Xbox uses PlayStation numbers to unlock Activison acquisition

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Back to talking of the Activision acquisition, Microsoft has tried to unblock the situation again, picking up some market data that goes against the position of PlayStation and in favor of Xbox.

  • Specifically, according to what Bloomberg recently reported via, Brad Smith (president and vice chairman of Microsoft) revealed that the acquisition would be correct, in light of the fact that to date, the Japanese company dominates a market share twice as large as that of Xbox.

    This clarification was expressed during a recent meeting with investors: “The FTC's case is based on a market that identifies with two companies and two products, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. If you look at the global market, Sony has 70% of the market and we have 30%. So the first thing the judge will have to decide is whether the FTC's lawsuit is a case that will promote competition or a case that will protect the larger competitor from competition. Subsequently, he also mentioned the substantial differences in the number of exclusives on both sides: "The administrative judge will therefore have to decide whether the passage from 59 to 60 represents a danger to competition such as to prevent the progress of the project".

    Smith's words towards Playstation are linked to recent developments that have seen the Federal Trade Commission decide to take the Redmond giant to court. The negotiations at the moment have reached even more complex turning points than in the past, with last-second offers and reflections on the current market.

    The numbers Smith talks about, it would not even be necessary to specify it, are only indicative, focusing on the companies involved in the acquisition of Activision and at the same time cutting out all the others.

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