Overwatch 2: a fan art inspired by the wait to enter the game

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Aina Prat Blasi
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A fan of Overwatch 2, inspired by the experience of waiting in long access lines, created a detailed fan art and well received by the community of enthusiasts. Since there were many expectations towards Overwatch 2, also accompanied by an advertising campaign in which Blizzard continued to prepare the ground for this new video game, the common response from fans towards the dynamics that opened the launch of the title is not too surprising.

My Overwatch 2 launch day fan art I drew while in queue from Overwatch

Between account problems, various bugs, DDoS attacks and very long queues for access (at least in the days of launch), fans have begun to joke about it, venting their frustration with meme, post and also art attacks, apparently. This last form of expression, usually used, at least with Overwatch 2 and its prequel, to make fan art of the characters in the game, this time has taken a turn staff and external from the world at the center of the video game.

The user of Reddit SUPERSADKIDDO recently posted a his fan art in which he captured the moments leading up to entering a match, emphasizing in detail the waiting times which have stifled the individual experiences on Overwatch 2 at its launch. In this it is therefore possible to see him entertaining himself with his cell phone waiting to enter, overtaking the queue made up of other players. The icing on the cake of this fan art is his computer screen, on which we find the Overwatch 2 logo with a message below that reports that the boy is "Queued: 30.000 players ahead of you".

Going beyond the funny cue on the screen, fan art is made up of a set of details that can easily define its own protagonist and author. Around him you can see, in addition to the lush plants on the desk, also a set of other things: an image of what looks like the Shire from The Lord of the Rings on the wall, the "Monster Manual" from the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons on the floor, Grogu from The Mandalorian and many other little things. Outlining a good-natured criticism which we hope, in the future, will no longer be inspired.

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