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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide: How to Specialize with a Character

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    If there is one thing that is really difficult to do in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it is to specialize with a particular character, as the vast choice (74 fighters available) often convinces the player to try and try more members of the roster. If you are struggling too, or if you fear you are skilled with a low-level character, here are some tips on how to specialize with a particular fighter and, above all, which ones are the most effective, if exploited to the maximum.

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    After you have unlocked a good number of fighters, it will be time to start specializing with a character, so as to improve your online performance. First of all, our advice is to understand what kind of player you are: do you prefer a slow fighter that deals massive damage, a fast fighter that hits multiple times in a short time, or one that even allows you to attack from a distance? The first two hours of gameplay will probably be enough to figure it out.

    Once the type of fighter has been chosen, there will be very few characters left: if you have not yet unlocked the entire roster, we urge you to fix it, as you may take your time and effort with a superior fighter. The first step is to practice in the training mode, at least to memorize the basic moves and to familiarize yourself with the character. At this point, you can decide what to do to further improve:

    • Start fighting online.
    • Follow tournaments and live shows of pro players.

    Let's start by saying that both methods are fine, as in the first you put into action the moves you try over and over in training, while in the second you discover new approaches to the match, as well as understanding how to manage the most delicate situations.

    The reality is that you will have to alternate between the two methods, as it will take many hours of study and hundreds of matches to get to know a character 100%. While knowing how to use all the possible moves of a fighter, the right timing will be needed to avoid wasting the Final Smash and above all the player must be able to understand when to attack and when not. Even the strongest character can be humiliated, if used only to deliver kicks and punches: calm is the virtue of the strong, especially in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

    For those who haven't unlocked the entire roster yet, but still want to start specializing with a character, here are the most effective fighters:

    • Mario, from the Mushroom Kingdom
    • Link, from Zelda
    • Kirby, from Kirby

    If you have the entire roster at your disposal, here are the best characters to specialize with:

    • Chrom, Marth and Lucina, from Fire Emblem
    • Inkling, from Splatoon
    • Ricter and Simon, from Castlevania
    • Mewtwo and Pikachu, from Pokémon
    • Sheik, from Zelda

    Obviously, the first list contains fairly simple characters to master, while the second will require hours and hours of training, study and defeat.

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    By following the advice above, and above all by using one of the recommended characters, you will improve quickly and you will have a real main, ready to fight online with your head held high. Always remember to stay calm during matches and wait for the right moment to attack, otherwise you will be easily defeated, despite the hours of training.

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