How to Get Rainbow Text on Instagram Stories

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There is a trick that allows you to apply a rainbow color effect to the text of your Instagram story. Here's how to use it.

Rainbow text on Instagram Stories

Instagram doesn't offer a rainbow or any shadow options when it comes to text; you are only given a select amount of solid colors to choose from.

However, there is a trick that allows you to access the color spectrum and manipulate its application in text, achieving a rainbow effect.

First, you'll need to add your text to your Story as normal:

  • Create your story as you normally would, then tap Aa in the top right to open the text editor.
  • Type your text and hold it until you see a popup. From the popup, tap Select All.
  • Tap the color wheel at the top to open the text color selection.
  • Press and hold anywhere at the bottom of the colored circles. The color spectrum will become visible and your text will immediately change to the color you are pressing on.
  • While still holding the colors, start dragging the text selector from right to left. And at the same time, start dragging your finger across the color spectrum. You will see the text take on the different colors you are scrolling on wherever the selector is positioned.
  • Stop dragging the Selection tool when only a few letters are selected. Tap and press Done.

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