Animal Crossing: New Horizons, find eggs for Bunny Day

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is absorbing our entire existence, and in the past hour the first themed event has begun, let's find out together where to find the eggs for the Bunny Day event

By now you know, it will be the quarantine, it will be the not-so-happy historical moment, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons is giving gamers that feeling of freedom and peace that they cannot experience in the outside world. The Nintendo title has in fact been a great success, considering the period itself, and also considering how much it was expected by a now very extensive and anxious fanbase. The themed events also begin, of course. The first to show up in New Horizons is the Easter Bunny Day event, which started today April 1st.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, find eggs for Bunny Day

Evil rabbits and where to find them

Before starting with the specific guide, we remind you that here on Holygamerz you can find our editorial review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and several guides, including our tricks and tips to start your desert island, how to best hit the rocks and all the insects and fish that left us in March. There will also be other guides for the Bunny Day event, in this we will focus on how to start it and where to find the different eggs for the construction of DIY projects. Let's begin! 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, find eggs for Bunny Day

First, find Ovid - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, find the eggs for Bunny Day 

As we have already announced, Easter Bunny Day event starts today, Wednesday April 1st, and ends Sunday April 12th. To start it, you just need to find Ovid, a rather creepy yellow bunny placed on your island starting at 5 am today. Usually hangs out in the main square or its surroundings, but you can find it almost everywhere. Talk to us and the event will kick off. The annoying bunny will ask you to look for the various eggs he has scattered around your desert island, hiding them in various places. 

He will also give you the first of the Bunny Day-themed DIY Projects, the “Egg Hunt Bed”, and will explain that he has also scattered numerous other projects on the island that you will need to find. At the end of the event, if you have found and completed all the projects, Ovid will reward you. We are both curious and frightened to know how, but we'll see. However, we will talk about all the Bunny Day-themed DIY Projects in another guide, but we can anticipate that, for now, we have found them by the sea (in the usual bottles) and bursting the balloons. We'll talk about it again, anyway. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, find eggs for Bunny Day

All eggs from the Bunny Day event - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, find the eggs for Bunny Day 

The eggs that Ovid scattered on the island are of six different types and colors, all quite intuitive to find. Below we list them and we explain to you specifically where and how you can collect them:

  • Earth egg: excavated in the points marked with crosses, the same that you normally find above the fossils;
  • Rocky egg: hit the rocks with an ax or shovel as if to collect minerals and stones;
  • Leafy egg: shake the trees on which you see the eggs, as if they were normal fruit;
  • Wooded egg: hit the trees with the ax, they will be released together with normal wood; 
  • Heavenly egg: blow up the balloons that flutter in the sky, always with the usual slingshot; 
  • Aquatic egg: catch small “fish” in rivers and the sea. 

As you can see, find and collect eggs it is quite simple and takes advantage of all the basic mechanics of the game. Be very careful to economize with your instruments, considering that, especially the “Fragile” versions are more than disposable. Make a good supply and get ready to search like crazy. One last detail: you will find the eggs only on the outside, so you won't have to venture into your neighbors' homes. Furbacchioni. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, find eggs for Bunny Day

Good hunting! 

This concludes our guide on how to find eggs for Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As announced, in the coming days we will try to draw up a list of DIY projects that we will come into possession of, but considering that there are an unknown number and that Ovid will release more and more as we approach April 12, it will not be so easy. . In the meantime, stay tuned with us at Holygamerz for all the videogame and tech news! 

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