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For the very few who have never heard of Instant Gaming, it is a video game store that allows you to buy numerous stocks at super price in their digital version. Stocked, convenient and absolutely safe: if you don't have a visceral hatred for the digital versions of games, you really have no reason not to jump into in the boundless catalog of Instant Gaming and recover some particular game at a bargain price.

Fighting, horror, single-player adventures and vast multiplayer experiences: whatever type of game you are looking for, you will probably find it on Instant Gaming and you will do it at a price that is almost an understatement to consider excellent. Precisely considering the vastness of the offer, we have decided to explore it carefully for you, listing in this article what are currently the best games on Instant Gaming at a super price. Warning: our choice is strongly influenced by the current historical moment, so don't be surprised if you don't find in this list some incredible masterpieces from the years gone by.

If, on the other hand, you want some titles at a budget price, we recommend the list of what we think are the best games for 30 euros or less on the store. But now let's stop talking and let's get going right away in the best games that can be purchased on Instant Gaming right now!

The best games on Instant Gaming

  • Elden Ring
  • Resident evil village
  • Uncharted Legacy of Thieves
  • FIFA 23 coins
  • GTA 5
  • Forza Horizon 5
  • Minecraft
  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Elden Ring

Instant Gaming

Although it hit stores earlier this year, we still decided to include it as one that is the best games on Instant Gaming also Elden Ring, that is what is most likely one of the best games of recent years if not ever. The sum of a journey that began with Demon's Souls, the locus amoenus for lovers of souls like and a sumptuous open world: Elden Ring is without unnecessary turns a masterpiece, which you can get your hands on right now at a great price thanks to Instant Gaming.


Resident evil village

There is little to do or say: Resident Evil Village is such a mister game, with the latest episode of the Capcom saga that managed to get excellent reactions from both the public and critics. Full of enemies destined to become iconic, strong in locations to leave you speechless and, of course, flooded with mystery and fear: horror lovers will find in Resident Evil Village an unmissable title, now recoverable at a super price for both PC and Xbox thanks to Instant Gaming! Are you ready to immerse yourself in horror?


Uncharted Legacy of Thieves

Instant Gaming

What until a few years ago could be considered almost a utopia has now become a reality, with so many exclusive PlayStations that are landing in recent months on PC. The latest title to make this big leap, and already with a strong discount on Instant Gaming, is Uncharted Legacy of Thieves, ie the collection containing the fourth chapter and its spin-off of one of the most famous exclusive gaming platforms Sony. Two great adventures, a graphics sector at the highest levels and a decidedly advantageous price: what more could you want from this landing of Nathan Drake on computer?


FIFA 23 coins

Instant Gaming

Did you know, it could not be missing from this long FIFA 23 list, that is what it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most played video games worldwide. Resisting the charm of Ultimate Team is, after all, really difficult and the fact that the sportsman from EA Sports is currently heavily discounted on Instant Gaming makes everything even more complex. If you love FIFA 23 football even with its flaws, is an essential title, that will entertain you for dozens and dozens of hours without too many problems.



Immense, incredible, sensational: 7 years after the launch of GTA 5, the adjectives for the Rockstar Games title are now wasted and witnessing the glorious march of the famous open world are the countless records conquered in recent years by the title. Great for single player and perfect in multiplayer, if you are looking for a vast and versatile work you will find in GTA 5 a real treasure, able to charm you for tens and tens of hours. In short, if you haven't done it yet there are therefore no more excuses not to take advantage of the incredible price of Instant Gaming and throw yourself into one of the most incredible experiences of recent years.


Forza Horizon 5

If you love racing games, you certainly can't miss it Forza Horizon 5, which is probably the best arcade racing game of all time. Vast, beautiful to look at and incredibly fun: what Playground Games has put together for the occasion is in fact astounding and manages to convince even those who are not really passionate about this genre. To make it more interesting is the fact that Forza Horizon 5, in addition to being available at a super price on Instant Gaming, can be played on both Xbox One and PC with the same key: an opportunity not to be missed, in short, to have this racing game masterpiece everywhere.



Obviously, it could not be missing from this Minecraft list, which is what it most likely is one of the most famous and played video games ever. Thanks to a unique style and a gameplay full of possibilities, Minecraft is in fact a game suitable for practically anyone, from the simple player to the biggest fan of the title. A work that absolutely cannot be missing from the collection of any gamer and that you can do now yours at a super price thanks to Instant Gaming. Are you ready to build the house of your dreams, brick by brick?


Assassin's Creed Valhalla

We conclude this extensive list with the excellent Assassin's Creed Valhalla, an immense game capable of delighting all fans of the famous series. Tons of things to do, beautiful landscapes and, of course, an action-packed storyline make up the latest chapter in the transalpine publisher's flagship saga an unmissable appointment, made even more unmissable by the recent and successful expansion The Rise of Ragnarok. All, obviously, at an exceptional price thanks to the excellent discounts of the well-known retailer.


How to choose the best games on Instant Gaming

I would choose best games on Instant Gaming it is certainly not an easy undertaking: after all who could ever decide that one game is objectively better than another? Obviously none, but fortunately it is always possible to introduce some simple rules, which allow to identify more directly those who are the best games on Instant Gaming, thus allowing us to do real business at a playful level.

What is a key?

For many it might seem like a trivial question, to which it is almost superfluous to answer, but which it is still right to shed light on. A key is, in a nutshell, a code or a game key, if you prefer, to be inserted into your favorite platform. But how do you redeem a key? Obviously it depends on your gaming platform, but don't be afraid in any case: the procedure is usually always simple and guided. For convenience, however, we report below how to redeem a game key for the main platforms on the market:

  • PS5:
    • Access the menu Settings and select Users and accounts
    • Da Account Pass to Payment and subscriptions and then to Redeem codes
    • Enter the game key on the screen that you will find in front of you and follow the instructions that are shown to you to get your game.
  • PS4:
    • Sign in on PlayStation Store and scroll all the way down on the sidebar, until you find the option Redeem codes
    • Press on this command and then enter the code where required, following the instructions on the screen to access the game.
  • Nintendo Switch:
    • From the start menu, open the Nintendo eShop and select the account you want to redeem the game on
    • Press the option Register a code which you will find on the left of the screen
    • Enter the code available to you and press the option Confirmation once you have checked the correctness of what you entered to associate the game to your account.
  • Xbox:
    • Press the xbox button, the one in the center with the iconic console symbol represented, to open the panel and then select Store.
    • Press the view button, the one with two overlapping rectangles, to open what is the side menu of the store and select the option Redeem
    • Enter the key in the input mask that has opened and follow the instructions on the screen to redeem it and thus have access to your game.
  • PC – Steam:
    • Select the option Toys in the top bar and then Activate a product on Steam from the drop-down menu that is created
    • Follow the instructions in the window that will open on the screen to enter the code and thus get your game.

On PC there are different stores, such as Epic Games Store o Ubisoft connect, but we decided to show you how to redeem a game key on Steam as it is the most popular platform. If you find yourself holding a key for a different program, don't worry, the procedures for using these codes are always easy and intuitive.

All the products on this page are therefore digital keys; once purchased you will then receive by mail, or in any case in your Instant Gaming account, an e-code nothing physical will be mailed to your home. Finally, don't forget that before you can enjoy your purchase you will also have to wait for the game to be downloaded to your gaming platform once you have redeemed it.

Why Instant Gaming?

Many could rightly ask themselves: but why an article dedicated to the best games on Instant Gaming and not to any other of the countless key stores in circulation? The reason is obvious: without taking anything away from other e-commerce, Instant Gaming is in fact a real guarantee, a reality that has been active for years on Spanish soil and well known by its public. In short, a highly reliable site that supports great prices for a decidedly boundless catalog of games. Safe, convenient and equipped with a particularly large library: what more do you want from a key site?

If you prefer another retailer or if you just can't find what you are looking for in Instant Gaming products, no problem: in our dedicated guide you can, for example, find the best games available on CDKeys, another platform that is as reliable as it is convenient.


In this list of the best games on Instant Gaming we have not placed price constraints, which means that you will find both works that have just come out on the market and great classics. The constant of all, however, will be to have particularly competitive prices, which make their purchase on the well-known portal advantageous.

Whether you want the latest release, or you are looking for titles from a few years ago but still very valid, in short, we have selected high quality products, which will allow you to immerse yourself in great experiences at a bargain price. Not bad, right?

Exit date

Focusing only on the launch date is certainly not always a great idea, as there are so many great games that are no longer fresh. Do it the right way, ie making sure of the quality of the products in question, however, allows you to obtain games always on the technical cutting edge, capable of offering experiences of great value at a more than honest price.

If you are looking for some cult work or one with a few years behind you, however, do not despair: as you will have seen in the selection present in this buying guide, we have in fact thought of you too, including titles that are no longer first coat but still very valid and, above all, distinguished by an exceptional price.


Far be it from us to reject certain genres and reward others, but when we find ourselves having to draw up a list of the best games on Instant Gaming, it is also necessary to make choices that are not easy. To overcome this problem, we have included in this list as many genres as possible, starting from the sports title, such as FIFA 23, up to horror, see Resident Evil Village, obviously also passing by some inevitable souls like, see Elden Ring. In short, whatever your favorite genre is, you will find it on Instant Gaming and most likely even in high supply.

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