Resident Evil HD but with 1996 graphics? Now you can!

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in 2015 Capcom pubblicò Resident Evil HD Remaster. The game is a remastering of the first game in the series, which debuted in 1996. However, someone decided that the high definition version wasn't enough and decided to launch a mod that transforms the remastered version into the… original version. In short, a real short circuit, which allows us to get in touch with a certainly extravagant but also very, very curious creation.

What happens when installing this mod? Nothing too special, actually. The creation of modder beardsvcgaming has in fact decided to replace the textures and polygonal models of Resident Evil HD Remaster with a version inspired by the original one. All of this obviously unleashed a sort of nostalgia effect, as was to be expected, thus creating a real demake effect. But why would anyone prefer the demake of the HD version over the original game, which is certainly a more genuine experience? Simple: because of the updated and unpublished contents.

In fact, Resident Evil HD Remaster has contents not present in the original version. In addition, the backgrounds and game environments have been remastered. The mod only changes the polygonal models and sounds of the game. You can take a look at the mod in action simply viewing the video that you find a little further down.

  • The mod certainly has the intention of awakening a nostalgia effect. Objective accomplished, but it is obviously always legitimate to remember that similar experiences may not be enjoyable from start to finish. The world of video games has changed and unfortunately 3D does not age very well. Having said that, if you are curious to try it you can download it directly by visiting the official Nexus hub, which you can reach at this address. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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