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    How to convert Word to PDF on MAC, Windows, Android and iPhone

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    There are many reasons why you would like to convert your Word file to PDF. Despite being the most popular word processor around, Microsoft Word isn't always the most reliable. For example, with most users using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it's important to keep up.

    PDF files are easier to access and are free, while Word files often require paid apps that don't support some features if Microsoft doesn't implement them. In this article, we will explore the various ways you can successfully convert your Word file to PDF.

    How to convert Word to PDF on Mac

    It is well known that Word and PDF are two of the most used document formats in the digital world. That said, it's not uncommon to have to convert your Word file to PDF, as the latter is more widely accepted by various operating systems.

    The great thing about Macs is that there are several ways to convert Word documents to PDF. You can use built-in options, free software, online platforms, or conversion tools. Let's take a closer look at some of these options and you can choose the one that suits you best.

    Here are some built-in apps, as well as downloadable ones, that you can check out to speed up the conversion process:

    Using the preview

    Preview is part of Mac's free native options when it comes to converting files to PDF (as well as other files). That's how:

    1. Open your Word document and select "Open With" and then "Preview" from the context menu.
    2. Your document should now be displayed in Preview.
    3. Click "File" and then "Export as PDF".
    4. Choose the destination of your file and the PDF will be saved.

    While this process is pretty straightforward, it does have some setbacks. For example, Preview only allows you to upload files one by one rather than in bulk. However, the method works great if you are looking for a quick way to convert a file or two.

    Microsoft Word per Mac

    Most Macs don't come with Microsoft Word pre-installed. Instead, they use Pages. However, if you have downloaded Microsoft Word on your Mac, you can convert your file to PDF using the same software. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Open the Word file you want to convert using Microsoft Word.
    2. Click on "File" and then on "Save As".
    3. From the dialog that appears, select "PDF" from the options.
    4. Press "Save" and your document will be ready to use as a PDF.

    How to convert Word to PDF on Windows 10 PC

    Converting your Word document to a PDF file is a guaranteed way to successfully share your work across various operating systems without any hassle. There are many options for converting a Word file to PDF using Windows 10, including free conversion tools. This includes:

    Use AdobePDFMaker for Windows

    Once you've downloaded AdobePDFMaker, you'll see some extra options appear within your Word document file. Here's how to use this software to convert Word to PDF:

    1. Open your Microsoft Word document.
    2. Click the "Convert to Adobe PDF" button located on the Acrobat ribbon.
    3. Enter a filename and location for your PDF and click "Save".

    How to convert Word to PDF on Chromebook

    You can convert your files to a PDF format on your Chromebook using various software. Here are some options:

    Convert Word to PDF with Google Chrome

    This free to install software allows users to convert their documents to PDF files by following these steps:

    1. Start by installing the Word to PDF software for Chrome.
    2. Upload your Word file to the software.
    3. Download the PDF output file.
    4. Save your work.

    Uses 7- PDF Maker

    Once you download this software, it's super easy to start converting your Word files to PDF. All you have to do is run the installment and then adjust the settings. Once this is done, your PDF file will be generated immediately.

    A Lumin PDF

    Lumin can be installed on the Chromebook from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, it adds an icon to the app launcher, making it easier to access. You can convert your Word file by simply uploading it once it is opened in your web browser. With Lumin you can also share your PDF files directly from the software and in real time.

    How to convert Word to PDF on iPhone

    Apple took this into consideration when designing the iPhone and pre-installed a PDF converter app. To convert your Word document to PDF using your iPhone, here's what you need to do:

    1. Find the Word document you want to convert to "File" or other file management app you may have on your iPhone.
    2. Select your file, then tap "Action" in the lower left corner.
    3. Choose the "Convert to PDF" option and the Word document will be converted instantly.

    How to convert Word to PDF on Android

    Unlike iPhones, Android doesn't offer a pre-installed option to convert files to PDF format. Because of this, you will need to look into the right apps to use to get the conversion. Here are some examples:

    App Microsoft Word per Android

    The Android version of the Microsoft Word app allows users to create, edit and convert files from Word to PDF formats. This free app is a quick and easy way to make sure your documents are converted.

    WPS Office per Android

    With over a billion users worldwide, WPS Office is by far one of the most popular conversion apps available, even having won the Google Play Best App Award in 2015. The app is simple to use and converts your work in seconds. All you need to do is:

    1. Upload your Word file to WPS.
    2. Choose the WPS file you want to convert and select “PDF” as the format.
    3. Tap "Convert".

    How to convert Word to PDF without losing formatting

    One of the biggest problems faced with converting Word files to PDF is the loss of formatting. You may have used additional page breaks, different uses of margins, etc. These features can all potentially be reformatted when converting a file.

    Whatever the problem, it can now be fixed by going to "Page Setup", located within Microsoft Word, where you can create a custom paper size. Make sure you apply this technique to each page of the document individually. The converted PDF file should then adhere to the formatting of the original document without any problems.

    How to convert a PDF to PowerPoint

    To convert or not to convert: this is the question

    Converting our Word files to PDF is a normal occurrence nowadays. Considering that Apple has decided to include the feature as a default on its iPhones shows us just how important it is.

    Microsoft Word is just one of the many word processing programs available for installation. This means that not everyone will have access to its settings or view documents created using it. Conversely, PDF is a universal file extension, available to most software around the world, only reinforcing the idea that having access to the proper conversion tools is a must.

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