Custom power banks: ideal solutions for traditional marketing campaigns

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Companies who want capture the attention of the most technological customers and always on the move can consider the idea of ​​gifting them with nerdy promotional gadgets: for example, customized power banks represent an excellent solution in terms of practicality. Personalizing these items with your company logo or slogan allows you to make your brand known with ease.

If desired, then, it is possible to use real photos. Useful and always comfortable, i power bank promotional items help to enhance the brands of the companies that distribute them, thus allowing to achieve the results required for personalized gadgets.

How to customize a power bank

The solutions that can be studied to customize a power bank are many, with colors and designs of all kinds. In the case of aluminum devices, in particular, it is possible to resort to pad printing, which is the most classic technique, or to the most modern laser engraving. But if you want you can also focus on plastic power banks, synonymous with versatility and economic convenience.

A power bank equipped with a three-output wireless charger and with a capacity of 3.100 mAh has all the ideal features to conquer the tastes of the most demanding customers; but it is certain that there are many aspects to be evaluated in view of choosing the best gadget.

Why power banks

Power banks feature a print area with a diameter of about 5 centimeters: a surface more than enough to guarantee various customization options, even through a photo. On the other hand, the wireless charging stations supplied in a white gift box are synonymous with visibility and elegance, plus they show a decidedly advanced architecture.

La variety of uses is one of the most important reasons why it is worth considering power banks as promotional gadgets. Just think of the document bags integrated with a 4.000 mAh power bank, but also of the notepad holders with power bank and dozens of sheets. In both cases, the surface available for customizations is very large. Finally, one cannot fail to mention the Bluetooth speakers with 2 watt output and wireless charging, thanks to which you can always be connected and listen to music.

I gadget high tech

I gadget high tech seem to represent an almost obligatory choice for many of the companies that intend to adopt promotional items to promote themselves and to make themselves known. Furthermore, companies cannot help but take into consideration how and when the conditions of use of the articles have changed when it comes to planning marketing strategies.

The best personalized gadgets, that is the most effective ones, are able to satisfy today's needs to the maximum: which means on the one hand being connected, and on the other hand being able to use the mobile devices at any time, seamlessly. It's easy to see, then, why power banks are so interesting.

The visibility guaranteed by promotional gadgets

Getting around with the phone dead nowadays it is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous from the point of view of professional success. In a context where it is important to always be contactable, there is no risk of being unreachable by bosses or colleagues just because the smartphone battery ran out sooner than expected.

And what would a journalist look like if at a press conference he were to realize that his tablet is about to go out? In short, there are many circumstances in which it is convenient to have a power bank at hand, and the companies that choose this device as a promotional gadget have already understood this.

Gadget365 solutions

I custom power banks are one of the many proposals made available by the Gadget365 catalog, a company in the province of Varese that boasts a long experience in the field of communication through the object.

Price Discount and reliability are the strengths of this brand, which guarantees fast deliveries, punctual shipments and very high safety standards. It is no coincidence that Gadget365 is part of blow, which is the trade association that brings together the main distributors and producers of promotional gadgets in our country.

With power banks you can't go wrong

Power banks are usable devices that guarantee one optimal visibility to brands: it is clear why companies should consider making themselves known thanks to these devices.

Yes, but how and when to distribute them? You could think of giving them as a gift in combination with specific purchases, or disseminating them on the occasion of particular events, trade fairs or other appointments, such as conferences organized for the launch of a new product.

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