Other than Starfield, the universe in Minecraft is really wonderful

In Minecraft, you can really create anything and it's really hard not to come across decidedly curious and crazy creations. However, the last one that was shared on Reddit has something poetic and fascinating about it. No absurd or artistic creation, as has already happened in the past, but a reproduction (we cannot say how faithful it is) of our universe. That's right, you got it right: someone has decided to recreate a replica of what lies beyond our sky in the Mojang home game.

The creation was made by Reddit user ChrisDaCow, which he shared right on the popular board a short film of what he was able to build. Unlike all the other creations, ChrisDaCow's is certainly much more fascinating and poetic. The video shows the various creations, among which we find a black hole, very well done with lots of light effects, the solar system and even the nebulae.

To create so much amazement in this regard is obviously not only the fantastic creation by the user, but the entire play of lights, colors and graphic effects. The video was immediately relaunched by several users and obviously also came out of Reddit, immediately finding popularity also on other social networks such as Twitter. You can also take a look at this creation yourself by simply viewing the video that you find immediately below.

Oklm just the universe recreated in MINECRAFT actually (source https://t.co/75sHDTsEDA) pic.twitter.com/fjTAwMR9e1

— Aypierre (@AypierreMc) October 4, 2022

Born as a pure sandbox experience, the Mojang game has since evolved over the years, offering spin-offs and digressions from its nature. The latest video game (still in development) based only on the IP but which completely distorts the gameplay is Minecraft Legends, announced during the Summer Game Fest 2022 and which is preparing to arrive over the next few months. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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