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With the Lucca Comics & Games 2022 now in archive, it's time to sum up the experience proposed by MediaWorld for the Tuscan fair. As we had already told you previously, the famous retailer has organized a long series of appointments, with exceptional guests who have been able not only to entertain the public, but also to offer certain activities that have focused on different aspects of the world of video games. Let's find out how it went and what happened during the days of the fair.

Friday October 28 2022

The program started on Friday 28 October 2022, when the MediaWorld pavilion, located at the Baluardo San Donato, has begun hosting a variety of influencers, coaches, artists and casters. The stage was inaugurated by Los Amigos who kicked off a series of coaching and beath the pro, two activities in which the influencer challenged and helped the kids improve their performance on Fortnite. Space also for Stefano Battistella, of the Jean Alesi Esport Academy team, who taught everyone present the golden rules to be able to face the races in the simulators. Friday was then the right occasion to see League of Legends in action, with Allerendys, who played from the pavilion, and Counter, pro player of the Samsung Morning Stars Counter team, who carried out a real coaching session , as did Lauridis on Rocket League.

NVIDIA had the pleasure of being present at the show with the GeForce Garage initiative, where Bryan Box and Cristian degli Sglepboys have streamlined a high-end gaming PC, giving an important role to the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. NVIDIA was also the protagonist thanks to Lapo Raspanti, aka Terenas, who played Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered with NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology on the stage of the MediaWorld pavilion, all of which I stream live on his Twitch channel.

Obviously we could not forget about the artists, with the first panel of illustrators. The first artist to take the stage was Paolo Barbieri, standard bearer of fantasy illustration in Spain, who recounted Alice in Wonderland, speaking of the depth of this genre in our country.

Saturday October 29

The following day the competition immediately got underway: at 10:00 on Saturday 29 October in fact, the qualifiers of the Fortnite tournament have started, with the relative final commented by Efesto, Predage, Bellix and Los Amigos. Until 16 the players tried in every way to qualify by obtaining excellent performances in the Epic Games Battle Royale, with Efesto, Predage and Bellix who subsequently organized a beat the pro session, as well as Allerendys, present in the VIP area.

Of course, NVIDIA was not missing. If a PC was assembled in the first episode of GeForce Garage, in the second episode Roberto Buffa and Cristian of the Sglepboys tested the new machine by performing various benchmarks. Stefano Battistella also returned to the stand on Saturday, with coaching sessions and beat the pro in the simulator area.

However, attention was also given to the news: Saturday 29 October saw the launch of the new format "Let's Play on the Stage", where the streamer and content creator Kodomo entertained the public with Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, taking advantage of NVIDIA technology DLSS 3.

Second day and second episode also for the illustrators panel. On stage this time she climbed Caterina Rocchi, who answered very interesting questions: from the creation of a digital manga to the changes in Japanese publishing, the director of Lucca Manga School talked about her experience as an assistant Mangaka, drawing and at the same time revealing the joys and pains of work in Japan. All under the banner of the new Wacom Intuos Manga Edition, which has allowed it to be able to reveal all the secrets to those who are taking their first steps in the world of digital art.

The day ended as it began, or under the banner of Fortnite. In fact, after the qualifications, the second day of MediaWorld's Lucca Comics & Games 2022 ended with the awarding of the players.

Sunday October 30

Sunday dawn gives us a new tournament. From the early hours of the morning until 16 the registrations and qualifications for the Rocket League tournament were active, which were very successful. Space then also for the "repeat" of some activities, with coaching sessions and beat the pro: this time it was Lauridis' turn, but there were appointments with Stefano Battistella, Allerendys, Counter and Los Amigos.

He could not come back then GeForce Garabe. The third episode was hosted by Roberto Buffa, Cristian and the Prodigeeks, who talked about the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and invited the public to try it all, together with Max Vircillo. And even the Let's Play of this day was dedicated to NVIDIA technology, with Sabaku no Maiku who got to try Loopmancer using DLSS.

The panel dedicated to artists was hosted by Giovanni Timpano, who also created the graphics for the pavilion. Comics and video games, the perfect combo: Timpano spoke about his profession, the designer, which blends with his passion for video games and discussed the difference between the two industries, giving the example of Call of Duty.

The day ended with the final of the Rocket League tournament, with Max Vircillo and Lauridis, who subsequently challenged in a match accompanied by a winner each.

Monday October 31

Halloween is also the busiest day of all. In fact, we begin with two tournaments full of emotions: the first on Assetto Corsa Competizione and the second on League of Legends. The morning was entirely dedicated to qualifying for both tournaments.

Subsequently space was given to the stage dedicated to Let's Play, with Cydonia, content creator who dived into A Plague Tale: Requiem. Also in this case, just like the previous days, the appointment was offered by NVIDIA and the gameplay took advantage of DLSS technology. For the fourth episode of GeForce Garage, however, still room for the Prodigeeks, with Cristian Mazzoni and Roberto Buffa who compared two PCs: the first, created in previous appointments, with a Samsung SSD 980, the second instead similar with, however, a mid-range NVIDIA hard drive and video card. It goes without saying that when we got to the comparisons, the differences were incredible. Space also for coaching, with Los Amigos on Fortnite and Allerendys on League of Legends.

The panel of illustrators saw Roberto Vecchioni as a guest, who talked about the creation of a character, going so far as to illustrate one with a backstory directly linked to the suggestions that come from the audience. A certainly important moment, which made the audience feel even more connected to the panel.

The day ended with the prize giving of the tournaments. First Assetto Corsa Competizione, with commentary by Amos Laurito and Ivan Nesta, later League of Legends with Soul and Fierik.

Tuesday November 1

The last day of Lucca Comics & Games 2022 is dedicated to free play. Once the tournaments were archived, visitors were able to approach the various video games present in the area. However, this did not mean the closure of activities: he thought about kicking off the last day of the fair Lauridis, with an event dedicated to Rocket League for coaching and beat the top, followed by Allerendys for League of Legends and Stefano Battistella in the sim area.

Tuesday was also the day of the last episode of the GeForce Garage. The fifth episode saw the best known pro player in Spain Giorgio “Pow3r” Calandrelli, who tested the PC built in previous appointments and played some Esport titles. At the end of the stream, Pow3r found the right moment to take photos, autographs and videos with the audience.

Last appointment also for the illustrators panel, which saw Giuseppe Camuncoli on stage, who recounted the 60 years of Spider-Man: from the creation of the character to the Spiderverse and the inspiration of the cinematographic world.

The last hours of the fair in the MediaWorld pavilion saw Stefano Battistella in the sim area, helping young drivers to improve and Los Amigos, in the VIP area, play together with his fans on Fortnite to reach the Victory Royale.

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