Destiny 2: objects for sale by Xur from today 20 December

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New appointment in December to buy what Xur has in store in its catalog, the most anticipated and scariest seller in the whole universe of Destiny 2. Let's see together what he offers this week, starting from December 20th

Destiny 2's most terrifying vendor of exotic weapons, armor and engrams has reappeared: xur, that will offer these items from December 20th until Tuesday 24th (18:00)! Xur is located on the planet Titan (below you can see the image of the precise location). Here's what Xur sells this week:

  • Volpe a Due Code (Exotic Rocket Launcher - 29 Legendary Shards).
  • Headdress of the Assassin (Exotic Hunter Helm - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Valicadune (Exotic Long Pants for the Titan - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Rocca Controversa (Exotic Warlock Gauntlets - 23 Legendary Shards).
  • Exotic Engram (97 legendary fragments).

Here is Xur's position:

Precise location of Xur from December 20th

Destiny 2: all the perks of the weapons and armor on sale from Xur today December 20th

Two-Tailed Fox - Destiny 2, items for sale by Xur

This exotic rocket launcher, released through the Forsaken DLC, is a destructive weapon that deals vacuum damage and uses heavy ammo. The name is given by its special ability. Let's see the list of perks together:

  • Twin tails - Fire two rockets, one from vacuum and one from solar that can track the same target.
  • Limited Launch - The launch parameters are particularly stable. • Greatly increases stability. • Increases the impact area. • Reduces the speed of the projectile.
  • High speed bullets - The bullets of this weapon are particularly light and fast. • Increases the speed of the projectile. • Increases the reload speed.
  • Play with the prey - The vacuum rocket suppresses enemy abilities. The solar rocket causes damage over time.
  • Composite football - This weapon has a versatile dual-function butt • Slightly increases stability • Slightly increases handling.

Volpe a Due Code – Destiny 2

Headdress of the Assassin - Destiny 2, items for sale by Xur

Obtained at the end of the “Shadows from the Deep” DLC campaign, Assassin's Headdress is one of the many exotic helmets available to the Hunter. Our advice is to pass, as there are far more OPs than this for this class. Here is his exotic perk:

  • Evanescent execution - Defeating a Guardian with a melee attack or a fighter with a Finisher grants invisibility and restores an amount of health and shields.

Assassin's Headdress - Destiny 2

Valicadune - Destiny 2, objects for sale by Xur

These Titan boots are a must have, especially if you're a regular Crucible visitor, as the main perk increases your sprint, so if they're not yours yet, buy them! Here is the list of Perks:

  • Linear actuators - Increase the shutter speed. Shots build up a static charge. In melee, the charge deals chained damage to nearby enemies.
  • Mobility improvement change - Increased mobility.
  • Restoration change - Increased health recovery.
  • Perpetuation - Reduces class skill recovery when using class skills.
  • Primary Ammo Seeker - Increases the chances of finding primary ammo after each kill.

Valicadune - Destiny 2

Rocca Controversa - Destiny 2, objects for sale by Xur

These Exotic Warlock Gloves have been added with the Forsaken DLC and their Exotic perk grants you bonus damage resistance while charging a Void Grenade. This, combined with the other perks, makes these really great gloves and our advice is to get them. Here is the list of perks:

  • Chaotic exchanger - Take less damage while charging a Void Grenade with Accelerating Chaos, Manual Supernova, or Feed the Void. Charged Void Grenades restore a random portion of the grenade's energy with each shot.
  • Mobility improvement change - Increased mobility.
  • Modification of plastic steel reinforcement - Increased resilience.
  • Impetuous transfer - Dealing damage with a grenade reduces melee recovery.
  • Special Ammo Seeker - Increases the chances of finding special ammo after each kill.

Fortress Controversial - Destiny 2

Here's what Xur offers this week!

What do you think of the armament Xur sold this week? Recently the title has become a real free-to-play, to read the details click here. Furthermore here you find our review of the latest DLC: Shadows from the Deep. Bungie's charity campaign was a resounding success, for details click here.

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