Improve blurry photos online, the best sites

Improving blurry photos online if you don't have prior knowledge of image editing can sometimes be a challenge. To this it should be added that there are no free applications to correct blurry photos, which is why we have to resort to specialized tools.

Photoshop is one of the best known. However, there are plenty of free photo editors, both for desktop and online. In this article, we will teach you how to edit blurry photos online without programs and of course, for free.

Something that should be clarified before starting to fix blurry photos is that the results obtained will depend on the level of “blur” of the image in question. After all, no software can represent pixels that it doesn't have any information about.

Enhance blurry photos online with Pixlr, the best blurry photo program

Pixlr is one of the best tools to edit blurry photos online. Despite having a desktop version, the online one is what interests us. Obviously to use it we must activate Flash, since it is based on this technology.

Once we enter the online program, we upload the photograph or image in question by clicking on File in the top bar and clicking on the Open image option.

Have we loaded it yet? So we can start improving the blurry image. Before proceeding, we must distinguish between two types of "blur": total blur or the blur of a body. In both cases we have to act differently to get relatively good results.

The first hypothesis is that we have a totally blurry image. In this case, the way to proceed is very simple.

With the image open, what we will have to do is click on Filter in the top bar of Pixlr. A multitude of options will appear soon after, however the one we are interested in is the Focus. Once you click on it, the image will automatically focus.

If by any chance you want to take a more aggressive approach, you will have to alone repeat the same procedure. We must bear in mind that the greater the focus filter applied, the greater the amount of noise we will get, so it is advisable to be careful.

One trick we can use to improve blurry photos online and reduce photography noise is activate the Noise Reduction option within the same Filter section.

The second hypothesis is when we have a body out of focus. In this case, the procedure will be slightly different from the previous one.

The first step will be, as you may have imagined, select the body in the blurry photo that we want to focus on. We can do it in different ways: magic wand, lasso, frame ... Our advice is to use the magic wand while press the Shift button to select the areas we want to focus on. If you want more precision, you can use the loop.

When we're done selecting the body, we need to go back to the Filter button, but this time to the Unsharp Mask option.

To adjust the degree of focus, we need to gradually increase the Amount, Radius and Threshold levels until the ideal result is obtained. As in the previous case, the higher these levels, the greater the noise.

Once we have finished enhancing blurry photos online, we can save the photo and export it in the Save option in the File section.

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