Silent Hill Towfall: the teaser hides a secret message

It's been a couple of days since Konami brought the Silent Hill saga back to life with a handful of new video games, and more. In addition to making the return of Silent Hill 2 official in the form of a remake, two very interesting new video games were presented: Silent Hill fe Silent Hill Townfall. The latter, apparently, has the most mysterious and hermetic trailer of the games presented, but something unexpected has just been added to all this.

Fans of Konami's survival horror series couldn't wait to be able to watch the trailer for a new game again, but in fact they found three new trailers for as many new projects. In all of this there are those who have begun to study and analyze these videos, revealing that in one of these there is something that had been hidden. Everything is related to the trailer of Silent Hill Townfall, the new project in the hands of No Code and Annapurna Interactive.

This peculiarity was discovered by the user known on Reddit with the nickname 'MilkManEx', who showed how much the No Code team has hidden in the announcement trailer of Silent Hill Twonfall. But it all comes from creative director of the project who confirmed the existence of secrets within the teaser. The Reddit user has therefore rolled up his sleeves, and in these hours he has shown the web what he has managed to find.

Briefly, MilkmanEX extracted the audio portion of the Silent Hill Townfall trailer and then converted it into an MP3 file. Once this is done, the user has demonstrated that when viewing the MP3 file the audio spectrogram, after about 52 seconds, a secret message which expressly mentions "Whatever heart this town had has now stopped" which we can translate into "whatever the heart of this town was has now stopped".

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