Kingdom Hearts special and the value of memory

I will not give you a summary of Kingdom Hearts, that you can already find in the Memory Archive. You could watch it anyway. In a certain sense, all this draws from the Archive. It's been a year since the game came out, and honestly still I can't forget it - so much so that I got it tattooed on me. With an intrinsic added value. In my head I have flashes, like fragments of memories accumulated in an undefined moment of the video game - or perhaps in several moments.

I feel bad when a game I liked gets heavily criticized.

Not because I want everyone to think like me, I'm just convinced that we should go back to playing with a little more heart than head. The criticisms of Kingdom Hearts III (“too many cutscenes, little game, ending of shit” etc.) have really killed me, at least the heaviest ones. Why to understand the value inherent in a video game, why remain in the memory of the person, you have to really play with the heart. It is no coincidence that that is the undisputed protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts. It is natural that if one is too attached to titles for their own sake, one does not realize all this. Instead I, long after the beginning of his story, continue to have epiphanies: for example, that Sora is the one who impersonates him.

Sora is who impersonates him.
Hence SPOILER. But if you want to recover the plot ...

Sora has lost his friends, and has gone out of his way to find them. He left his happy island (ah yeah, the Darksider ate it), jumped on a Playmobil spaceship (which bothers me like never having to heal) visiting many worlds and meeting people. He found himself involved in something much bigger of him, and with teams of the most unlikely at his side, he always got out of the way. Even dancing. And he never batted an eye.

But in the face of something huge not even he can do it. And it bursts.

After so long Sora collapses, he is afraid of the war he knows he is facing - also because the last trip into the world of dreams has it deprived of the most important powers (live the gameplay needs). And after another long journey, after a thousand more cryptic self-styled phrases from the dark side, he finds himself in front of a war against something dangerous par excellence. He knows he's at a disadvantage, and he's afraid. A lot. Giving in would cost him dearly, he knows, and yet he gives in.

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Dies for a while, e he finds himself in an empty world in which only a silhouette of him remains, and he has to put the pieces back together. Then he will have to jump into the hearts of his teammates to return to the normal world just before he is defeated. He comes back with less fear even though he still has it, and a friendly voice calls for support for him.

Here is the twist: support comes from the past of the saga, a past that not everyone has known. But it also comes from the present, because those weapons that help him make his way are brave Kingdom Hearts Union Cross fighters - real players, whose names are bestowed in one of the title's most beautiful scenes.

Kingdom Hearts III, a video game that pays tribute to the valor of past warriors and present players.

Bitmap Books. Remembering video games: we were talking about them here.

And it is precisely the memory value that Kingdom Hearts III tries to stand out, talking about it not only in a main video game but also in a DLC (Re: Mind - just happened, Re: Corda). It already began with the dream fragments of the second title, those “that seem distant memories“. Since then, a video game has immersed us in a story looking for heart fragments, dreams, memories, ended up in the depths of the people we care about.

Here too we are dealing with small pieces scattered everywhere.

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Kingdom Hearts, what is it really? An Organization XIII coming from the past, the support of the warriors of the old world, Roxas appeared who knows how from many years before and even Eraqus - that, plot twist, he never died. He has always been in the heart of his only pupil who has given in, waiting for the moment when it would be necessary to reveal himself and protect him. Terra has succumbed to darkness, has become a container for the supervillain (a bit like Baby in Dragon Ball GT), and part of her consciousness has wandered in the lands of the final battle as armor.

All this time, however, he has had his beloved teacher with him without knowing it. To see it come out we were amazed, we watched astonished what was happening. Incredulous, speechless. But yes, with one and only one question in mind: "But how the fuck is that possible ?!“How can Roxas have appeared out of nowhere on the battlefield, how does Xion switch sides of the challenge like a flag ?!

'Distant memories that seem fragments of a dream'. If others remember you, you cannot die.

Answer: why fragments of their hearts they were kept inside other hearts. Kingdom Hearts III has been all along an elegy to the memory of loved ones, rooted far back in time. In each video game of the saga we have gradually collected fragments of memory, to form a whole - or maybe we don't even have that whole yet in our hands.

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Video games, between digital memories and fragments of emotions And all this it's so poetic that I can't help but be moved by thinking about it, to find a response to these imaginary events in my real life. It is really hard for me to believe that I have seen all this and others have not: sometimes I think I have played a different video game. That those fragments of memories are not in a video game, but only in my head.

The Final World was for me poetry - the physical design, the soundtrack, the idea behind the concept. Not a purgatory but a limbo, a real world of passage in which the fragments of oneself are scattered and they can rebuild a bridge for the world of the living. A world populated by stars, fragments of memories - the consciences of those who have not yet managed to get out and return to their loved ones.

We've all had bad times, we had a crazy fear of the future or of a particular event. All of us, at some point, have lost or will lose someone in the most drastic sense of the phrase. It is precisely in such moments that I myself have found solace in thinking of a hypothetical Final World, in which a mind dear to me longs. We are not in a video game, and sadly we don't have the power of awakening like dear Sora - who has paid dearly for the return anyway. Crying desperately at the loss of Kairi, he regained his courage, and saved the world from destruction he embarked on an adventure - the last one, it all leaves you to think.

To give hope is Kingdom Hearts, the memory of those who care about us.

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Video games are good for people, and he'll be back now, because his friends remember him and take them with them a fragment of his heart each.

"Fragments of dreams that seem distant memories". Unfortunately, our loved ones will not be able to return, and I don't have to tell you. But it is comforting in moments of weakness to remember this: we all have a fragment of their heart with us. The Final World may not be exclusive to the Kingdom Hearts universe, all things considered. Just keep it with you that one splinter, an anchor to the distant memory of those we have lost, and who knows: we could pay them a brief visit in that blue expanse.

"May your heart be your guiding key."

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