Darksiders Review: Warmastered Edition

Although the tragic fate that befell him in 2013, THQ was certainly one of the most prolific publishers of the last generation, with intellectual properties of the caliber of Saints Row (now under Deep Silver) and the games dedicated to WWE (now under 2K) he carved out a slice of the market that embraced different types of players. Among these titles was also the Darksiders series, developed by Vigil Games and that in the first chapter now dated 2010, he combined different ideas putting the player in the shoes of War, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. With the failure of THQ, the adventures of the knights seemed to have no more hope, leaving orphaned the players of a long-awaited final until at least last year, when Vigil returned to be heard and seen with the Deathnitive Edition of the second chapter bringing in the current generating the series. This summer, however, the announcement of the acquisition of THQ and numerous of its IPs (including Darksiders) by Nordic Games, which on that occasion changed its name to THQ Nordic and later announced Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, a remastered of the chapter dedicated to War, out in both physical and digital editions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One from today 22 November (while it is scheduled on PC on 29 and only in Digital on Wii U on an unspecified date). How will War adventures have aged? 

Tested Version: Xbox One


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It is not Death that you must fear
Successful and still effective plot

Obviously, the only aspect that has not been affected in the slightest in the rehash is the plot, and we will again find Guerra deceived by a false breaking of the seventh seal, and therefore embroiled in a feud between angels and demons where each of the two counterparts he wants his skin. The fallen Knight will have to face the chosen four and defeat the fearsome Destroyer to repent in the eyes of the Arso Consiglio. Where are his brothers? Why is Samael, the dark demon, imprisoned by the same Council giving him a hand? To some of these questions we will obviously find answers during the twenty hours necessary to complete Darksiders, others have been given a solution in the second chapter, and still others are still unresolved, waiting for a third episode to proceed. the events. The plot of Darksiders is one of the strong points of the entire production of Vigil Games, and it is also six years later, thanks to well-characterized characters and dialogues with effect typical of action films. The rereading of the book of Revelation, and of the battle of Armageddon, is still effective and able to charm even those who have lost the series on the road, unfortunately the title does not live on plot alone.

Armed ... with patience

On the gameplay side, there is no doubt that Vigil Games' work is yet another fruit born from the rib of God of War, especially in the combat phases. War will have three main weapons, which will increase in power by defeating opponents, a series of powers and combos that can be purchased from Vulgrim (the merchant of the game) and six extra tools with which not only inflict less damage on the enemy, but solve the numerous puzzles environmental in a similar way to what happens in The Legend of Zelda, the second series from which the boys of Vigil fished with both hands. If Darksiders was inspired only by the Santa Monica saga and the Nintendo series, there would be no problem whatsoever, it would have gained the identity of Hack 'n Slash or an adventure game, and it would have defended it even discreetly, despite some uncertainty about the parade. Instead, the War adventure mixes all genres a bit without fully embracing even one: from metroidvania to shooter on the tracks, from action to tps, the Fallen Knight draws a bit from everything and the final result is an experience. which does not recognize itself in even one of the genres mentioned, unlike the sequel which, while mixing some of them, manages to carve out a cohesive identity.


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Darksiders II


The other flaw that Darksiders has dragged on over the years is certainly the downhill difficulty curve that grips the entire first War adventure: if at the beginning it will be easy to fall under enemy blows, as you acquire weapons and experience you will begin to make a clean sweep of demons, angels and anything that stands in front of the path of the Knight and his fiery horse. This imbalance is also found in obtaining souls and health points, with chests often misplaced and excess game coins. Fortunately Vigil Games has instead corrected numerous bugs that undermined the entire experience of the last generation: from the minors that plagued the audio and video sectors, to the one that did not show the collectibles on the map. The adventure of Guerra therefore, difficulty aside, has aged well and is still playable smoothly.

Everyone's crazy about Maddy

On the technical side, the steps forward made by the Warmastered Edition are remarkable: the game supports 1080p and travels solidly on 60fps except in rare cases where the action is too excited, fluid and clean, to benefit above all the polygonal models of the characters, based on the excellent and practically flawless character design by Joe Madureira. The epic soundtrack remains strongly inspired by the Santa Monica saga, albeit juggling between orchestrated songs and tenor voices. Darksiders is completely in Spanish and the dubbing is obviously the same as in 2010, with voice actors of the caliber of Ivo de Palma, Marco Pagani and Oliviero Corbetta.

Verdict 8/10 I do it for MAD Comment Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is a successful remaster, which patches up many of the bugs present in the original chapter of the Vigil Games saga. Although maintaining the absence of identity due to a mixture of genres that are perhaps too different from each other, the War adventure is still playable today without infamy and without praise. A great way to get closer to the series while waiting for a much-desired announcement for the third chapter. May it never be that THQ Nordic finally introduces us to the last two remaining riders. Pros and cons Great character design
Basic idea still guessed
Visible graphical improvements x Lack of a solid identity compared to the second chapter
x Descending difficulty curve

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