Pokémon GO - Guide to Beat Team GO Rocket's Cliff in May 2021

Pokémon GO - Guide to Beat Team GO Rocket's Cliff in May 2021

With continued support from Niantic for Pokémon GO, even the most iconic enemy Pokémon are constantly changing, and in this guide we want to help you beat Cliff of Team GO Rocket considering his roster updated in May 2021.

For the uninitiated, after a period of absence, Team GO Rocket is back in the game world, and the enemies to be defeated are therefore more aggressive than ever, including the well-known Cliff, of which you will discover all the secrets in this guide .

We present the guide to beat Cliff of Team GO Rocket in May 2021 in Pokémon GO

Let's start first with the rewards that you can get by defeating Cliff, as for any other head of Team GO Rocket, we list them below, but remember that you will only get two randomly:

  • 12km egg
  • Revitalizing Max
  • Revitalizing
  • Potion Max
  • Stone of Unova
  • Sinnoh stone

You will also have the opportunity to capture a Dark Seedot, with a total of Premier Balls based on your performance in the match.

The Pokémon Cliff will use are Seedot in the first case, kingler/hariyama/Polywrath in the second and Tyranitar/torterra/Sharpedo for the third. Here's everything you need to know to get the better of each of Cliff's Pokémon in question during the Pokémon GO battle.

Pokémon GO - Guide to Beat Team GO Rocket's Cliff in May 2021

Cousin Pokémon – Seedot

You can easily defeat him with Dragon and Flying type moves, you will have to worry very little about this encounter, also considering its statistics which will be very low. They will be fine too Fire, Ice e Poison, but try to avoid Electro, Grass, Earth and Water.

Second Pokémon - Kingler

Try to pull off moves Erba and Electroin order to counter this dark crab that will give you a hard time. Consider that its resistances are Fire, Ice, Steel and Water.

Second Pokémon - hariyama

It is necessary in this case to have Pokémon of type Psychic, Flying or Elf, avoiding Bug-type, Dark and Rock-type moves.

Second Pokémon - Polywrath

The last of the third encounters will be easily overcome by using type Pokémon Electro, Erba (which we recommend also considering Kingler's weaknesses), Defensive Midfielder, Elf e Psycho. Avoid this time Beetle, Dark, Fire, Ice, Rock, Steel and Water.

Third Pokémon - Tyranitar

Type moves Beetle, Elf, Lotta (specially), Terra, Erba, Steel e Acqua they will make it easier for you to get the better of this 90 piece. Avoid Psychic, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Normal and Poison moves in every way so as not to complicate the situation.

Third Pokémon - torterra

The situation definitely improves in this case, the moves Beetle, Fire, Defensive Midfielder e Ice they will come to your aid, but we advise you to avoid Electro, Earth and Rock.

Third Pokémon - Sharpedo

Cliff's last chance is this fearsome shark, weak to Beetle, Electro, Elf, Lotta ed Erba. The resistances in this case are Psychic, Dark, Fire, Shadow, Ice, Steel and Water.

In conclusion, we advise you to evaluate Electric and Bug-type Pokémon, who can help you on more than one occasion, but obviously try to bring a balanced team with you for this meeting.

Hoping that the guide has been useful to you, we take the opportunity to refer you to our Pokémon GO game page, containing a lot of content on the work of Niantic.

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