News + Beniamino Savio, ACTO and the values ​​of sport

The first to get involved during the event Ready Player X was Beniamino SavioPresenting ACTO project. As promised we begin our journey today discovering the protagonists of the event organized by TEDxTorino, trying to show the added value that their ideas can bring into our life. Beniamino does not immediately show his play. As a marketing expert he plays his 15 minutes in a very strategic way, creating the expectation in the audience in the hall. He breaks the ice by addressing a point-blank question to the audience, but one that makes it clear immediately the detonating charge of his message.

Raise your hand who of you is in the personal, family, physical, professional, work and economic situation that you had planned years ago?

Planning or improvising?

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No raised hands have been seen and I guess that's your reaction too. Faced with this question, actually, I too was almost blown away. In the last few years of my life so many things have happened that they made me who I am but which are completely opposite to my image of a few years ago. Is it the result of my improvisation or have I planned everything moment by moment?

Beniamino Savio shines the spotlight of the Ready Player X on this concept. The existence or not of destiny ability to govern events and of handle the unexpected. There search for evasion from everyday life chasing beautiful but unattainable stories.

In this constant search for an answer, technology appears to offer a refuge, thanks to its role as exemplifying complex problems. But it is only a mere illusion. The world today, as hard as it is to admit, it does not travel at the same speed as technological means. Machines don't have feelings, they don't feel emotions, they don't make mistakes and if they do they quickly find a solution. We get excited, we make mistakes and when we do, before finding a solution, we struggle to admit our mistake. We are not as fast as they are.

And in all this, the new generations are paying the consequences.

Raise your hand who of you is in the personal, family, physical, professional, work and economic situation that you had planned years ago?

ACTO, act, play

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Beniamino Savio provides his point of view by identifying in sport and its values ​​an excellent way out. Sports stories are authentic and unpredictable. Handle the tension of the last chance and know that a moment can be unique and unrepeatable. If you think about it, our life can be compared to sports.

How do athletes get through all of this? Do they simplify or plan? Both, giving their all without ever sparing. You win and lose, without remorse. Sport, in this sense, provides valid inspiration. Training pushes us to overcome our limits and teaches us to easily get out of the comfort zone without being too afraid.

The awareness of defeat turns into our victory.

Hence the idea of ACTO project which aims to bring young people from emerging countries a continuous, professional, quality and accessible training, providing them with concrete job opportunities in the world of sport. Beniamino Savio reports that ACTO left last year from Cape Verde and will arrive in Portugal and Brazil in 2020.

Will they make it? We don't know, but for sure they'll play it to the end.

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