the Google store you can find several applications designed specifically for the management of your car, from satellite navigators, to apps for utilities and parking lots or even all types of software for car maintenance, so that documents and any interventions to be carried out on a regular basis can be kept under control, and which would be impossible to remember . We asked friends of AutoNovaMilano to list only the best ones to install on your smartphone, BMW workshop Milan, and here is the result.

Car management app

THEapplication designed to quickly manage all deadlines of your car, from the road tax, to insurance, to overhaul, or even simple routine maintenance such as oil change, filter change or the coupon to be carried out on your car.

Using several specific algorithms, theAuto Management app allows you to make predictions on due dates based on the reminders entered. In case of engine oil replacement, for example, which is usually done every 15.000 km, the app would be able to make a forecast on the possible future expiry, remembering to have to change the engine oil again.

Neglecting the expiration of a car not only exposes us to the risk of possible fines, but also to the risk of having to cause serious damage to your car, and the Auto Management app allows you to keep track of all deadlines by alerting the driver in advance.

Vehicles App

The smartphone application allows you to manage in a simple and organized way all the priorities and deadlines of your car, through a summary screen it will be possible to check every control and deadline, in addition to the costs inherent to the vehicles, whether it is the car, the motorbike or quad, minicar or camper.

All the summaries on the different checks carried out and on the various deadlines are divided for each vehicle in your possession, it is also possible to customize the application by inserting photos of the different registered vehicles.

The Full 2

Keep track of every fuel expense o fuel consumption is possible thanks to the IlPieno2 app for managing your car, and by checking consumption you can try to save. In addition to the fuel, it is possible to record all the expenses for vehicle maintenance, including the service, expenses from the mechanic, but also expenses related to the motorway, parking, insurance.

And for those who have to go on a trip the app The Full 2 it could prove to be particularly useful, since through the app it will be possible to enter all the stages and expenses that will have to be faced, in order to be able to make a sort of detailed estimate. And if your device is equipped with GPS, you can also consult the map along the way.

The IlPieno2 app allows you to view fuel prices in the area sorted by both price and distance, it also manages different currencies by changing when refueling, as well as being able to search for charging stations for electronic vehicles in the world.

Simply Auto

Smartphone application to check the maintenance of your car, Simply Auto it is a tool capable of tracking both the kilometers traveled and the costs. Simple but particularly effective, the app allows you to manage a register on the various maintenance operations of your car, entering information on the various repairs, services and various expenses.

Furthermore, by setting a reminder it will be possible to be notified when it is time to have to carry out checks on the vehicle. Being able to keep track of both fuel consumption and expenses related to car maintenance.

The app in the track your trips section allows you to keep track of all the movements made in your car, whether they are personal or business.


keep your car in top condition it is essential to carry out all the indispensable repairs but above all not to delay or forget to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, from changing the oil to the engine to the servicing. Managing your expenses through the Drivvo app allows you to not miss any repairs, or any deadlines regarding your car.

Means l’app Drivvo you can check refueling, car maintenance services, but also generate reports and set important reminders. A perfect solution for those who love to keep all data relating to their car under control, building graphs and tables, and cross-referencing all the results for a better management of the car.

Valid ally for the motorist who needs to manage multiple vehicles, the ideal app for both families and companies, also offers the opportunity to download all the recorded data by exporting them to Excel in order to generate graphs, ideal for comparing consumption.

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