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On Instagram, one of the most used social networks in the world, over a billion users publish stories, watch and comment on them all the time.

Among these there are those who get many followers: in 1st place is the same Instagram with 371 million followers, (which, for each post published, has an average of one million likes), followed by Cristiano Ronaldo with 254 million followers , Ariana Grande 216 million, Leo Messi 177 million and so on.

We may not be able to have so many followers, but we like Instagram stories above all the fact that we can always be in contact with our friends. Show what we do and constantly see what they do.

Maybe, sometimes, we would like to keep some memories, some movies or some more beautiful and funny photos, both of us and of some of our friends, to one side on our PC or on another device, to see them again when we want, even after the fateful ones. 24 hours.

Maybe sometimes we'd like to retrieve an image or a story without letting people know we took it. Are they just wishes? No, we can do it.

We can download stories from Instagram and to get it there are various solutions: there is the official Instagram app, other smartphone apps, browser extensions and online services. In short, you will be spoiled for choice.

So let's try to understand something more.

Download stories from Instagram

To download the stories from Instagram you can directly use the social network app installed on our Android device (also available on alternative stores) or on the iPhone.

To use it:

  •  start the Instagram app and log in to the account,
  • press on the house icon (bottom left),
  • press on our profile photo at the top left (above the wording Your story),
  • go to the content you want to download, scroll from bottom to top,
  • press the down arrow icon in the displayed menu,
  • the selected content will be saved in Gallery.

If you have activated the Save to archive option in the Stories Options section (which can be found by clicking on the camera icon in the main menu and on the gear icon in the screen that opens), you can also save the stories present. in the Archive, a section in which the stories published after more than 24 hours are kept.

Before proceeding.

  • move the lever labeled Save to Camera Roll to ON, again in the Options section

Stories, to ensure that the stories published on Instagram are automatically saved in the device memory.

To access the Archive and manually save the stories:

  • tap on the thumbnail of the profile photo (bottom right),
  • press the (≡) button (top right),
  • click on Archive,
  • in the screen that opens, locate the story to save,
  • click on its preview,
  • press the icon (...),
  • in the menu that is shown, click on the item Save photo / Save video.

Download other people's Instagram stories

To download other people's Instagram Stories:

  • take a screenshot of our Android smartphone or iPhone, if it is a photo,
  • start a device screen recording, for videos.

Either way, the content owner won't know anything.

There are other free apps, which allow you to save photos and / or videos published in the Instagram stories of other users in the memory of your device.

These apps and services only work with public accounts and not private ones.
However, it is necessary not to publish the contents that we have secretly taken from other parties (unless we have the consent), because otherwise we would violate the terms of service of the social network and the copyright of the author of the stories.

Download Android Instagram Stories

With an Android smartphone you can use the free app. In the free version the app shows us advertising banners: if we want to eliminate them, we need to buy the paid version, which costs 2,39 euros. For other devices without Play Store, it is necessary to search if there is any alternative store, or in any case to identify some other type of similar app.

Installed Save Stories:

  • open it and accept the privacy policy, checking the relevant box and pressing the Agree button displayed on the screen,
  • click on the Login with Instagram button,
  • press on Accept,
  • log into your Instagram account,
  • once logged in, press the magnifying glass button at the top right,
  • search for the user of our interest using his username (without putting the @ symbol before the latter),
  • select the account of the same,
  • select the Story tab (top),
  • tap on the preview of our interest,
  • press the Download button.

Download iOS Instagram Stories

With an iPhone you can use it for the same purpose for Instagram.

It is an application that allows you to see, without anyone knowing, the contents of the stories of public accounts and download them locally.

To remove the advertising banners that are visible in its free version and access other features of the app, a subscription is required starting from € 1,49 / week.

After installing and starting the application:

  • search for the username, with @) concerning the profile of our interest: by writing it in the appropriate text field, located at the top,
  • select it from the menu that opened,
  • click on the Stories tab and see if there is any content,
  • press on the preview of what you want to download,
  • in the new screen go to the button (...) at the top right,
  • tap on the Save item,
  • grant the app permission to access the multimedia files of our device, by pressing the OK item in the box that appeared.

Download Instagram Stories from PC

Yes Google Chrome

To download Instagram stories from Google Chrome you can use the extension, which is also compatible with Microsoft Edge (in its version based on Chromium) and Opera.

To use it:

  • start Google Chrome on the PC,
  • go to that contains the addon and download it, pressing the Add and Add extension buttons,
  • access the Instagram account from the browser,
  • go to the profile of the user we are interested in (searching for it in the search field at the top and clicking on the chosen result),
  • open the story to download (by clicking on the profile photo of the account in question),
  • press the StorySaver Stories for Instagram icon located at the top right (if it wasn't, click on the icon of the puzzle piece located at the top right and click on it in the menu that opened).
  • The file (be it a photo or a video) will be automatically downloaded locally: if you have not changed the settings on your computer, we should find it in the Downloads folder.

Download Instagram Stories Online anonymously

To download Instagram stories online, it is best to use:

  • go to his site,
  • search for the account to download the stories from,
  • proceed with their download by clicking on the appropriate button,

You can also use

  • go to the home page,
  • type the username of the account we want to visit in the Search text field, located in the center of the page,
  • enter from the keyboard.

For subsequent times by selecting the Stories tab, if new content is always available on the same user, it will be possible to retrieve other stories by clicking on the Download button located under the photos and videos present.

Download stories from Instagram without being seen

To download stories from Instagram without being seen, you can use the free apps for Android and iOS already seen, which can also be used to view and download the multimedia content posted by other Instagram users anonymously. You can also use the same extensions and online services which, however, do not work for private accounts.

Download stories from Instagram without an account

Same thing to download stories from Instagram without logging into the account, with the free apps for Android and iOS and online services:

• (Android),
• (iPhone),
• ,

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