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At this point, you know that the Internet is far from a safe place and that we all risk it suffer an attack on our privacy to a greater or lesser extent. It is possible that on the Internet you will find users who say that you do not need protection for your computer and that it is possible to stay safe from attacks without installing any security solution on your computer.

Unfortunately for those users, unlike cyber attacks of the past where what was sought was a destructive end (by disabling the infected computer or deleting files), attacks Now they try to go unnoticed by the user and remain invisible in the system for as long as possible, while the user's private data is stolen discreetly and silently.

For this reason, we recommend that you install a security solution that monitors process behavior and detects threats to the security and privacy of users of a computer.

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Home network under control

Home networking is a serious one attack on user privacy. This threat goes far beyond the fact that a neighbor can connect to your WiFi network to surf with your connection.

La home network vulnerability involves exposing the data transfer between devices and opening the access door that allows you to control the entire network, the ability to change the password and router configuration or to take control of the equipment. Something very important and not to be taken lightly.

This is not the first time that we have talked about the dangers that threaten your router or the importance of protecting it with the right tools that allow you to know the status of your local network at all times.

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Webcam, a silent guardian

The webcam is another  critical point for user privacy, since a silent attack or physical access to your computer by an unauthorized person could install malicious code that allows you to access the webcam remotely without the user's permission.

Surely you will think that, if someone logs into your webcam and watches you, you will realize that when it is activated, the LED next to it lights up. However, if someone has been able to install malicious code on your computer without you noticing and can activate your webcam remotely, what makes you think that you won't be able to disable a simple LED notification to go unnoticed?

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Take care of the little ones

If you give your kids the hand to cross a street or watch what they eat, why not protect them from inappropriate content on the internet or threats from the internet?

Minors are one of the most vulnerable user groups on the net as their innocence and lack of social experience make them the perfect victims for cybercriminals since they can facilitate access to installing malware on the computer or, what is worse, establishing direct communications with minors behind whom they hide obscure intentions.

The solution is not to ban access to new technologies, as they are an essential tool for their learning and development of their future capabilities, but they shouldn't be left to the mercy of the waves either.

In this case, the right thing to do is to protect younger family members with security systems that monitor children's use of computers and the Internet, blocking access to violent or age-inappropriate content. These  content control tools for children they provide secure access to the part of the technology that truly benefits by filtering and blocking anything that poses a risk to them.

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Phishing, the veiled threat

Il data and identity theft it is one of the most dangerous and widespread Internet threats because it can appear in the most unexpected and creative ways. Its goal is to fool the user by simulating the appearance of another legitimate service to steal login credentials to banking services, email accounts or any other relevant information.

A few years ago it was relatively easy to detect such attacks, even for the most inexperienced users, since copies of legitimate services were very evident, but cybercriminals have refined their attack techniques making it nearly impossible to distinguish between a legitimate site and a simulation. for phishing, unless you have the right tools on your computer to facilitate this.

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The webcam isn't the only component it can be used for violate user privacy. Microphones, Bluetooth devices, USB memories or CD / DVD discs, among other devices, pose a security risk to your computers as they are the main access ports to the system and, therefore, hot spots.

For an attacker, it is relatively easy to install malware that is activated when a USB flash drive or DVD disc is inserted into a computer, causing the infection to enter automatically, silently, and without the need to connect to the Internet in that computer. moment.

In short, using proper security tools will allow you to maintain security and privacy on your computer, while enjoying web browsing and computer use in a safe and productive environment for you and your family.

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