Starfield, here is the wish of the fans: will Bethesda listen?

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We are still waiting to find out the release date of Starfield. If according to some theories based on the update of the build on Steam we think that Bethesda is almost ready for the announcement, the truth is that there is still a little bit left before we find out when we will be able to get our hands on the new home game Bethesda. For this reason probably several fans who are waiting for the title have begun to express their wishes regarding what they would like to see in the space created by Todd Howard. And among the many requests obviously that of survival could not be missing.


It could not have been less. For years now, the video game industry has been made up of products that offer this kind of experience, such as No Man's Sky. The Hello Games home game (which you can retrieve on Amazon) is one of the titles that makes Survival mode available to users, and now on Reddit many are wondering if Bethesda will do the same. “Are any of you hoping to have a Survival Mode at launch?” asks a user of the popular board. The answers are obviously positive: many hope that such a mode will be included from the launch of the game.

It is, clearly, a wish that may not be easy to see fulfilled. We don't know exactly what Bethesda has in store for Starfield. Of the game we have seen about 15 minutes of gameplay, enough to give us a first impression on the basic mechanics, but we don't know every single aspect of the new Bethesda IP in detail. Surely, however, a survival mode could be very useful but also in full harmony with the game: space is by definition synonymous with extreme survival, at least in literature and films.

Starfield will be available, barring schedule changes, by mid-2023. The game is an Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC exclusive. It will also be included, as per tradition for every Microsoft exclusive, within Xbox Game Pass. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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