Dune: Game Canceled 20 Years Ago comes out on Steam with a new name

We are living in a videogame period very rich in different experiences and which can satisfy many types of enthusiasts. The month of October 2022 is full of highly anticipated big titles, but also of more experimental projects that intrigue even those looking for new stimuli. Furthermore, in all of this there is also room for a very interesting return, we are talking about a game in the Dune franchise that was canceled twenty years ago.

In 2001 it was under development Dune: Ornithopter Assault, a title in which players had to play a pilot of House Atreides on Arrakis, who was supposed to protect the spice gatherers from the Harkonnens. The game was canceled only a year later despite the fact that development was almost completed. Now, exactly twenty years later, that game lives on thanks to fans who managed to buy the rights and complete the project by bringing it to light.

The game, which in the meantime has changed its name, it's now called Elland: The Crystal Wars, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign the guys at The Retro Room Roo have released this game, initially intended for the Game Boy Advance, on PC via Steam. Obviously, changes have been made in the title, such as the planet that has gone from being Arrakis to Elland, and instead of the spice we will have to interface with the crystals.

  • Elland The Crystal Wars is available today on Steam, and it's definitely a good title to play alongside the new strategic Dune Spice Wars currently already available in the Early Access phase. Even if some elements within the title have been changed, it is not difficult to imagine yourself inside the world created by Frank Herbert in this title which obviously refers to a graphic style that will take you directly back to the Game Boy Advance era.

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