PlayStation Nacon gaming chair with a 26% discount! DEAL

Le gaming chairs are a crucial part of the set-up of every gamer, not only because they give a more complete and elegant look to the room, but also because they must be comfortable enough not to give back pain after a long session in front of the monitor. Precisely because of their usefulness that goes beyond aesthetics, it is important to choose the right one, and if you are looking for a new gaming chair of excellent quality, we advise you to consider this one. crazy offer on the Comet website on the occasion of Black Friday.

La Nacon gaming chair with official PlayStation license in fact, it is currently on sale at only €169,00 instead of €229,00; it is a 26% discount, which will save you €70,00! Considering that it is also possible to pay the item in 3 installments of €56,33 interest-free thanks to PayPal, it's a truly unmissable promotion!

Thanks to the Nacon gaming chair, you will be able to face even the longest and most demanding gaming sessions with maximum comfort, since it was created following an in-depth study on ergonomics, with the aim of guaranteeing absolute comfort to gamers of all heights and builds. Indeed, we find gods very comfortable armrests, soft padding and a curvature of the backrest that ensures the right support to the lumbar area and neck.

LThe height of the chair is adjustable according to your needs through a comfortable lever placed under the seat, while the 5 wheels positioned on the base will allow you to move without any effort. The semi-leather lining it also makes it very easy to clean, as well as breathable: if water should fall on it, just wipe it with a damp cloth and the stain will disappear without a trace.

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However, the most interesting aspect of the Nacon gaming chair, in addition to its absolute comfort, is the absolutely magnificent aspect: the Officially licensed PlayStation helped generate a unique design, with the typical colors of the PS5. The main color is in fact black, decorated with white details in the side bands of the backrest and in the finishing of the wheels. Finally, inevitable is the PlayStation logo in the neck rest area.

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That said, we can only advise you on the purchase of this spectacular gaming chair, referring you to the page dedicated to the offer. Our suggestion is to take advantage of the discount as soon as possible, since it could end the promotion, or worse, they could run out of stock. Furthermore, if you are looking for some other product on the occasion of Black Friday, we invite you to take a look at our article dedicated to the discounts offered by Comet.

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