Pokémon GO - Guide to beat Giovanni of Team GO Rocket in June 2021

Pokémon GO - Guide to beat Giovanni of Team GO Rocket in June 2021

The successful phenomenon that Pokémon GO it turned out to be everywhere does not seem destined to stop and indeed, the boys of Niantic seem ready to continue to enrich and modify it to make it more and more unmissable in the eyes of fans and in today's guide we want to help you defeat Giovanni from Team Go Rocket.

Team GO Rocket has in fact been away from the scene for some time but the situation now seems to have completely changed and some particularly fearsome opponents are ready to give you battle in-game. Among these, there is no doubt that Giovanni - as the boss of the organization - is one of the most formidable and anyone who faces him without being adequately prepared could find himself in big trouble.

Here is the Pokémon GO guide to beat Giovanni of Team Go Rocket in June 2021

First of all, it is important to specify that you can only challenge Giovanni if ​​you have a super radar Rocket, obtainable only through specific timed research tasks. Also, after defeating Giovanni, if you want to face him again you will have to find a new super Rocket radar since the one you used previously will no longer work. On the contrary, if you lose the fight, you can reuse the super Rocket radar you already have.

As already seen for the other leaders of Team Go Rocket, Giovanni's first Pokémon will always be the same, while the second will be chosen randomly from three different options available. Unlike the other leaders, however, Giovanni's last Pokemon will always remain the same, unless there is some specific event.

Primo Pokémon - Persian

Giovanni's first Pokémon will always be a Persian, a Normal-type Pokemon weak to Fighting-type moves and resistant to Ghost-type moves. Being the weakest Pokémon of all those used by Giovanni, this will be the perfect opportunity for Giovanni to waste his protective shields so that he cannot use them with stronger Pokémon.

Second Pokémon – Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan, just like Persian, a Normal-type Pokémon, which makes it particularly weak at Fighting-type moves and resistant to Ghost-type moves. Meeting Kangaskhan will be a real stroke of luck for many players, as through the use of the Counterattack move it will be possible to knock out two of Giovanni's Pokémon.

Second Pokémon - Nidoking

Nidoking is a Poison and Ground-type Pokémon, which means it is weak at moves of type Water, Earth, Ice and Psychic. Be careful though, as it is particularly resistant to damage type Fighting, Beetle, Rock, Fairy, Electro and Poison.

Second Pokémon - Garchomp

Garchomp is a Dragon and Ground type Pokémon. Being also a pseudo-legendary, his attacks are very powerful, but on the other hand he is particularly weak at Ice, Fairy and Dragon-type moves. On the contrary, it is very powerful towards Rock, Poison, Fire and Electric-type moves.

Terzo Pokémon – Zapdos

For around mid-June (June 1, 2021 to June 17, 2021), Zapdos will be the last Pokemon Giovanni will use in battle. Zapdos is a Legendary Electric and Flying-type Pokémon, weak only to Ice and Rock-type moves. Besides, it will be a lot resists Ground, Fighting, Steel, Grass, Bug, and Flying-type moves.

Terzo Pokémon - Mewtwo

Once Zapdos is no longer available on Giovanni's roster, the opponent will return to using Mewtwo. We are talking about a Legendary Psychic-type Pokémon weak to Bug-type, Dark, and Ghost-type moves. On the other hand, it will be particularly resistant to Fighting and Psychic-type moves.

Hoping that the guide has proved useful, we remind you that on the pages of Game Legends there is a page entirely dedicated to the game where you can find out all the latest news on the Niantic creature.

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