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Introducing a new Spider-Man is always risky, luckily Insomniac has hit the spot.

Handle a multimedia icon like Spider-Man without being trivial and obvious, is difficult. Failing and not transmitting the spirit of the character even in an alternate reality, is instead easy. The key is knowing how to bring to the screen (or wherever it is proposed) the mantra of the character created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. 

With great powers comes great responsibilities.

It doesn't have to be said, because those six words are now set in stone in all those who have ever come into contact with the wall climber. Just shine through the actions of the spider on duty. In the case of Marvel's Spider-Man, Uncle Ben's mantra also imposes itself on the development team. Great powers in the hands of Insomniac Games, who was entrusted with the arduous task of bringing yet another new version of Peter Parker and his Manhattan to the screen. Not a small responsibility, given that the title is a PlayStation exclusive and could hypothetically reach forty million people.

Players who may not care about the hidden quote from that comic that ten people have read, and who want to enjoy a Spider-Man title only for the new story. Or diametrically opposed, looking for the easter egg even where it is not there, analyzing every pixel of each new work dedicated to their favorite hero.

A title that must reach the largest possible catchment area.

Also on Holygamerz you can find two visions of Insomniac's work. A written by someone who has a general smattering of the character, but able to fully analyze a game. And the other, the one you are reading, written by someone who can tell you how many times Peter has been in his underwear in front of the New Yorkers. Precisely because of the media importance of the character, it seemed right to offer you all-round content. Which version suits you best you can decide for yourself, you have the power and responsibility.

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Expected for the past two years as the messiah by comic gamers, Marvel's Spider-Man hit stores on September 7th. Peter and his alter ego kept me company until last night, when I reached 100% completion of this Insomniac debut in the Marvel world. About ten days spent patrolling New York and beating bad guys, without forgetting the wonderful acrobatics and parkour typical of the metropolitan hero.
The confirmation during the credits, already exuded from the first minutes of the game, with Spider-Man throwing himself from the window of his apartment: the team's love for the Marvel icon.

Did Insomniac pack the best Spider-Man game ever made?

Probably, but let's go in order.

The elseworld, or parallel earth, created by Insomniac Games has seen a Spider-Man on the scene for eight years. He has already faced some of the most famous enemies, such as Mysterio and theSand Man, and imprisoned others like electric e Rhyno. A Manhattan where other super heroes also live, and where the mayor  Norman Osborn he is following his re-election campaign.

Insomniac's elseworld shares a little from every Spider-Man appearance.

We have a Spider-Man who shares a lot of fights with the print version, but who has never met Goblin, and therefore has not suffered the loss of Gwen Stacy. We have an adult Peter who was briefly a teacher at ESU but has returned to being a scientist. An Aunt May who works at FEAST, the homeless center founded by Martin Li, but who is not the angry old lady currently circulating in the comics. A face and voice MJ of the Daily Bugle, while the dear Jonah is retired and runs a podcast of her own.

A world that is alive and well characterized, despite not telling the origins of this Spider-Man.

While we are not shown the spider incident, we know it did, as we know that Peter had a short career in wrestling before losing Uncle Ben and becoming a better man. And we know it not only thanks to hidden knowledge on the character (I was also talking about it on the occasion of Homecoming) but also and above all for Peter's dialogue lines during free roaming or collecting collectibles. The wall climber is known for its long tongue, and this is, among others, the most successful aspect of the Insomniac production.

Marvel's Spider-Man elseworld is among the most compelling ever written for Peter Parker.

Tested Version: PlayStation 4 Pro


It is no coincidence that the writers of Insomniac have collaborated with Dan Slott, creator of the spider's destiny on the comics of the past ten years. The writer's hand is noticeable, above all for the relationship with Otto Octavius, here Peter's mentor and not yet an evil criminal. The cast of Marvel's Spider-Man is re-imagined almost in its entirety, giving more of an idea for the future and creating a real security web for any sequels and expansions.

Insomniac's work is a foundation on which to build.

A foundation for which we have not seen the foundations laid, but which are present, solid and credible. Not only thanks to the main plot, but also thanks to that series of submissions and collectibles so anchored to the past of the open world genre but which play their part in making our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man convincing.

Why yes, each of these activities, from towers to point challenges, are already seen in countless predecessors but are dominated by the care of the outline, by the lashing jokes of Peter, by the avalanche of quotes or even just by the animations of the spider.

As already written, the feel of the hero exudes from the first minutes, when all the stunts are not yet available and we are still becoming familiar with the keys. Every web that attaches to the neighboring building, every parkour move used is studied in detail and conveys the energy and dynamism seen in other media. And once the arsenal is completed moving around the districts becomes amazing.

If magnificence explodes with movement, Insomniac's love for Spider-Man also exudes from fighting.


Speeding up the free flow Rocksteady brought to success, Peter relies on his spider and gadget senses to vanquish hordes of cheating not-too-smart individuals. As in the comic, Spidey easily gets the better of the henchmen, between a joke and a well-placed web. The clashes with the bosses, on the other hand, suffer from a certain linearity and repetitiveness, which is however set aside when it comes to cinematic moments.

Here the title shines again, with impressive and truly impressive choices of direction and photography an aphrodisiac for spider fans.


The stealth phases are much less convincing, any character we are going to use. Although the environments in which the scenes will take place are different, the mechanics are too similar and they break the rhythm of the adventure. Nevertheless, even here there are some precious moments (The station) that help to characterize MJ. The redhead is more than Peter's love interest. It is his rock, the constant and in this case his partner in stopping the terrible plans of Mr. Negative. If the work done to write Peter and Otto is practically perfect, that of Mary Jane it's just as great. And she is not the only well-contextualized female character: Aunt May, Yuri Watanabe and, to a lesser extent, Silver Sable, are more than just figures of the fair sex. Strong and independent women who leave their mark on the game world. 

To surround the quotes, we find twenty-eight costumes taken from Spider-Man's multimedia career.

Past films, comics, cartoons and video games designed to give that something extra to fans, whether they have been readers for years or have arrived on the train thanks to the MCU. The work done with the costumes goes beyond mere skins, adding to each a unique ability and in some cases too powerful. Once the wardrobe has been enriched, we will be able to mix the skills according to the one we like most or that is useful. All in all a great selection of clothes, despite the lack of big pieces like black (but there is probably a reason) or others seen in the past like the white one of the Futuro Foundation. Of course, the costumes could have been accompanied by a description of the first appearance, so as to be able to indicate to a player what to retrieve to see him in action but with google in hand the search is two clicks away.

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I also want to say a few words about the Photo Mode added on September 200th. An extra that allows you to stop the action at any time, and enjoy making us rotate the camera or apply different frames than usual, such as the cover of a TASM issue or the front page of the Bugle. The possibility of taking a selfie at any time, even during a fall from XNUMX meters is a road paved for the imagination of users.

Something that not everyone will care about, but that certainly meets a modern need as if it were a game within a game.

Of course, Manhattan is beautiful to see and explore, despite the similar PNGs populating its streets, but much of the wonder effect is also done by the sound.

With music composed by John Paesano, the acrobatics of the cobweb-weaving take on a whole different context. The main theme of Marvel's Spider-Man is destined to echo in your head for the next few months, loaded with tension and adrenaline for the latest chase.



If we add to the music a more than excellent Spanish adaptation, of which the greatest praise goes once again to Peter, or rather to Jacopo Calatroni, which gives him the Spanish voice.
The Spanish dubbing work done marks a point, giving Peter the right irreverence and pathos in due moments.
Unattainable then Marco Balzarotti in the role of Jameson's sole voice, every episode of the former Bugle director's podcast will undeniably get you a gut laugh.

So, did Insomniac pack the best Spider-Man game ever made?


The answer can only be yes.
Because while it may aim to be even better, Marvel's Spider-Man is the starting point for what we want (as fans) of the Spider. A title that allows us to move like Peter, among the skies of New York, the new Arkham Asylum of the house of ideas.
Let's not fool ourselves, in the past few years we have had much more mediocre titles than Marvel's Spider-Man fit just because they allowed us to rack up a lot of criminals and evildoers.

The universe of Insomniac Games it works and as a spider-fan, we can't help but want more.

Marvel's Spider-Man + Steelbook [Amazon Exclusive] - PlayStation 4
On amazon: € buy Verdict 9/10 Currently, the best videogame Spider-man ever Comment Marvel's Spider-Man does not innovate the genre. It offers secondary and filler missions already seen in a thousand different sauces, yet seen from the eyes of a lover of the character, that's fine. Because Insomniac Games has put so many little things in the right place: the aerial acrobatics of the wall climber that make every journey from point A to point B an experience; the characterization of Peter in both of his identities. A cast of old-fashioned supporting actors but with new aspects. A well-told storyline that has an explosion in the third act worthy of the best web-weaving tale. A title from which to start to build a spider-verse similar to Rocksteady's Batman, aware of the fact that a next chapter must necessarily go to smooth out the small defects of this one. The safety net is solid, now all that remains is to jump into it. Pros and cons Virtually perfect universe
Fluid and lifelike Spider-Man animations
Great texture
Registically great
Costumes well used x Great absent among the costumes
x Stealth phases subdued

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