News + Sony launches Play At Home to fight coronavirus and help indies

The initiative embraces both independent developers and us gamers

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has announced the Play At Home initiative to "fight" the coronavirus. Through a message of strong closeness to the community, he extends his heartfelt thanks to those who, by staying at home, try to reduce the impact of the pandemic. Sony's campaign has two different plans. The first very relevant, is intended for independent game developers. The second is dedicated to us players with the ability to download Journey and the Uncharted collection for free. But let's go in order.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has allocated $ 10 million in a solidarity fund for help independent developers. A big help from the Japanese giant to face these months of crisis during the Covid-19 emergency. Jim Ryan's message was clear, defining little creators the heart of the community. People who put their heart and love into the development of their titles trying to give their best and go beyond their abilities. In a time of profound crisis, SIE is aware of the economic hardships that these small companies can face. With a nice gesture like this and with the establishment of this fund, Sony tries to donate a charge of positivity and energy to those who put courage and passion first in their work.

Play At Home with Nathan Drake against the coronavirus

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Digital Solidarity in the time of the Coronavirus

The Play At Home initiative offers all Playstation 4 owners the opportunity to download Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for free and a little gem, Journey. The idea is to invite people to stay at home and play, transforming moments of boredom into fun. The remastered of the first 3 chapters Naughty Dog completes the monthly offer of Playstation Plus. The free game of the month is in fact Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, the final chapter of the Nathan Drake saga. Now you have no more excuses and if you have never played one of the most important console productions, now is the time. Stay home, turn on your controller and start a new adventure. Admire the beautiful landscapes of Uncharted knowing that, if we can resist, we too can go back to travel.

Sony Interactive Entertainment remains true to the idea of ​​a videogame journey to fight the coronavirus. The other title available is in fact Journey, a dreamlike and emotional journey, a small masterpiece released in 2012 and polished for PS4. A game with an evocative atmosphere and worth a try considering its reduced longevity.

Let's resist, play and win this match

Sony Interactive Entertainment's Play At Home campaign joins other gaming initiatives to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The common denominator always remains the same: we stay at home and play, always without exaggerating. Alone or in company, it doesn't matter. Let's call our best friend and ask him if he downloaded Uncharted or if he liked Journey. We organize a quick game online or follow our guide with the best sagas for consoles and PCs. A little more effort and together we will make it.

Let's continue our videogame journey

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