How to download Instagram stories and videos

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Although Instagram is a popular platform for sharing images or videos, it doesn't offer options for downloading your stories and highlights. An Instagram Story is an uploaded video or photo that is only available for viewing for 24 hours. A highlight stays at the top of the page, right below the profile details, until you decide to delete it.

Downloading Instagram stories on your PC is possible, but doing it on your Android is not possible with the official Instagram app. Here we show you how to do it on your Android phone using the Barinsta app.

Note: there are many websites and apps that claim to be able to download Instagram Stories; however, most are scams and may be looking for your sensitive data. The following app is the one we have tried and found to work.

Download Instagram Stories with Barinsta

Barinsta is an unofficial Instagram client that you can use without having to log into your account. It serves as a great alternative Instagram app.

Since it is not available in the Play Store, you must first install it on your smartphone. From there, you can type “Barinsta” and then click to install the application. You can also download the app directly from the.

Download posts, videos and stories

The frame can be just a button, text, or two tabs when fully installed. There are also no bio or news sections and you can only view profiles of people you already know.

Also, it is only possible via a profile without logging in if the other user has their profile open. To search for a profile, you need to enter their username in the search engine that appears at the top.

Download di post

The app, like Instagram, shows the user profile which supports photos, videos with different images.

When you click on the photos, they reveal the caption, comments, location tag, and included hashtags.

To download, go to the corner of the post and click the download button as shown. After that, you can view the photo in your gallery.

Downloading stories and videos

If you also want to download stories and highlights, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the profile of the user whose story or video you want to download. You will see the highlighted section where the stories appear.
  • Click on it to see the stories. When you want to download a story, simply click in the top right corner where the download icon is.

As a tip, you can add a user profile to the favorites section so that you don't have to search for the profile next time to access it. Instead, you can get it from your favorites list.

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