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    How to install a soundbar

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    You can install a soundbar in a few minutes! Many companies today produce sound systems that offer realism and a wealth of fantastic sound. You can also add a subwoofer. Imagine sitting comfortably on your sofa, the remote control in one hand and a fruit juice in the other, turn on Bluetooth and enjoy the show.

    You arrive home breathless with the soundbar under your arm. Remove it from its packaging along with the cables and accessories. I recommend that you choose a soundbar with a remote control !!! Ok you are ready, then let's see how to install a soundbar.

    You can place the soundbar in front of the TV, below it or fix it to the room wall with a wall mount. Keep in mind that setting the soundbar will make moving around problematic.

    If your TV is wall mounted, get a wall mount for the soundbar, as you should place it about 10cm below the TV. Attach the wall mount so that the soundbar is perfectly centered on the TV. If the soundbar is wider than your television, position it so that there is the same distance between each end and the center of the television.

     install a soundbar on a wall mount, it might be a good idea connect the cables connecting the TV to the soundbar before it is difficult to access.

    You can connect the soundbar to your TV with a single RCA cable with 2 male RCA connectors on each end (red and white or red and black), but if your TV has an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) input, you will get quality much better sound by connecting the audio signal from the TV to the soundbar with this cable.

    • The price of an HDMI cable can vary greatly. As for the wiring, it is always preferable to choose a quality cable, because it will not last unlike a cheap cable which will deteriorate quickly.

    How to install a soundbar

    Connect your TV to your soundbar with your HDMI cable. When using an analog audio cable, connect each end according to color (red to red and white or black to white or black). Press the cable firmly in a straight motion. Never move a cable sideways while you plan to remove it easier, it will damage the socket (input or output).

    • Be sure to connect the audio cable the exit audio from the TV. Do not confuse this output with video inputs or outputs (red, white, yellow). These are normally slightly away from the audio outputs.
    • If your TV has more than one HDMI jack, see if it has the output ARC (audio return channel). This HDMI connection makes sure that all audio sources are redirected to the soundbar.

    How to install a soundbar? Connect the soundbar to your TV now, making sure you are not wrong! An output connects to an input and vice versa. Connect one end of the power cord to the soundbar, then plug the other end into a power outlet.

    Turn on the TV before turning on the soundbar so you don't risk damaging the speakers. Mute or mute the TV sound so it doesn't interfere with the sound of the soundbar.

    • On some digital TVs, you need to go to preferencesaudio and then select the soundbar as your default player. Then select Apply and Accept.

    Now place your beautiful soundbar in the place of your choice. If you place it on the floor in front of the TV, take care not to interfere with the signal from the TV remote control.

    By connecting the soundbar to a subwoofer, the sound will have much more depth. Grab the soundbar's user manual and locate the pairing button.

    • If you have a wireless subwoofer, you will need to perform different operations depending on the model and brand of the device. You usually have to press and hold the pairing button on one, but sometimes both devices to make the connection.

    You can connect other devices such as a Blu-Ray player to the soundbar. If you've used the ARC connection on the soundbar before, plug the Blu-ray player into a conventional HDMI connector on the back of the soundbar.

    • If you have a video player that doesn't have an HD (High Definition) digital jack, you can connect it to the soundbar with an RCA audio cable. Insert the cables (red and white or red and black) into the audio outputs of your device and plug the other two ends into the 2 free inputs of the soundbar.

    You can now connect one (or more) Bluetooth devices to the soundbar by activating the connection from your phone or tablet. Press the pairing button on the soundbar and hold.

    • On your mobile device, go to wireless networks and choose find a device (depending on the brand of your device). Scroll through the options until you see one bar audio or something similar.
    • By activating the Bluetooth function, you can play music on the Soundbar from your mobile device without having to turn on the TV.

    Some brands offer systems that include the sound bar, wireless subwoofer, and remote control. These systems can sometimes be inexpensive. Check the compatibility of the elements that make up your system.

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