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    How to buy a used cellphone and make a deal

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    Today there is a single electronic device that each of us can no longer do without. This is the cellular, with which we organize our life, work, commitments and leisure. The most performing models, the sector innovations that have just come out, often have excessive costs that clash terribly with the expected average duration, before the launch of the new model. When this happens, the new model is already old, with the risk of having spent a lot and uselessly.

    When it is not convenient to buy a new mobile phone

    The main reason is the budget. If the availability is limited, you have to consider that the various manufacturers update the models of their phones very quickly, every 8 - 12 months at the most. Therefore, it may not be convenient to spend a large amount on a model that, in less than a year, may already be old.

    Today the useful life of a smartphone is very short and this must lead to reflect and identify theconvenient alternative.

    Why a used cellphone is a good idea

    Increasingly, the idea of ​​buying a cell phone used proves to be trendy and compatible with the reuse mentality, which today touches everyone's sensitivity. Indeed, a cell phone used which is no longer desired by those who willingly sell it, perhaps to pursue the latest model, does not necessarily represent an article to be avoided, which hides scams.

    Simply, the previous owner is no longer interested in it and puts it up for sale, so that it can be bought by those who still want to use it. The main advantage is a significant reduction in the purchase price, in exchange for a useful life which, even in “new” conditions, would not exceed 2 years, approximately.

    Here is theused of a recent model of cell phone it is always better than new than an older model. At the same price, in fact, with a newer device there is no risk of being left with an obsolete operating system, which no longer downloads updates. In addition, the performance is also more advanced and the usability of the device more complete.

    How to buy a used cell phone: choice of brand and model

    The market of used smartphones it is vast, therefore, the first step is to choose the model towards which to direct the purchase. The ideal would be to identify no more than a couple of interesting models and, immediately after, look for a device no older than 2 years. In this way, the risks of nasty surprises will be limited.

    The most important decision: where to buy

    It is necessary to choose the safest and most reliable sales channel, which provides the greatest certainties and guarantees of the purchase. Today, online purchases are confirmed as buyers' favorites, for convenience, simplicity and for the great savings, including time, that can be achieved.

    The second-hand market is very active on the main free classifieds portals. In the vast panorama of ad sites, one seems to stand out from the others in terms of organization and functioning. It is about The portal, in fact, connects the parties on the basis of an advertisement with photographs and details.

    Through a box, you can contact the seller and start the negotiation.

    The portal is not only very popular for the purchase of used cell phones, but for every category ranging from cars, to services, passing through collecting and children's items. Research is easy and you can do it by category and subcategory, or by typing the name of what you want, in the appropriate field on the home page.

    The filter allows you to select ads by Spanish region. The function is very useful because it allow you to narrow your search by areas of interest. Furthermore, within each category, the articles are also divided by brand.

    Tips to avoid nasty surprises and make a bargain

    Un cell phone used you can't buy it online, but you need to examine it carefully before deciding to buy it. That's why it's always better search for suitable advertisements in nearby areas, preferably within the same region. This will make it easier to meet and conclude the sale.

    In the case of used cell phones, a first examination must be carried out on the external parts: screen and sensors to check the absence of scratches and dents. Then, it is essential to insert your sim in the mobile phone, to check that the phone has no blocks and that all services work.

    Test the earphones and plug them in to make sure the battery charges regularly. meet the seller in a public place and at a busy time and don't rush. Before buying you have every right to calmly evaluate the product, wary if the seller is impatient.

    Finally, do not forget to request the original receipt certifying the purchase. If you follow these tips you will surely make a deal!

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