Oppo Find X2 Pro review: a further evolutionary step

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Oppo has done an outstanding job with this Find X2 Pro. We say it immediately, without hesitation, because we are facing one of the best smartphones of this first part of 2020. I struggled to find real defects in this product which, certainly not perfect, but offers a wonderful user experience, enhanced by a particular constructive approach. In fact, I received the version with the back in vegan leather which, together with the rest of the body, gives a feeling to the touch that is in some ways unique.

However, this Find X2 Pro costs too much. It will arrive in starting May 8th a i 1.199 euros. Of course, given the premise, it might seem a justified price after all. In part it is, but the fact remains that smartphones have now reached exaggerated figures in the top of the range range. In addition, the perception of the brand should not be forgotten which, despite being the fifth largest telephony manufacturer in the world, is still called to build a reputation in Europe, a market that has been regularly present only since last year.

The road is certainly the right one. The most important aspect is the clear evolution compared to the Find X of 2019, a smartphone with a great impact design (retractable rear cameras through automatic mechanism, at this address our review), but with many small limits in daily use . Find X2 Pro, on the other hand, is a product designed for a broad audience, potentially mainstream, which could contribute to definitively clearing the Oppo brand even in our parts.

Build quality and display, two great protagonists

The front of this smartphone does not shine for originality. On an aesthetic level, there are strong references to Huawei's P30 Pro, even if the teardrop notch has been replaced here by a hole in the screen that houses the selfie camera. The panel is curved at the edges, and this often causes the phenomenon of inadvertent touches on the display, really annoying when you orient Find X2 Pro horizontally to take a photo: it often happens to inadvertently exit the photo application.

However, this does not reduce the excellent aesthetic impact of the front part, which is set in a body which, in the version under test, it consists of a vegan leather back cover. The sensation to the touch of this material is really pleasant, you have the perception of being handling an object of value. Of course, it will be necessary to verify the durability of this material over time, which however could paradoxically improve, providing a sort of vintage effect. Maybe we'll be back in a few months.

The color combination between orange, black of the display and the gold of the frame is beautiful. With such a combination it is almost a crime to use a cover, but it is necessary to improve grip (a semi-rigid TPU is included in the package). Also because, it is good to remember, we are talking about a smartphone that exceeds 200 grams in weight, resulting even higher than the already bulky iPhone 11 Pro Max. Personally I can use it with one hand, but in terms of size it is not for everyone.

In this sense, a lot depends on the wide diagonal of the screen, a 6,7-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1.440 x 3.168 pixels, one of the protagonists of this Find X2 Pro. It is one of the best displays on the square, supported among other things by a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a sampling of the touch-screen at 240 Hz, the double of the iPhone 11 Pro. Maximum fluidity therefore in multimedia reproduction and, in general, a visual quality of the highest level, both indoors and outdoors. Also thanks to the brightness, which can reach 1.200 nits. Needless to say, the viewing angles and color rendering are excellent. Present support for HDR 10.

The Snapdragon 865 flies, the battery holds up

The fact that Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 had the potential to establish itself as the best smartphone processor of the year is no mystery. Find X2 Pro is the first model of 2020 equipped with this SoC and the excellent conditions have been maintained. Everything spins at the speed of light, also thanks to the 12 Gigabytes of RAM. Of course, Oppo has a particularly "aggressive" approach to the system, acting in an important way on the processes in the background, but so be it. From my point of view, in terms of performance, the OnePlus 7 / 7T Pro was also surpassed.

Despite all this power and the high resolution of the screen, the battery holds its own. The 4.260 mAh, with my usual use (mixed between LTE and Wi-Fi, 2 push mail accounts, hundreds of notifications from social networks and instant messaging apps, over 2 hours of phone calls), I managed to cover 18 hours away from electric socket in front of 5 hours of access screen. A good result, supported among other things by a proprietary fast charging standard (Super VOOC 2.0) among the best performing on the market: it goes from 0% to 100% in just 45 minutes.

The software part is the one that convinced me least. The smartphone is based on Android 10 which, however, as per tradition for Oppo, is "heavily" customized by the proprietary Color OS graphic interface, here arrived at version 7.1. There have been steps forward compared to previous releases, but it is still a strongly “oriental” interface, with an aesthetic approach that is a bit too cartoonish and confusing. The features are many, but at the UI level we are far from excellence such as Samsung's One UI.

Complete connectivity: Dual-band 6x Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS A-GLONASS BDS Galileo, NFC, 5G support. Unfortunately, the 3.5 mm audio jack is missing, just as it is not possible to expand the memory (which still starts from 256 Gigabytes). The audio offered by the stereo speakers is very good, the biometric authentication systems are exceptional: the fingerprint reader is integrated into the screen and is lightning-fast in the recognition of the fingerprint; facial recognition, despite not being 3D, works surprisingly well even at night.

Camera, it's all about the zoom

On the back there are three sensors: main 48 Megapixel; 48 Megapixel f / 2.2 ultra wide angle secondary; 13 Megapixel telephoto lens which, thanks to the different focal length, enables a 5X optical zoom, with the possibility of going up to 10X with a hybrid system (60X totally digital). Going into detail, the main camera adopts a Sony IMX689 custom sensor, supported by a dual optical image stabilizer and an f / 1.7 lens aperture.

The zoom is the strong point of this photographic sector. Up to 10X, in daytime, there is almost no loss of detail, which obviously takes place at night, but without compromising the final image. Going further, up to 30X, you get shots that are still usable, while the 60X are confirmed more as a good element for marketing: in this case the loss of detail and sharpness is clear, with photographs that are in fact unusable at night.

Rich in detail, both with a lot of light and with little, the photographs taken by the main 48 Megapixel sensor. I noticed a slightly below average shutter speedThis aspect, however, seems to improve with each software update (in 7 days, Oppo has released two). The wide angle sensor also performs well but, as always happens, it loses more detail at night. In this specific case, I also noticed a certain difficulty in managing artificial light.

The selfies are excellent (also as regards the portrait mode), very good videos too. The latter can be recorded up to 4K resolution at 60 fps but to convince is above all the electronic stabilization.

Conclusions: who should buy it?

Find X2 Pro is probably the first top of the range of the new Oppo course that I can recommend with my eyes closed. Like all high-end smartphones, it has aspects that make it less suitable for some users and more suitable for others. In this specific case, I believe that the purchasing criterion is linked to the important dimensions and to a graphical interface that you love or hate. Here, however, it comes down to the subjective level.

However, there is no doubt about the fact that the 1.199 euros required in the price list are too many. The hope is that the price may drop over the months but, if you have no budget limits, give the Find X2 Pro a chance which, among other things, can allow you to stand out from the crowd with this very special vegan leather finish.

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