How to Manage Passwords - The Best Way to Remember Them

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Technology is now part of our life and, without even realizing it, every day we subscribe to numerous blogs, social networks or sites of any kind. Each of these needs an account with relative access data and password and, you know, especially in the digital world, security is very important.

The Importance of Having Different Passwords

When we create a new account, often and willingly, we tend to use passwords that have already been used in order not to risk forgetting them over time and losing access data. Although this may seem the simplest way, it must also be said that it is by no means the safest. Why you are wondering.

Let's say you use the same code for Netflix or Facebook, up to even the app of your credit card or Paypal account, if a hacker manages to discover one of your passwords he could easily access the rest of yours. account and, believe us, losing a social network could be the least of your problems.

So how to protect yourself? As we said by using different passwords for each account and most importantly, making them complex with capital letters, numbers and punctuation marks. Always remember that the longer and more complex a password is, the harder it will be to discover it.

Password Manager: Extra Security

When you really want to follow the rule of "different passwords for each account", the problem arises of how to memorize them. Let's start with the premise that writing them on a note or on the notes of the mobile phone is not a good idea since you could lose them at any time.

In this regard, a safe and effective solution can be given by a password manager. Basically, it is a program, both for PCs and for mobile devices, which has the function of managing all our passwords.

You can find different versions of password manager, both free and paid, the latter obviously have more extensive functionality. Among other providers, Google also offers its free solution that is particularly easy to use from smartphones and tablets.

How Does a Password Manager Work?

The operation of a password manager is actually very simple and should be quite intuitive for each version. After installing it, you must register by entering your data and a password that will be the only one, from now on, that you will have to remember.

Once logged in, just enter all your accounts with the access data and the relative passwords, from there you will no longer have to enter them manually because the password manager will manage the accounts by letting you enter them automatically and memorizing, always mechanically, all the new registrations.

Another useful feature of the program is the password generator. As we have already said it is very important to create long and complex codes so as to make a possible hacking unlikely, if not impossible. In this case, the program comes to the aid by suggesting unique and secure passwords that can be used in complete peace of mind.

The site always gives the possibility to monitor your own codes and check that they have a high percentage of security, so as to change them if necessary.

A password manager is definitely a useful program that you won't be able to do without once you start using it.

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