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    How to make WiFi stronger and faster

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    How to improve / upgrade the Wi-Fi, find how increase and improve the Wi-Fi connection speed. As we all know, Wi-Fi is important, and we can't deny the fact that most people use the internet with mobile devices. Then how to make WiFi more powerful and faster?

    So if we face it slow WIFI problems, bad reception, etc., below are some tips that can increase and improve WiFi speed.

    How to make WiFi stronger and faster

    Restart the modem

    Try restarting the router, once restarted all settings are updated and all empty packets are deleted, with this simple maneuver you have already speeded up the connection a bit. I recommend that you restart the router once a day.

    What is the best location for your modem?

    The location of the router is critical, there is a high chance of having a low signal or no signal if you have placed the modem at the far end of your home. The best place to place a router is in the center of your home and in an open space. Be sure to place the modem away from other electronic devices.

    How to increase the WiFi signal strength?

    It is possible to increase the WiFi signal strength approximately 1,5 times the default range with this method. We have to cut a beer can along the vertical and then put it on the router antenna to boost the WiFi signal.

    Who uses my WiFi?

    The main reason for the sudden drop in your Wi-Fi speed could be that your WiFi has been hacked, someone might be using your WiFi and eating up your bandwidth. So better protect your WiFi from hackers by creating a strong password.

    What is bothering my WiFi?

    Other appliances such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, and other household appliances can affect the WiFi signal. The thing to do is to place the modem away from these devices or you can also use a dual band Wi-Fi router, thus eliminating the interference of these devices.

    Check the router

    The router is that device to which we connect the network cable to provide a wireless signal to our devices. The first indication that something is wrong with your WiFi are the light signals present on this unit - make sure they are on and that they are green. If one is off or red, it means that the modem has some problem.

    Later, you need to place the router in an area that allows the wireless signal waves to spread effectively around your home or office.

    Try to place it in high areas and without physical obstacles.

    It is also recommended that you keep your router away from other electronic devices, especially those that emit electromagnetic waves (such as microwaves or some telephones).

    Furniture or wooden doors are not a major obstacle to the propagation of waves from your WiFi, so don't waste time placing your router in impossible places.

    Walls (especially if they are very thick or incorporate metal) can become an obstacle to overcome.

    Few people live or work in areas without walls.

    A good option is to adopt network extensions, an option that is neither expensive nor complicated (just plug them into an electrical outlet). Thanks to them, the range of wireless waves will reach your devices faster and more powerful.

    Nowadays, more and more electronic devices are connected to the Internet.

    You probably already know this: the more devices connected to the same network, the more congestion and the lower the connection strength.

    With Wifi Analyzer, it is possible to determine the intensity of the connections and the channels with which the waves travel, it will be very useful for evaluating and solving problems in the signal.

    We just finished talking about how to make WiFi stronger and faster. What do you think of these tips? Are you satisfied with the speed of your Internet connection?

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