God of War: the series is far from finished? Cory Barlog looks ahead

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A recent speech by Cory Barlog on Twitter has given much to think about next steps a God of War Ragnarok. Specifically, the creative director of Santa Monica has confirmed that the new chapter of this saga unresponsive directly to some questions of the plot, however looking towards a future resolution (we also refer you to our recent interview with the studio for further insights).

God of War Ragnarock

Obviously continuing to read means running into spoiler related to God of war ragnarok and on the chapter to him previous, so we advise you not to continue reading unless you already know the main dynamics that occurred in the history of both. Specifically, one of the doubts raised by fans towards Barlog himself focuses on the figure of Jormungandr, the gigantic and frightening snake of the world with which we see the protagonists interact and confront. Who was, in 2018's God of War, a play for the first time the horn who evokes it?

In story events we see Kratos distinctly hearing the sound of this particular instrument without actually playing it himself. However, the dynamics of this particular "call" are not clear at all, and are never fully explained. Fans have thus pinned their hopes on a subsequent response in God of war ragnarok, thinking that there they would explain it at some point. It wasn't like that.

its cool you dont like it. no worries.

But, in the 2018 game Kratos, Atreus and Freya discuss jormy when riding the gondola before going to Alfheim. She talks about how jormy just appears one day and no one knows why/how. In Ragnarok, we close that loop connecting it to Loki. https://t.co/aEpRsgJEKX

— Cory barlog (@corybarlog) November 17, 2022

In responding to fans with a post from his Twitter profile, however, Barlog limited himself to reassuring fans by telling them to “maintain one's confidence in the project”, and explaining that one day it will be "coherent enough to create the right moment to explain this particular detail", thus paving the way for a hypothetical new chapter in the saga, confirmed in a later answer, regarding the travel back in time of the Jormungandr. Here Barlog said that in Ragnarok this dynamic is linked to the character of Loki: “but how he managed to go back in time… well… that's a story for another game".

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