Monster Hunter Rise Preview - Tested in depth of the demo

Tried: Before starting with the reading, a due clarification: compared to the other previews you are used to reading from Holygamerz, in today's trial I wanted to sacrifice the slightly more narrative component of my experience to further favor an analysis of the various mechanics that the demo can offer.
After all, it is the pure gameplay and the various technicalities that surround it that make the Monster Hunter series what it is, so there is no better way in my opinion to understand the potential of the title than by adopting a more analytical approach. For a more personal account of the experience, wait for the review!

It is now clear: Monster Hunter has become a real mass phenomenon, especially with the success of World and its Iceborne expansion. It is therefore very easy to see why the announcement of Rise during the last Nintendo Direct has generated such great interest both in fans of the saga and in the Nintendo fanbase (the latter has been waiting for new titles in the saga for two and a half years).

Two months after the official launch of the title, the hype surrounding it is at very high levels, and to give a small taste of what can be expected in March, Capcom has released a short demo with various missions and tutorials. In this article today I will talk to you in general about my impressions of all the material shown, also comparing it with the old chapters of the saga and pointing out any changes and modifications.

Here comes a new contest with great prizes!

Before starting with the actual examination, I would like to point out the start of a new contest by the guys on the Facebook page Monster Hunter: The Hunter's Tavern with which you can win Monster Hunter Rise's exclusive Steelbook.

To try to be drawn among the winners, you will have to post to their Facebook page image o a clip that represents some particular moment of your hunt. You can then choose textbook plays as embarrassing failures, the choice will be completely yours.

The only limitations will be that you will have to send them using the Nintendo Switch sharing function, which must be entirely your own material and that subsequent editing or modifications of any kind are not allowed.

Breaking any of these rules will win you over automatic disqualification from the contest, so be careful to follow them with caution.

For more information, take a look at the Facebook post of the contest.

Where to download the beta, what it is and how to try it in an unlimited way

Incorrect video game:
Nintendo Switch, two years and (too many) quick later

Let's start with the basics: like any Nintendo Switch title demo, to download it, just go to the eShop, select the title you want to download and click on "demo version”Under the purchase button. The download will start shortly after. Weighing less than 2 GB it will take relatively little time. The demo itself will consist of 4 missions: a tutorial for the new movement mechanics, a tutorial for the Wyvern Mount, a beginner difficulty hunt and finally a medium difficulty one.

Unfortunately you will only have 30 attempts to try the demo, after which it will freeze and you will no longer be able to hunt. An extremely inconvenient limitation given the wide variety of weapons that you can use, but luckily there is a very simple method to get around it and play, so, as you like, until the expiration of the trial period (February 1). Just delete the demo data by selecting from the home Settings and then Manage dati. Here you just need to select the Clear data option, search for those of Monster Hunter Rise Demo and confirm their deletion. Returning to the demo, the number of attempts available will be returned to 30. You will run out of attempts only by carrying out hunting missions, while the tutorials will be unlimited.

All new gameplay mechanics

Speaking of missions, the two tutorials will show you some of the new features of the game, starting with basic training. Here the master Utsushi, one of the characters you will meet a Kamura, will show you several key elements of the title, whether they are recurring in the series or introduced with this chapter. The first thing you will notice is that the base camp where you can use the items box at any time, to which the option of having a meal seems to have been condensed.

Apart from that, however, after exploring the contents of the tent you can follow the NPC to the first area of ​​the map, where he will show you how to use one of the main mechanics of Rise, the Insects thread. As shown by the trailers released in recent months, wire bugs are specific insects that, if used by the player, will allow you to perform specific movement maneuvers, recover balance after being thrown by a monster and finally use exclusive moves with each weapon. .

Wire Insects: I recommend, the thread insects are essential, so look for them and arrive prepared for the battle against the designated prey. One more or one less insect could make the difference between life and death.

Starting with the new movement options, holding ZL with the weapon sheathed and simultaneously pressing one of A, X and ZR you can launch an insect and cling to it with a thread. By doing so, you can use the momentum generated to go forwards, upwards, or wherever you are aiming the crosshairs, respectively. Any of these actions will consume one of the two insect bars at the bottom of the screen, which will take a long time to recharge. At the beginning of the mission you will have two, but by finding an insect in the map you can keep another one temporarily. It goes without saying that the freedom of movement given by this mechanic is incredible, and will make it even more interesting to explore each map and find, therefore, useful objects or hidden endemic fauna.

Even during the hunt it will be able come in very handy, since you can use it to shorten your distances with the monster or to dodge specific moves such as breaths or rays that would otherwise require precise dodging timing. They will also allow a much faster recovery after being thrown by an attack, just press ZL + B. If we talk about the hunts per se, however, the main application of the thread insects will certainly be for the so-called silkworm actions.

The return of the "hunting arts"

Le silkworm actions are two new weapon-specific moves with a variety of specific effects, ranging from allowing specific movement maneuvers to dealing large amounts of damage or counterattacking enemy attacks. For fans of Generations and Generations Ultimate it will be clear how these new moves are essentially similar to hunting arts introduced into them but removed from World.

The silkworm actions of the hunting horn available in the demo

To learn more:
Monster Hunter Generations

Does this mean that we can expect a return of the styles and variations of the basic moveset? The trivial answer is that still not known. Some dataminers, however, have found some very interesting lines of code. Unfortunately, not being 100% reliable information and considering that, if they were true, it is not certain that they could be present in the final game, I would recommend to keep yourself cautious and to curb any hype.

Also in the game files a reference would have been found to the fact that each weapon will have 3 different silkworm actions, two of which are interchangeable, and despite the final number may vary, this comes as news that is already practically certain, having been presented in trailers past actions silk silk of specific weapons that are completely absent in the demo. For more specific information on what each weapon can do in the final version, however, we will have to wait until March 26th.

The Canyne, a new companion who will assist us in the hunt

After learning the new movement maneuvers, Utsuchi will introduce you to the new companions usable for hunting, the Canyne, which are none other than the canine counterpart of the Felyne.

Beware of the Dog: On the Canyne we could also take care of ourselves, making all the movements on the map less frustrated. If we add to this the map mobility of the thread insects and the rapidity of the canid, we obtain an explosive and unprecedented mix of speed.

Canynes in general will be able to serve as an active aid during combat, being equipped with weapons with which they can attack the enemy, but from the trailers shown it seems that they will also be able to use specialized items. Their main function, however, is undoubtedly to means of transport between the various zones of each area. By holding down A or with a specific emote, in fact, you can ride them and use various movement maneuvers to get to wherever you want very quickly, significantly reducing the time you will spend traveling.

They will also be able to jump or take very tight turns by pressing ZR or ZL, respectively. With the latter you will also accelerate suddenly for a few seconds. In the demo they are very useful because there are no intermediate spawn points in the map. But even if they return (and there are several clues in favor), it remains an extremely faster means of transport than the hunter on foot.

The only unknown remains their invasiveness in combat. As with the Felynes before them, having another entity attracting enemy attention risks breaking the pace of the hunt and making the monster's moves a little more unpredictable. While waiting to understand its role in the final release, for now it looks like a solid addition to the gameplay.

Endemic fauna is back!

To learn more:
Monster Hunter: World

Speaking of exploration, several key aspects of World have been introduced to Rise, such as map without uploads between the areas and the endemic fauna, however, making substantial differences to the latter. Without taking into account the new effects and bonuses they will give, the main novelty concerning them is that the animals can be (almost all) physically collected and then usable as a normal object, thus resulting in being much less situational than they were in the predecessor.

Some, strangely, even replace several specialized items from World, thus questioning a possible return of them (for example, the Slug is in all respects a healing Bengal, while the Fetorbestia has the same effect as a Challenge Cloak).

You can carry a maximum of 5, but they will still be more than enough to have a considerable impact on your hunt. Some scarabs that you will find around the map will even allow you to apply the so-called elemental blight to your prey, secondary effects that vary according to the element and that previously were usable only by monsters against hunters.

In the demo it is not possible to know precisely if each blight will also have a passive effect, but from what we can see they will apply the following statuses:

  • Fire: The monster takes repeated damage over a specific period of time.
  • Ice: the monster is slowed in movement for a period of time.
  • Electricity: Any damage done to the monster's head can stun it for a period of time, even if it is hit by non-blunt weapons.
  • Acqua: Monster parts “get softer” over a period of time. It is not known if this also translates into greater damage suffered by each side, it has been noted that the hits inflicted by the hunter will no longer bounce even if they should.
  • Dragon: unknown, there is no creature in the demo that can be inflicted with.

Slowzutsune #MHRise #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/fArpNI0NCN

- Simone Andrea; Chincarini (@ PrometeicoS051) January 9, 2021
The slowed Mizutsune is hilarious

A new replacement for the rodeo - the Wyvern Mount

In the latest trailer released for Rise, the Wyvern mount, a new mechanic that replaces the rodeo of past titles and that will allow hunters to temporarily take control of a monster, maneuvering it in its movements, forcing it to attack and land it quickly. In the demo they dedicated an entire tutorial to her, and for all intents and purposes it seems to be a faster and more effective rodeo.

To do this, you will first need to hit the desired monster sufficiently with silkworm actions and jump attacks, until it suffers a temporary stun and you can get on its back (by pressing A or attacking it).

In the saddle: From the trailers shown you can ride and use the moves of any monster, including Tigrex and other legends. Needless to say, it will be one of the flagship mechanics of this title, since it uses a lot of thread insects, the trademark of the world of Rise.

As mentioned above, while on the monster you can control its movements, make two light or heavy attacks, dodge and throw it against a wall. Attacks will come in handy just if there's another monster you want to target, and they'll also deal pretty good damage. By attacking it enough you can also charge the attack bar and make a powerful call move Ridable Punisher, landing the enemy monster.

You can still be attacked while riding. To avoid getting hit you can press B and use a wire bug to dodge. By dodging just before being hit, you can also perform a sort of counter attack, in addition to charging the Riding Punisher bar. In case you don't need to face other monsters, however, you will want to take down the monster immediately by throwing it against a wall with Y.

If you also press B after having thrown it against the wall you will regain balance, not being thrown off but still inflicting huge damage, at the cost of a wire insect. Do this again until you have used up all the bugs to take down the monster and do some great damage.

Needless to say, such a quick system to land the monster is extremely less cumbersome and invasive than the classic rodeo, and if we combine the need for aerial shots and its speed, it is very easy for it to be used more effectively than the other titles. . However, some doubts remain: First, does stuning with the mount still empty the stag bars, thus making it harder to land the monster again? At the moment it is impossible to say, so we will have to wait for the release.

It is also very inconvenient that there is no way to avoid the mount if the requirements are met, thus making it mandatory in some situations even if you don't want to. So, ultimately, a great modification, but it needs some adjustments to be considered perfect.

All huntable monsters

Of course, as far as the big monsters are concerned, I can only talk about the ones provided by the demo, then of Arzuros, Rathian, Gran Izuchi and Mizutsune. Nothing to say about the first two: as a design they seem to have gone towards a middle way between the more essential and colorful style of the classic MH and the more realistic one of World, still being very pleasing to see.

For the hunt per se, their movesets have remained essentially the same, so if you've dealt with them enough in past chapters you won't have a problem managing them again. The Great Izuchi is one of Rise's new monsters, and it's a classic introductory Bird Wyvern that's not particularly difficult.

To learn more:
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Its peculiarity will be to use its tail a lot to attack (as if it were a sort of sword) and it will have two smaller Izuchi that will carry out different synchronized attacks, but apart from that you can take it down without too much difficulty.

Il MizutsuneFinally, it is the real challenging monster of the demo. In addition to the classic moveset it had in Generations and Generations Ultimate, it will have some new attack that could put the unsuspecting monster hunter in trouble. We mainly talk about water puffs, but in a state of rage he can now also take advantage of the slimy substance he produces to attack by sliding, making it more difficult to predict and dodge at times.

Beyond that however it remains a normal Mizutsune, so after a few tries you should be more than able to take it down.

In general, I liked the Gran Izuchi for what it is and loved the modifications to the Mizutsune, especially as they fit its theme perfectly. Now I just hope that all the hunts in the final game are so much fun, and most of all there is enough variety.

Update: Magnamalo's mission arrives!

After the recent demo update, hunters around the world will finally be able to get a taste of Rise's cover monster, the Magnamalo.

However, the hunt will be much more complex than its counterpart in the original game, both due to the limited sets and the only 15 minutes allowed to take it down before the mission fails.

For this reason, I recommend that you take a look at our guide on how to deal with it to better understand how to carry out the complex battle.

final Thoughts

Monster Hunter Rise (Standard Edition)
On amazon: 59,53 € buy

Concluding this look at the demo, I feel extremely satisfied from what is shown. The hunts are fun, the new mechanics seem to integrate very well with the gameplay and also from a technical point of view there are no major defects, keeping the Fixed 30 FPS sacrificing very little in terms of visual impact.

However, there are still problems here and there, like the Wyvern Mount that needs some tweaking, some low resolution icons (those of the monsters in the upper right of the HUD especially) and a single bug that creates latency if you have a very large friend list. . Aside from that, I feel like promote it with flying colors.

If the final product also maintains a good quality, we can really be in front of a new killer application for Switch. Will it be the definitive Monster Hunter? At the moment there is too little to judge and the G Rank will probably also be absent. But who knows.

But now, I strongly advise you to try the demo and judge for yourself the new creation of Capcom.

Comment The Monster Hunter Rise demo has clarified many doubts about the new game mechanics announced and has managed to be satisfactory from all points of view. Now we will have to wait for the official release to confirm all the great merits that this title seems to have Pros and Cons The fildiseta actions
Stable Frame Rate
Very quick exploration x Some icons in low resolution
x Maximum number of attempts

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