How to convert EXE to APK

How to convert EXE to APK

The recent spate of Android devices has slowly begun to make laptops and PCs a thing of the past. The compact size of the smartphone, together with its extreme computing power, make it the ideal replacement for your PC. 

However, replicating elegant PC software into Android applications is a challenging task for many users. If you want to increase the functionality of your smartphone and want to run PC apps on your Android, here is a guide that will help you understand how to convert EXE files to APK.

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What are APK and EXE files?

Each software requires an installation file that enables its installation process. This unique installation file installs the software and simultaneously creates all the files necessary for the app to function properly. 

On a Windows device, the installation file ends with the extension.exe and is therefore called an EXE file, while, on an Android platform, the extension is .apk and hence the name, APK file. 

Although both files are dissimilar, created to run on completely different platforms, developers around the world have recognized the need to be able to convertire i file EXE in APK. Read on to find out how.

Come convertire EXE in APK (file Windows in Android)

Method 1: use EXE to APK converter tool on Windows PC

EXE to APK converter tool is an efficient way to convert your files. As the technique has not yet been explored to its full potential, the EXE to APK converter tool is one of the very few PC applications that can help with the conversion.

1. From the above link, download the software on your PC.

2. To extract files from the archive.

3. Click on application to open it, as it does not require installation to run.

4. Once the app interface is open, select "I have a portable application" and then click NEXT per I will proceed.

5. A window will appear asking you to select a destination folder. Navigate and select a destination folder, then click OKAY.

6. Once selected, proceed to selection of the EXE file you want to convert. click on Ok once the desired file has been selected.

7. After the file has been selected, click Convert.

8. After the conversion process is complete, you can find the converted APK file in the destination folder. Transfer it to your Android device to install and run.

Method 2: use Inno Setup Extractor on Android

The Inno Setup Extractor app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and can extract EXE files to reveal all of their components. If you are a developer looking for single files in an EXE configuration, Inno will help you extract those files and alter the modules to develop an APK. Here's how to use Inno Setup Extractor:

1. Dal Play Store, download the Inno Setup Extractor application.

2. Open the application and select both the destination folder and the EXE file you want to extract.

3. Once both are selected, tap the blue button in the lower right corner of the screen.

4. The process will take some time, but soon all the extracted EXE files will be saved in the selected destination folder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Can we convert EXE to APK file?

On paper, it's definitely possible to convert EXE files to APKs, but the process usually doesn't work. EXE files are developed with a completely different operating system in mind and converting them to APK is a very difficult process. 

That's why more apps have been created to replicate Windows software. If you can't convert the file, then surf the net, and if you're lucky, you might find an Android application that serves the same purpose as the Windows software you were trying to convert.

Q2. How can I convert EXE files to APK files?

You can facilitate the conversion of EXE to APK by following the steps mentioned above and using specific software that can convert such files. On the other hand, if you want to run Android apps on your PC, you can use emulators like Bluestacks.

We hope this guide was useful to you and that you were able to convert EXE to APK. If you still have questions about this article, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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