Special Tacchini, Mario, Jesus and Hitler: the mysteries of Assassin's Creed

The narrative universe of Assassin's Creed (which, as our Pietro has already revealed to us, would be the same as Watch Dogs) is very rich in hidden information, which not all gamers have been able to find by playing the now ten main chapters, naturally without considering the secondary ones. Quotes, tributes, secrets, and maybe facts that are out in the open but that are not found by all gamers; and as if that were not enough the fact that the first nine chapters are already full of the above facts, Origins, the latest title in the series, includes still others.

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This, in any case, it doesn't want to be one of the usual lists, but a more homogeneous discourse that tends precisely to reveal those little curiosities that not everyone has captured ... like that of the turkey in Assassin's Creed III, inside which, feeding the animal par excellence of Thanksgiving near of the Davenport estate, and by pressing certain buttons, he will wear a killer hood.

Prince of Persia: Assassins

And why not start with the tributes, quotes and references that Assassin's Creed has dedicated over the years to other famous videogame titles? We could write a volume as big as Dante's "The Divine Comedy" if we wanted to list them all, so we will only mention the most important ones. The Ubisoft saga certainly has something in common with another videogame series that has marked the previous generations more than the latter: Prince of Persia. Altair and his companions were initially thought of simply as the protagonists of a new chapter dedicated to the Persian prince; in this regard there were then second thoughts, so much so that later this franchise was created ... and after ten years we can say that perhaps this was the best choice. The only explicit reference to Prince of Persia is found within Assassin's Creed: Rogue, when, moving inside the Abstergo building we will find an action figure of the protagonist of the saga.



But Rogue's isn't the only Prince of Persia quote from the world of Assassin's Creed. The other is in fact found in a French comic dedicated to the saga, in which it is possible to observe the Persian prince on the screen of an arcade.



It's me, Mario!

However, there are other homages within the saga; in particular there are two dedicated to the most famous Italian-Japanese plumber in the world: Mario. The quotes can be heard within the second chapter and in Brotherhood. Even an untrained ear will be able to understand that the “It's me, Mario” said by Ezio's uncle upon arrival in Monteriggioni, naturally refers to the legendary expression “It's a Me, Mario” in the original language. Inside Brotherhood instead, the homage is more veiled, at least in the adaptation. In addition to the Uplay objectives "Princess in another castle" (yes, we are not going crazy) and One-Man Wrecking Crew, in the mission called "Femme Fatale", you can hear the phrase "Rescuing princesses from castles now?", Referring of course to the phrase which Peach tells Mario every time the plumber defeats Bowser inside the castle.

Another tribute is dedicated to Metal Gear Solid: In addition to the Raiden suit which can be obtained by completing all of the Animus challenges of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Ezio finds a box when the protagonist is reunited with Leonardo da Vinci. The quotes do not end there however. Inside the video shown above, it is possible to observe a magazine on the cover of which Far Cry is present, while going back in time, there is much rumor of the presence of a certain Optimus Prime, perhaps the most famous of the Transformers, who would compare in the physiognomy of a house in Masyaf, in the first chapter of the saga. Which would make even that good (for nothing?) Desmond shiver.


What then ... possible that the plot dedicated to the most famous murderer of the XNUMXst century ended like this and that nothing more has been revealed by Assassin's Creed III? In reality something has been revealed, although it is not so well known, unless you are obsessed with the saga. In that case you will sure know. Desmond - spoiler alert - dies. Well yes, he dies, and he does after having a vision that projected him thousands of years later, when, celebrated as a god, it would lead to numerous wars in his name, and what he did would be misrepresented. Desmond dies to save everyone, sacrifices herself by trying to fight Juno in some way, but she is freed. Since his death, in the third chapter of the saga, the protagonist of the first chapters of the game is only mentioned here and there by Rebecca and Shaun, but apparently his body is recovered by the Templars, who would be trying to recover his DNA to be able to relive the secrets of his allies once again.

But what if we told you that there is actually another way to relive these secrets? Yes, why good Desmond has a son. It is possible to discover this within Syndicate, when, being able to recover a certain number of glitches of the Helix, we will be able to hear a dialogue in which it turns out that Desmond had an illegitimate child, and that he, only 10 years, he became a Sage, while the Templars will try to use him to be able to discover where the fruits of Eden are, with the same experiments carried out on his father: “I want to see him in the animus for a good fifty years”. More disturbing than that ...

Within the same audio file there is another point rather underestimated by many: the Holy Shroud. But what is this ancient artifact?

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The fruits of Eden

Within the world of Assassin's Creed there are 17 pieces of Eden, some more famous (someone said apples?), others less famous because so far only mentioned in the video games dedicated to the series. One of these is precisely the Shroud, which has been transformed into a real artifact with great powers, and which can even resurrect people. The history of the Shroud is very particular and for millennia Templars and assassins have been competing for it, the former trying to use it to their advantage, and the latter to hide it.


“Whatever the power of this artifact, it failed to bring our brother back to us. We close his eyes again: it is as if he had never moved. Some of us mourn his second death. "


The brilliant authors of Assassin's Creed have combined various mythological tales, giving the shroud an ever-changing meaning, which nevertheless never strays from its sacredness. This was originally called "Golden Fleece" by the Greeks, and later known as the jacket of Jacob who gave it to his son Joseph, and finally the dress that David wore during the encounter with Goliath. In the Roman Empire, however, it was the assassins who got their hands on it, so much so that they used it on Brutus, who however died again. After having belonged to Jesus, there is no news of the shroud for centuries, until here it appears again in some subplots that will tell us how the struggle to obtain this obscure object was great. First in Monteriggioni, protected by Mario Auditore, and later in the hands of a murderer who used it to cure his child born of a malformation, who will be able to live, but will suffer many side effects throughout his life, such as living memories of other people.



However, the Shroud is not the only real surprise if we refer to the fruits of Eden. Everyone thought, up to Revelations, that there was one and only one apple, but the final goosebumps scene with Ezio and Altair reveals that there are more than one apples. The so-called Apple 1, which was recovered from Arno dorian before Napoleon was able to use it as he pleased, the Apple of Eden 2 instead, it is probably the most famous, as well as the first to appear in the saga. It is in fact the one that the Assassins managed to steal from the Templar Robert of Sable, and which was later used by Altair and Ezio, but which returned to the Templar in the 60s, when it was used to kill the President of the United States John F. Kennedy, who also owned the third and fifth apples. Even more important was apple number 4. This in fact belonged first to Ford, which unlike what one might think, he subdued his employees, underpaying and exploiting them. It was Ford himself who sent this piece of Eden to Germany, to Hitler himself, who, as we know, made a whole country bow to him and then caused the Second World War. The fuhrer then faked his death by creating various copies of himself, as Al Mualym did a millennium earlier; the end, however, was the same: Hitler was killed by a murderer who revealed the deception.

Was Jesus a murderer?

All this implicitly tells us that the greatest historical figures who have walked the earth's soil have somehow had to do with the fruits of Eden have sided with one or the other faction over time. Templars and assassins have practically been fighting forever, and have always been looking for these precious artifacts that give some advantages and like to those who use it. Above we have already mentioned some of these personalities, but from the comics, the games, the movie (yes, there is a movie) and other creations born from the franchise. An excellent opportunity to know who has obtained these objects over the centuries is given to us by the mythical subject 13, which we will know within Revelations. Let's start with a puzzling question, which many have asked themselves. Was Jesus a murderer? Extremely difficult question to answer. The creators of the franchise have not never explicitly stated the question concerning Christ, but some events may make us think about all this. In fact, we have already mentioned the fact that the shroud belonged to him and that this then created a narrative plot that starts from real events, that is the belief according to which Jesus is the one on the shroud. To this is added that the Shroud would have been used to resurrect Lazarus, but above all that it was the Templars who wanted his crucifixion. Why? This question has not yet been answered ...

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Christ's is just one of many examples of the Assassin's Creed machine. This is now not only the title of the famous videogame saga, it is a real world, as is Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. It is a narrative universe that has incredible outlets, which with a little imagination can still give a lot, but above all that never sleeps. Comics, films, books and so on have been well developed for years now, and the authors continue to tell facts that we will play in a few years, or that perhaps we will never have the chance to play. We could stay here and write another ten thousand words, but the whole thing would not be able to fully explain how many things are hidden and what has been created around this world. Meanwhile, between unsolved questions, comic creations, real and fictional characters and so on, let's relax and look forward to the next creation, which in addition to the main and secondary modes, has a whole secret world to tell. It will be up to us to discover them and it will be up to us to connect pieces of a puzzle that is developing year by year.

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