Game of Thrones Ep. 3 - The Sword in the Darkness

It is now increasingly evident how the characteristic narrative of the titles made by Telltale Games love it or hate it. After two excellent first episodes dedicated to the series of Game of Thrones (you can find the reviews here and here), here is also the digital market The Sword in the Darkness, third chapter set in the cruel world created by George RR Martin. Will this third act have hit us too, or will the quality of the work not be up to par with other Tellatale productions? Find out in our completely spoiler-free review.

Version tested: PlayStation 4

Out of control emotions
Once again the plot is fascinating, raw and engaging

The plot of this third episode of Game of Thrones, as for the previous two chapters, immediately results from huge quality thanks to new intriguing situations and capable of testing any player through some tragic decisions. storyline of all characters manage to evolve and to conquer the gamer who, right from the start, will not be long in identifying with the protagonists. It should also be noted that the narration of this chapter results more gloomy and full of an atmosphere of constant tension which can rarely be found in other videogame works. The main feature that emerges from the work of the Telltale boys is that of being able to bring out some emotions in a decidedly marked and natural way. In this chapter, in fact, we can hardly avoid feeling a strong anger which, at certain points, will lead us to make some decisions impulsively (and then regret it shortly after). Ultimately we stayed once again surprised by the quality of the script and dialogue, capable of involving and thrilling fans of the famous Martin series as well as any player looking for a complex plot full of charisma.


Is one choice worth the other?
An increasingly lean gameplay to leave room for narration

As the narrative experience of the series improves, Telltale is however leaving the gameplay more and more aside within their works. Once again, in fact, we will be faced with a series of multiple choice dialogues, to some Quick Time Event for the action and dei sections empty corridors to go through to get from point A to point B. Exploration, as well as the interaction with the environment, it is now limited to a minimum, making The Sword in the Darkness a real interactive movie. Despite most of the choices also substantially change the entire plot, we would like to highlight how they are present a couple of solutions who, regardless of your decisions, they will lead to the same narrative development. Obviously we're only talking about a couple of cases, but one of them, if the trailer for the next episode is true, could be quite annoying. Although in a very superficial and not particularly important way, we would like to emphasize how this time some of the items collected during the adventure can be used to resort to additional dialogues and different narrative solutions. Nothing exciting, mind you, but certainly something new compared to the last episode.


The beauty of Westeros
A graphic sector that is not exciting, but a quality soundtrack

Once again the the technical sector of Game of Thrones fails to amaze and highlights some notable imperfections. THE polygonal models of the characters, although reproduced with a characteristic style, they cannot be called particularly well-finished and show the side of some decidedly not exciting animations. The same goes for environments that, with textures that are not always finished, are unable to fully convince (also due to a really unpleasant blur effect). A couple of were also detected frame drops in the most agitated situations; nothing particularly annoying, but we believe that these are defects that should be absent in a title characterized by such an outdated graphics engine. Good jobInstead, on the soundtrack which manages to strike right away and fascinate the player by dragging him into the game world. The dubbing is also of good quality (totally in English) which gives the characters a decent acting quality, balancing in this way the few expressions of their faces.

Verdict 8.5 / 10 A game that teaches you to control anger Comment Once again Game of Thrones has managed to convince us thanks to an always excellent plot and characters and dialogues of great quality. As anticipated at the beginning of the review, Telltale works either love or hate each other, making it difficult to recommend these titles with your eyes closed. Our advice is to still give an opportunity to this series which, for all the first three episodes, has managed to keep the pace and attention of the player always high, making him enter a raw world and where a simple word to the wrong time can make the difference between life and death. Pros and cons Always exciting storytelling
Top atmosphere for the series
Most of the choices radically change the plot
Great soundtrack x Some decisions lead to the same result
x Gameplay almost completely absent
x Technical sector dated

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Special Galeotta fu: the "Soulslike" label ❯
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