How to view Instagram, Facebook and more without an account

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Have you decided to take a break from social media by deleting your account but still want to view the occasional posts? Then you may have noticed a problem. Popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit now prevent non-account holders from freely accessing content on their networks. Fortunately, there are some workarounds that can help you bypass the restriction. In this article, we show you how to view posts and more without registering.

View Instagram without logging in

While it used to be possible to view Instagram posts and profiles without an account, now things aren't that simple. You have limited access, even if your experience is quickly tainted by repeated requests to register with your username and password.

When you try to view an Instagram profile on a browser, desktop or mobile device, you will be able to view some posts, but if you scroll too much, you will be limited. This happens if you are using Firefox or Safari. In Chrome, you'll be prompted to sign in from the start without even a preview of the profile you're trying to view.

How to view Instagram Stories anonymously without an account

To easily view the stories, you can use a service like, but there are plenty of other options out there. You will need a browser to access the service.

  • Enter the username of the account you want to view. If you don't know the exact username of their account, try a Google search like this: "site name:".
  • Tap the “Show #account Stories” button to view the user's Stories, but keep in mind that you can only check the most recent ones (24h). If you're interested in learning more about the person's story, we recommend using. Before diving in, however, keep in mind that it is a paid service.
  • Click on the history circles to view the images in full. You can use the "Download" button in the top right corner to save the Story to your PC / mobile device.

How to view Instagram posts and search for stuff without an account

When using, to view someone's profile, enter their account name, then hit search. One thing to keep in mind is that it works for public accounts. If you are trying to access a profile set to private, you are out of luck. Sure, there are services that claim they can unblock private profiles, but most of the time they are scams, so we don't encourage you to try.

Start browsing the images / videos and additional content, including Reels and Tagged Posts (buttons are located at the top).

Dumpor lets you see comments and likes as well. You can also click on the accounts that have commented on a post and see their profiles. Of course, you are not allowed to like or comment. This is a feature reserved for account holders only and you cannot do this anonymously.

If you see something you like, know that you can download the posts with just one click.

Websites like Dumpor allow you to search Instagram as you normally would using the app. Use the search bar above to browse profiles, locations and tags using specific keywords.

How to view Twitter content without logging in

Twitter grants a more generous degree of access to those who don't have an account. On the desktop, you can view individual tweets and even read their comments by clicking on the post or hitting the "Show this thread" button.

On the other hand, if you click on the “Comments” icon, you will be asked to log in. Also, you won't be allowed to view media, likes, or see who liked a particular tweet if you don't log in. To view the comments on mobile, you will need to copy the tweet link and open it in another tab.

Note that to access Twitter content without an account, you will need to use a browser, on your PC or mobile phone. If you have the Twitter app on your phone, tapping a Twitter link will automatically open the app, asking you to sign in. You have to delete the app and go back to your mobile device browser instead to browse Twitter.

How to read tweets from a particular user without an account

If you're looking to read a post from a particular user, it's possible to do so even without an account.

  • You can use the search bar on Twitter's Explore tab and search for the account. Click on the name to go to their page and read all their tweets from there.
  • Alternatively, you can search directly from Google using "site name:" and you will see the latest posts displayed as thumbnails below.

How to view Facebook content without logging in

Facebook used to allow you to browse and search its network without many restrictions. Those days are now gone, so without an account, your experience is bound to be quite limited. Even so, there are still some things you can do even without logging in.

How to view Facebook posts anonymously without an account

Before proceeding, keep in mind that many Facebook profiles today are restricted and therefore only view limited content. You will not be able to view anything these people choose to share only with their friends on the network.

In the case of public profiles, however, it is possible to view their posts even without an account. Therefore, if a friend sends you a link to your favorite band's new single, which has been published on their official Facebook page, you will be able to access it and see the content they have shared. Plus, you can also browse their page and see what else they've posted.

This also applies to personal profiles. you can get limited access to them, meaning you can see their public posts and associated comments. However, you will not be allowed to view their stories, nor will you be able to like or comment on their posts.

You can view Facebook content without an account on your desktop or mobile device using a browser. On mobile devices, you will receive more intrusive requests to log in with your account that can severely hamper your experience, so we recommend using your computer instead.

How to search for someone on Facebook without an account

Without an account, you won't have access to Facebook Search, which allows you to search for people. The good news is that you can still find who you are looking for, but the results are a bit mixed. Especially if the person you need to find has a fairly common name.

The first method is to use Google and perform a search between these lines “name site:”. Once you hit enter, the search engine will list the profiles of people who have not limited the visibility of their profile. This is something anyone can do, so if you can't find the right person, it might be because they've given up on being visible to the general public.

Social search engines as well are an option, although they tend to produce mixed results. Additionally, most of them require payment to gain full access to the data they can generate.

How to view Reddit content without logging in

It is possible to log into Reddit without an account, although if you want a better experience, we recommend that you do so on your PC or use the mobile app. On your phone, you can also browse from the mobile browser, but you will be constantly bombarded with tips for using the app, unless you use a neat trick which we will discuss below.

How to view Reddit discussions and posts without an account

Reddit links are often displayed during searches, so being able to access threads and posts can prove to be very useful. On the desktop or mobile app, you won't even be bothered by annoying pop-ups asking you to log in.

You can easily browse posts in a thread, see photos, videos and links, and even have access to user comments. What you can't do is follow threads, access a custom feed, comment or interact with other users. But if your goal is to simply read the content, you should be able to use Reddit on desktop or the Reddit mobile app.

In your mobile browser, the experience is a little annoying. You will be constantly asked if you want to view the content using the Reddit app. The good news is that the Reddit app allows you to view and browse content seamlessly. Get it on your phone.

On the other hand, if, for whatever reason, you don't want to download the app, you can use this trick to make browsing Reddit in your mobile browser bearable.

  • Tap a Reddit link and open it in your mobile device browser.
  • Replace the "www" of that link with "old"
  • Hit Enter and enjoy browsing Reddit for mobile without the constant interruptions

Reddit currently maintains two versions of the website - the old one and the newer one, which actively invites mobile users to switch to the app. The old doesn't impose any restrictions on using the app, so if you don't mind the outdated interface, this is the best way to browse Reddit in your mobile browser.

How to search Reddit without an account

You can search Reddit as you normally would, even with an account. Simply use the search bar at the top when browsing a browser on your desktop using keywords. On mobile, you'll need to tap the hamburger menu on the right to bring up the search bar.

Simply clicking on the search bar will bring up trending topics, so if you want to browse the hottest topics, you can do it without an account as well.

How to view TikTok content without an account

Surprisingly, TikTok is one of the friendliest social media apps that allows users to browse easily, even without an account. You can do this on desktop or mobile using your favorite browser.

How to view clips and search for TikTok without an account

The easiest way to access TikToks is if you have a link. Just tap on it and let your default browser open it. Whether you are on mobile or PC, it should work fine and you should be able to see the video. If, on the other hand, you are targeting a particular user and you want to be able to browse their contents, you can follow this path.

  • Go to the official TikTok page on desktop or mobile.
  • Search for the username using the bar above.
  • Click on their profile.
  • Check out the videos they have posted.

As you'd expect, you can't follow users, like posts, comment, post your content, or watch TikToks live unless you're willing to create an account.

If you don't want to see any particular TikToks and are just curious to see what the platform is all about, you can just browse. TikTok will automatically show you the trends in your region.

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