Cyberpunk 2077: where to start again for the second chapter?

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What can Cyberpunk 2077 start from? CD Projekt Red has an uphill battle, paved with burdens and tainted by the anger of many consumers. Failure in this area is frighteningly simple, but of all the mistakes that cause ripples that are hard to fix, there's definitely one related to community retention. After the publication and diffusion of the company's future objectives in the long run, it is now imperative to recover the trust built up over the years. The Polish software house has given breath of life to works of international standing: just think that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is among the most important games ever in many respects, and has taught the RPG world.

The art that flows from all the beauties of the now digital fantasy universe, combined with the expert hand of a team that has always excelled in playful writing, are two truths that are impossible to counter. The quality forged over the many years of curating The Witcher universe has made CD Projekt Red renowned for its playful depth, as well as for their zealous and meticulous work in the reconstruction of the environments. I would like to start from here. The team's legacy is heavy and expectations are always very high, but it has also happened to falter. The case of Cyberpunk 2077 is a black page for the video game industry, a day of lies inflated by marketing and negligence on the front of the final game rendering.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be in the history books

In tens of years, most likely, this media case will be studied and narrated as one of the crudest and most sinful case histories in the industry. Premises that might seem marked, severe and moved by an injured user, but this is not the case. I appreciate Cyberpunk 2077 for its artistic and narrative heart, as I consider it a futuristic poem made of neon and dilemmas on the edges of the human soul. The ethical and moral contradiction that cloaks the plot, as well as the sinister glare of the lights of Night City, hide a universe full of well-told plots.

However, the management of the final product has placed a smelly and itchy label on the IP. Now the world is linking failure in optimization to all the work behind it. Like an uncontrollable and well-rooted disease, the tentacles of mishandled bugs and broken promises have tarnished and gangrened what is actually good about the game. We are facing a moment in which we prefer to remember only the mistakes and almost never what deserves to be remembered. The industry must avoid the mistakes that the team made before the release, just as the user must learn to discern the marketing from the artistic heart. Are we the ones who are blind or is it the poison of the debate that has made us delusional?

Stories from a dystopian world

The first big problem of the Cyberpunk 2077 case is that it is now a niche that has appreciated the game in its artistic quality. I'm not talking about social numbers or sales in stores, but about people who really understood how sublime it was inside. Sublime is not a random adjective, because it is exactly what is needed to describe the enormous work done for the writing of the characters, plot and side quests. There are stories in Night City that are more poignant and emotionally disruptive than some of the major twists and I have already said a lot like that. Credible, dark, ethically distressing stories moved by enveloping atmospheres. Play Cyberpunk 2077, complete what it has to offer and you will not remain indifferent to what I said. Do you know what I find fascinating and magnetic about dystopian worlds? It is that they arise from our dreams, drown in them and re-emerge as nightmares.

The point is that they have always been part of our imagination, they are simply the degeneration of our desires or the excess of security of our ideals. We yearn for technological advancement, but cringe at the cyber barbarism that makes Night City a haunted paradise. Human beings who trade their humanity for performances or people who crave immortality so badly that they bind it to the edge of the digital abyss. It's creepy, isn't it? And that's exactly all that is breathed in Cyberpunk 2077 on a narrative level. Instead, what needs to be demolished and rebuilt with greater certainty is artificial intelligence, which does not do justice to the immersiveness given by the narrative sector.

Night City rivalutata in Edgerunners

The future of Cyberpunk 2077 is already a reality, since the team is on the development of the Orion project, which is the second spiritual understanding of the brand. They will enhance what has already been positive and will have to work on the cracks patched up. The technical quality of the game is to be remodeled, even if now the work has regained its dignity with the various patches. What is difficult to restore is consumer confidence: a difficult and delicate subject, even for someone who studies and loves marketing strategies like me. How to enhance and save the good done in the first chapter? How do you change the perception of the brand in the consumer's mind?

The Cyberpunk 2077-bug association is a mockery filed by certain time, but it is a qualitative abyss for the intangible properties of the brand. Luck - and hard work - wanted the animated series on Netflix promoted by CD Projekt Red, cyberpunk edge runners, has rekindled player enthusiasm for Cyberpunk 2077 but, far more importantly, has bewitched and enticed many people, both injured buyers and new users. The narrative universe also wins on this front and reminds us of the combination that made the brand attractive: story of the dark fantasy universe and the crazy streets of Night City.

The series savors the bitter fate of those who live in poverty, the greedy hand of the corporations that squeezes and suffocates everything, but also the dreams of a city that longs for revenge. The raw emotions promoted by the work are the symbolic re-enactments of those we have learned to touch in the virtual city in Cyberpunk 2077. Night City is swollen with mysteries and still has many stories paved with resentment and disillusionment to write, but it needs to improve from a next-gen perspective. Although the city retains the worthy atmosphere of the original idea, in addition to the maniacal aesthetics, it seems to be pulling the brakes a bit.

That's not to say it's done badly or doesn't deserve our whoops of joy as we contemplate it, but there are so many areas that have been handled with a dropper. A more interactive Night City, so as to elevate it from good to excellence, it would be the perfect diamond for a work that already knows how to decant the vicissitudes of its inhabitants very well. A little more life and it could become the most iconic city in the gaming world.

The still unfinished dark fairy tale of Cyberpunk 2077 deserves trust. It deserves it because the themes touched upon in the current project, as well as the memorable characters who embody them, have a well-defined soul and an attentive eye understands that they have been amalgamated with love. Night City has a unique, almost cursed aura, and is a vessel for a great many stories that scream to be told, also because they are very close to us, perhaps more than we think. Starting again from the narrative plots, from the protagonists who steal the stage and from the buzz that makes Night City so melancholic. An opportunity for revenge that does not require inventing, but shaping.

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