The Pandora's Tower Solution

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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.

Treetop Tower

From the initial corridor, proceed straight ahead, observing the short cutscene that follows. So go left to a stone - use your chain on it. Then right, go up the stairs and quickly get the medicine. Now go down the stairs, take a right to locate a group of crates. Keep going around the giant statue; you will notice a door on the right - enter. Climb to the platform on the right to retrieve some items, then go to the back door.
You will now have to overcome a first fight: we recommend to prefer, for these initial phases, an essentially defensive approach - you will therefore have to attack only in response to the enemy's blows. After defeating him, return to the starting area near the end of the corridor. Head to the Observatory. Proceed beyond the only available door to the left of the screen. As you enter, observe the cutscene. So, answer the short questions that will be asked of you. You will get up next to a bed, press the Z key to locate Elena, have a conversation with her.
So, go to the green arrow. Start talking to Mavda; after that, collect the notice that will be provided by her. Proceed to the green arrow, save your game. Then continue towards the last of the green arrows (from left to right), which leads to the towers.

Treetop Tower - The Return

Destroy the crates in front of you, then enter the first door on the right. Here you will find a number of small monsters: use a combination of attacks and "strategic" defenses to finish them off. Break the crates again, then make your way to the "mystery" door. Get rid of the usual opponents, then use the chain to destroy the barricaded door. Climb to the nearby platform, break the crates, retrieve the items. Go to the elevator, combine the chain with the lever. At the elevator shaft, finish off the opponents and retrieve the medicine from the nearby platforms. Enter the door on the right. Kill the next monsters one by one, also breaking the crates around. Enter the door on the right. Using the chain, hook to the area where the green arrow "points". So take the warrior's amulet.
After a short tutorial, make your way through the door at the end of the walkway. Get off the platform, take the metal fragment. So, right and go through the door. Get rid of the two central bees immediately, so aim directly at the hive, destroying it quickly. Now pulverize the crates on the right, then enter the central door. Proceed south along the corridor. Go up the stairs to the north, push back the monster that blocks your progress. Keep going up the stairs. At the end of the long corridor, enter the door on the right. Drink the water from the first fountain, then destroy the nearby crates.
Enter the north door. Retrieve the items, go left, go through the door. Point the Wiimote towards the green arrow, use the chain towards the area that is "pointed". Then climb the wall until you reach a corridor. Once in the area, continue north to a large open space. Watch the cutscene that follows, then retrieve the contents of the crates next to the door. Then proceed inside the nearby door. Among the nearby crates, remember to retrieve the one that contains the notice regarding Treetop. Then throw the chain towards the flower, so that it is sent underground. Return to the previous room with associated ladder. Then connect the flower and the stone towards which the red arrow is pointing. Having completed this small objective, hit the flower repeatedly, noting how it slowly loses its color. A cutscene will follow: then unlock the door and enter.
In the next room, proceed towards its end noting a chain running towards the ceiling. Hit her a few times, then another cutscene. So go out and go up the nearby ladder, go along the corridor, turn right.
Then retrieve the nearby book from the chest. Then throw the chain towards the flashing area visible on the front of his head. Now try to accumulate "power" by pulling back the analog stick, and dodge his attacks at the same time. You will therefore be able to finish it in speed. After the next short cutscene, exit the room. You will be projected towards the Observatory. Walk straight ahead and view the two consecutive cutscenes.

Video - European version launch trailer

Sheerdrop Spire

Behind the giant statue you will see a door, proceed inside. Then retrieve the book (on the back) which indicates the operating modes of the lift - using the chain, pull with all your strength to reach the top. Proceed beyond the umpteenth door, entering a new room. Left, take the book, right. Climb the walls, open the chest, take the book, enter the next door.
Then enter the huge opening on the left. Start climbing the wall, then move to the right, past the opening and reach the elevator. Pull the lever to continue climbing. Throw the gold fragment, retrieve the next crates on the opposite side of the elevator. Enter the back door. Head to the only platform in the new room by going down. Take the gold fragments, enter the door. Destroyed the enemies nearby, go down the stairs in front of you, two flights. Collect the crystal ore, then head back up and head left, following the chain. Go down and swerve to the right, interacting with the crate. Unlock the door, enter. Break the next crate, exit and climb the back wall up the stairs. Go through the nearby corridor, climb the wall and cross the ravine. Continue beyond the only door present, approach the elevator. Climb to the top, then left and go down the ladder. Use the fountain, approach the edge to find yet another door to enter. Destroy the stone creatures by throwing them towards the wall, then enter the door on the right. Get rid of the birds, then jump over the ravine. Turn the corner, unlock the door on the left, enter. Destroy the chain, exit and return to the Master Monster. Examine the old notice, right near your entrance area. Quickly go to the back, taking the chain with you. Starting the fight, we recommend hooking one of the enemy's legs to the stone fragment, then running quickly behind the opponent's back, pulling the chain and repeatedly hitting his weak point, now fully exposed. Having defeated the opponent, you can leave without problems. So continue towards the observatory.
Once you've provided some meat, upgrade to whatever you think is necessary. Then proceed outward, where an intermission scene will take place. Quickly chat with Elena, then continue to the next tower.

Wellspring Steeple

Proceed immediately through the door near the entrance. Collect the water on the left as well, then quickly run to the right, and climb the wall using the designated area as a handhold. So continue to the opposite side. Go down the walkway and interact with the crates. Enter the door straight ahead. Get rid of the two monsters, take the item from the chest. Let yourself slide along the next edge, shoot the chain so that it is thrown into the water. So, leave, entering the door on the right.
Once inside, hit the block in the center of the room repeatedly, thus climbing onto it. Then break the crates in the surroundings, follow the next stairs and break the following crates, always in the vicinity. Go straight into the first door, then turn left. Also get rid of the crates visible to the north, then hook a chain to the block in the water, then pull it towards the opposite side of the pool. You can then jump ahead.
Retrieve the book on the right, go up the nearby stairs and smash the crates along the way. Enter the only door present. Retrieve the Twin Blade from the nearby chest, then use the chain on the visible object to the right. Then continue towards the area used for the "rocking" of your character, and quickly descend down, then along the chain that proceeds to the door. After entering, watch the cutscene. Destroy the three monsters, and enter the door that will be unlocked. You will therefore have to overcome yet another group of opponents; having taken them out, continue towards the door towards the completely opposite side of the game area (instead avoid the central door, it would require the use of a key!).
Continue to the opposite side of the wheel. Go up the stairs and interact with the crates, then enter to the right. Pull the chain in such a way as to be transported by the wheel, up to an area that can act as a grip: project yourself towards it to be able to continue forward. Once in this new area, go up the stairs straight in front of you, freeing yourself from the monsters around. Smash the crates, enter the door at the top of the stairs. After a short cutscene, kill the creature inside the waterfall. So walk around the waterfall, picking up a book. So get rid of a subsequent short wave of monsters, and continue beyond the door visible in the northwest area of ​​the map.
Destroy the last chain, then return to the previous room and continue beyond the door visible to the southeast. Go up both the stairs and the following double doors. Retrieve the old warning, then start fighting the Master - pay close attention to his ability to "throw" water down the chain. Similarly to what you have seen for the other Master-type monsters you face, the general combat technique will see you dodge repeatedly - it is the only way to maximize the subsequent effectiveness of your hits, which in this situation will automatically be considered as counterattacks. In case you notice water on your chain, move it quickly and repeatedly to prevent it from reaching you.
When you manage to damage the monster in a significant way, it will "grow" tentacles - you must therefore try to stay away from it more often, to prevent the tentacles from being able to "catch" you. However, taking advantage of this general strategy, you will be able to eliminate it, thus being projected towards the observatory.
Locate Elena, give her the meat. So, recover your items as you please. After exiting, activate the cutscene and proceed to the fourth tower.

Crimson Keep

Proceed inside the door on the left. Get rid of the monsters in the area, continue to the left, where there is a door. Walk inside. Cauterize some other monsters, climb again, then swerve to the right and enter the room from which a chain "hangs". In case there are any opposing beasts nearby, kill them. Then follow the chain to the next door.
So kill the jellyfish-shaped creatures. Approach the next door, unlock it and walk forward. Destroy the first of the two chains, then go back three rooms, until you reach an almost completely dark room, with only a few lighted torches and a few bats flitting around. Then turn to the left side of the door, noticing a wall that you can climb. Follow it, and pass it. In case you need light, you can combine the chain with one of the large visible fires nearby - this way you will notice a previously invisible door. After you find it, make your way inside. Destroy the crates slightly ahead, then proceed north to a gear. Hook to it and pull, making you carry yourself up to a well. Heal yourself, then proceed beyond the door.
Watch the cutscene, which will show you the placement of the next chain along the level; unfortunately, a real "wall" of fire prevents you from proceeding straight along the path. We therefore recommend continuing north and then turning the corner, visualizing a machine with associated gears: use them in combination with your chain to overcome the fire barrier. Then climb the ladder on the right. At the top, pay attention to the pillars of fire. Having dodged them all, use the chain again to reach the ladder. Hook to fly to the other side, then use the lever to clear the fire walls below. Lock the door, go straight through the entrance with a chain just above it.
You will finally find the second chain in the area, thus unlocking the way to the boss. Exit, dismount and pass the lever, retrieving the book for the Crimson Master. Let yourself fall, thus returning to the area where you had to interact with the walls of fire. Proceed up and then to the right; therefore, instead of going up the stairs, proceed along the handholds until you reach the opposite side. North, climb the crates, then go through the door. So approach the edge of the platform, near the steam flow. So hook yourself to the grip on the gear, and pull. With the firewall off, make your way to the next lever, stopping the flow of steam. Now proceed along the holds in front of you, completely free from annoying steam. So enter the last door.
Go down, then retrieve the notice. Then start the fight: the opponent will immediately plunge into the lava, making your operations quite complex. In order to recover the flesh, it will be necessary to hook itself to the various parts of its body, causing the sudden appearance of a "lightning", which will cause the rupture of that part of the body. Repeat the procedure for all five sections of his body to cause complete exposure of the flesh. All you have to do is dodge its latest attacks and launch the final offensives that will lead you to victory, as well as directly to the observatory.
Retrieve the notice by climbing the stairs, then ask your partner to translate it. Then proceed to the next tower.

Ironclad Turrett

Immediately enter the door on the left. Collect the contents of the crates around you, then go up the stairs. At the top, retrieve the book from the chest, then read it and memorize it. So, quickly proceed towards one of the handholds visible in the distance, to reach the next door.
Enter to start facing some monsters - we recommend hitting them repeatedly in the face, the only area of ​​their body that is completely vulnerable. Then take the contents of the chest on the opposite side, recovering a new sword. Then enter the door on the right, then continue straight ahead in the same direction. Press the switch next to you, launching yourself towards the handhold. Therefore, deviate to the left and launch the chain in such a way as to set the wheels in motion, and continue forward, making you transported to a door. So jump down, unlock yet another little glitter and proceed inwards.
Interact with the first chain, then proceed outward and press the switch. Hook to the handhold and proceed upwards. Collect the items in the corner, go back to the first door, hit the switch and continue following the handholds to the left. Go through the door and up the stairs. Enter the first of the two doors at the top.
Retrieve the chest at the top, then right and go up the ladder. Still right, hit the switch to cause the gears in the previous room to move. So go back and proceed to the opposite side of the pillar in the center, finding another door connected to some gears. Press the switch to the right, which will cause the ball to move. So, keep making your way south, use the chain to hit the amber container, then use the nearby grip to reach the other amber fragments, and destroy them in a similar way. So make your way to the next chain, break it and go back.
North, proceed upwards using the usual holds, then approach the switch at the back of the room. Move vertically and interact with yet another fragment of amber, visible at the top of the screen. So take the ingot, then climb the wall. Head north to locate the next chain, unlock the door, and continue inside. Break the chain, making your way to the Master. Go back to the ground floor, proceed beyond the only door available, locate the broken ladder and climb further along the platform, then jump on it. Run to the left, go up again, grab the handhold. At the opposite side, continue along the walkway, break the amber using a chain, climb further and proceed left along the platform. Once you are near the red door, you will not be able to enter directly: you will need a key. Above you, you will notice a mobile grip: use it promptly to proceed upwards, thus repeating the same procedure along the following grips. When the platform comes onto the scene, move to the left.
On the opposite side, climb up and continue north along the corridor. Ignore the first door on the right, entering the second one instead. Go up the umpteenth flight of stairs, arriving at the umpteenth door. Enter, then use the stairs to reach the Master.
First jump over the ravine. A kind of centaur will come from the sky - in order to hit his flesh, you will have to forcefully cause his armor to "overheat". And, to effect such overheating, you will have to hit it repeatedly with your weapon. However, we recommend starting the game by combining dodges and defenses, hitting only occasionally - otherwise you will find yourself in serious trouble. When you finally manage to cause his "flesh" to be exposed, strike again and again mercilessly to eliminate the opponent and complete the level.

Arcadian Tower

Enter the back door, proceed inside the elevator, then enter the north door. Get on the elevator, turn to the door on the left, go straight ahead. Once in the new room, proceed upwards by hooking up to the various appropriate points. Go up the platform, cross the ravine, enter the door. Proceed north. Walk to the left, entering the door again. Here you will find two pinkish monsters: initially hit the purple one, then move the block so that it reaches the plants. Once this is done, go back to the area where you saw the two flowers; connect the yellow flower to the nearby statue and finish it.
You can then proceed: make your way to the north section of the ravine, then drop down twice. Get rid of the enemies nearby, unlock the door and destroy the chain. Now, enter the straight door in the center in front of you, continuing towards the back of the room. Go up the elevator, grab the crate, then go up again. Enter the door to the north, then the next straight in front of you. Walk to the blue flower, then go right, going through the door. Go down the corridor to reach the next door. Destroy the blue flower, then deviate to the right. Unlock yet another door and proceed inside. Head south to find a first item, then move north, entering the opening on the right. Approach the red / pink flower, destroying the plant that throws objects at you thanks to your chain.
Having eliminated it, go up and unlock the door, destroying the chain as well. Head back outside, hook onto the nearby semi-destroyed ladder to exit this play area. Go back to the area where you first saw the blue area. You will find here the last chain associated with the tower; interact with it, then go back to the niche where you saw the red flowers blocking the elevator. Proceed up, then enter the door to the north, after interacting with the nearby flowers. Go through the next corridor, turn the corner to locate a door. Enter to reach the Master Monster.
The usual notice you are looking for is near the back - right next to the Master. To easily defeat this opponent, we strongly recommend that you "connect" him to the pillars, and then hit him repeatedly with any of your weapons; at the same time, you will have to avoid that it is able to reach the illuminated area, since it would allow it to "expand" very quickly, and consequently cause you potential serious damage.
Having destroyed his armor, you will have to go and quickly hit the "flesh". Once this is done, the level will be considered as completed.

Rockshard Rampart

First, go through the door on the right. Then go up the flight of stairs, also passing the door visible at the top. Once inside, break the golden area, then pulverize the nearby wall as well. So bring forward one of the two pieces, and throw it towards one of the two areas colored in blue. Repeat the same procedure for the other piece. Now, grab the crate, and start climbing. Break the rocks that are blocking the elevator, then jump on it and get carried up. Right, up, proceed along the grab points. On the opposite side, jump down and split the stone in two; use its parts on the blue walls to the left. Climb progressively to the left, reaching the room the chain is associated with. Unlock it, enter, and destroy the possible. So go back to the elevator that took you to the area.
Begin to proceed along the corridor, repel the two consecutive enemy beasts. Enter the room from which the first of the two came out, retrieve the golden fragment, break it and take it to the area of ​​the wall colored in blue, slightly to the left. Climb up, then follow the chain downhill, using the various blue crystals as holds. At the last part of the descent, proceed inwards. So let yourself fall from the platform on the left, smash the golden area, slamming it on the wall. Take a small piece and lead it to the elevator, then go up again. At the top, throw the piece towards the blue wall. Unlock the nearby door, enter to retrieve the second chain. So walk to the opposite side, let yourself slide down, jump on the elevator to reach the door on the opposite side.
Here, break the barrier and proceed forward. South, use the holds. Once on the opposite side, take advantage of yet another handhold - this time in the center. Climb up, then enter the door on the left. Then exit through the huge hole visible nearby. Turn south, then start climbing the crystals. Climb progressively until you reach the area near the first platform, then shoot the rocks that hold the elevator stationary, and proceed to the first platform on the right. Continue forward, drop to the door connected to the chain, and proceed inside. Destroy the enemies, proceed to the left. Take a gold fragment, smash it on the nearby wall. Take two pieces, and throw them towards the blue colored area of ​​the wall. So move progressively upwards reaching the second of the pieces, jump forward using the grip here, unlock the door, enter. Break the chain, go down the slope and jump on the elevator.
Use it to climb, then turn left and start climbing again. You will find yourself in front of yet another Master Monster, which acts as the final boss. First pick up the notice on the right, then run quickly to avoid the arrival of the Scorpio (which will proceed along the wall to try to cling to you!). He will therefore begin to throw rocks: you will have to take them and beat them back towards the opponent, specifically towards his legs. Having completely stopped one of the two legs, climb up and aim for the side of the tail, completely stationary - scale it progressively to reveal the flesh, and hit it repeatedly to finish, after some tribulations, the boss. So enjoy the scene at the end of the level.

Torrent Peak

Proceed to the back of the room and flip the switch. So hurry forward quickly, then swerving to the left, hooking yourself to the water wheel. Open the chest, go through the door. Go down to the right, enter the door on the left and around the corner. Get rid of the new enemies, then enter the door on the left. Then right, throw forward and flip the switch, get past the giant wheel.
Go up and enter the door on the left again. Proceed further up, hooking onto the platform. Enter the door at the top. Right, go through the water gate lever. Then pull to the other side, go back through the wall, go down further and proceed beyond the door on the ground floor. Turn the corner, go straight and throw yourself forward. Go through a second door, climb near the wheel, jump to the ground and enter the door on the left.
Then move to the right, unlocking the door here as well. Break the lock, go outside and enter the central door here as well. Go through the nearby corridor, then right, reaching the water portal. It will now be necessary to move the wheel: move it slightly, only to reach the next chain. Go back down the wall, go out through the first door. Right, go down, go through the only corridor present. Left, exiting the door and thus projecting yourself to the next floor.
Left again, unlock the door and enter. Break the chain, go outside and go down one floor, entering the door on the left. Begin to proceed upwards and then cling to the right, using the rock that "comes out" from the waterfall as a grip. Then jump to the rock on the left, then along the wall and quickly run to the door. In this new room, proceed to the right, locating a rock to climb along, followed by another of a similar type. Try to get as high as possible, thus locating the last chain. Unlock it and proceed inside, break the lock, then exit again. So make your way beyond the door to the southwest, where you will find the Master of the level.
Retrieve the notice near the back corner to the right. You will then begin the battle against a giant starfish; your goal is to remove the "plates" that protect its flesh by simply attaching them. By completing this procedure once, the starfish will unfortunately regenerate itself: you will therefore have to continue to "remove" the various dishes for a second time. Once this is done, hit his flesh to bring the level to a final conclusion.

Video - Story and gameplay

Blazing Citadel

Proceed left, through the door. Go up the flight of stairs, locating the door at the top. Keep going straight. Continue north, interact with the platform and the lantern. Then continue to the platform to which fireworks are associated, also using the areas that act as holds, in the immediate vicinity. So follow the various chains that proceed towards the back, climb the nearby crates, go through the door.
So follow the chain to the next door. Eliminate the enemies to unlock it, destroy the first chain, go back along the "dark" room. Enter the door on the right. So wait for the steam to stop, and throw yourself towards the gear. Activate it, causing some handholds to appear above you. Quickly project in their direction, climbing up. At the top, go straight to the nearest door. North, climb up, jump from the ledge to the right. Go over the rocks, and move to the right using the handholds in the area. Always climb to the right, then jump to the left to reach a gear. By interacting with it, the flame below will go out. Now run fast to reach the nearby ladder, use it to go down in speed, then quickly run over the fire before the timer runs out.
Get rid of the beast and unlock the door, then proceed forward breaking the chain, then go back to the floating magma rocks. Once there, use the rocks themselves to project yourself towards the ladder, then climb upwards using the platform, and project yourself towards the area that acts as a hold. Climb the ladder on your left, proceed to the opposite side of the steam-spewing pipe. Go down the ladder, then destroy the chain on the side of the magma flow. Use the gear next to you to clear the wall of fire, then go up the ladder, continue to the opposite side of the pipe, use the holds again and climb the ladder.
Take a left along the platform, hook onto the handholds to continue to the left, then drop down and run forward across the wall of fire before the timer resets. Then unlock the door, enter and destroy the chain, thus returning outside. Glide to the edge of the platform visible on the lava. Follow it until you return to the steam-emitting tube, just above the gear. Hook on to it, projecting yourself to the next door. To his right there will be a grapple point, use it and proceed forward along the door. So make your way north, finding four points of support along the way, always avoiding the flows of lava and steam. At your destination, pull the gear to stop the flow of steam. Project yourself up, then swerve to the ladder on the left. So, jump between the two alternating ladders, so as to avoid the looming lava flows.
At the top, you will find yourself in front of the Master: enter without delay. You will then notice the main enemy moving in a circle across the sky - first retrieve the notice on the left, then start destroying the flowers surrounding the creature (you need to pulverize them before you can attack the "flesh"!). Attention then when you begin to carry out direct attacks, the opponent will immediately begin to throw himself towards you, launching a fiery tornado. So notice the presence of a fiery "crown" around him, so you can dodge the blow as soon as he throws himself at you! Repeat these general strategies to ultimately achieve victory.

Truegold Tower

You will immediately notice a total of 4 chains. Quickly enter the back door. So cut the bees using your sword, while using the chain to destroy some sections of the hive. Once these enemies have been defeated, continue climbing along the crates until you reach a platform. Then press the switch; wait until there are two holds in front of you, follow them (making sure that the second one is exactly above the platform). Continuing forward, climb along the vertical holds.
Retrieve the book to the north, then use the handhold to the south. Still south, hit the amber substance. Go down, approach the door. North, continue forward until you find a chain that hangs towards the ground. Then go down using the holds, follow the chain to the right. Go through the door and interact with the switch. Run to the back wall, hit the switch. Right, activate the grips and use them, always re-activating them with the switch. Unlock the door, enter and destroy the chain. Exit again, press the switch to return the handholds to their original position. Go back to the door, go up to the right. Then south, grab yourself continuing upwards. North, go down the chain. Unlock the next chain, enter and destroy the possible. Press the switch to cause the nearby ball to roll.
Go through the entire corridor, reaching a second door, enter. Go down following the chain, locating a destroyed ladder. Climb it and then make your way to the end of the platform, pull the small rusty platform out of the wall, connecting it to the statue itself. So go back and proceed to the rusty platform, this time along it.
Once you reach the "stable" platform on the left, continue upwards and hook onto the switch by pressing it. Walk along the stairs. Follow the chain, then destroy its final part. Now, stand on the platform that reached you when you hit the switch, and re-press it to make it move again. Jump on it and climb the ladder. Move along the next moving platforms. Cling again to the usual attachment point, then to the next one on the right. Get carried to the switch, press it. Drop down and grab onto yet another handhold. Drop down and follow the chain, reaching the last piece of chain to destroy. Go back up the ladder, connect it to the rusty platform. Get the other to join you, and get carried away to the right. Right again, jump to the rusty platform on the right, then hook it to the left one.
Pull them both out, then climb to the next, slightly rusty. When you have reached the top, continue towards the end of the corridor on the right, where a door awaits you. Interact with the Truegold Masters book. Go up the stairs, enter the door at the top. Proceed forward. Throw the chain in front of the monster, and pull; then, pull the various levers on top of the monster, causing the flesh to fall into the new opening.
Beware, however, of the purple spikes that will appear following the "jumps" of the monster itself. Having dodged them and also destroyed the monster, rotate the opponent's lower section and proceed quickly to the next tower.

Dawn & Dusk Tower

Proceed inside the back door. Swerve to the left, hook onto the handholds passing the last platform. Enter the door on the left. Go up the stairs, approach the door. Passing the purple zone, you will be transported to the Dusk tower.
North, then go down to the path that leads to the door. Approach the bright area again, enter the corner and retrieve the stone. Go back to the bright area, make your way up the ladder. Select the stone and use it on the purple shard. Back at the tower, follow the chain, breaking it. Enter through the door, proceed beyond the bright area, break the chain of the Dawn Tower. Enter right, hook onto the platform, enter the next door. Climb into the bright light. Kill the enemies and go up the nearby stairs. Go over the ravine and enter yet another bright area, then recover the various stones to get to the bridge. Enter the door on the right. Follow the chain through the doors. Use the stone on the flashing area, get rid of the opponent that will appear, then get out and break the various chains that lead to the two consecutive doors.
So hook a stone to the flashing area. Climb the nearby partially destroyed ladder, proceed beyond the door. Here you will find another flashing area, interact also in this case and go through the door here too. Go up the ladder and go down. Go out the door, go right. Enter the first door, pass the flashing area, jump two doors to the right, then use the handhold at the top right. Break the chain.
Go down the corridor and interact with the circle that has been "imprinted" on the floor. So, use a stone to be transported to the Dusk Tower. After your fall, you will reach the third play area. Go back to the Dawn Tower, to the bridge, then exit the door on the left and go up the stairs that lead to the next one. Before fighting the boss, you will need to own an additional chain. Enter the nearby door and use the umpteenth stone, a portal will appear, launch inside it using the nearby holds. Once there, unlock the main door to get the "Dusk" section. Therefore, use a stone to "rekindle" the illuminated area, also unlocking the Master in the area.
Exit the portal, arriving at the Dawn Tower. Enter the door of the Master Monster. After the cutscene, enter the door in front of you and start destroying the enemies in the area. To increase the effectiveness of your blows, take the blade in possession of your enemies and hit them using the blade itself! Once this is done, choose one of the two available doors to exit - essentially no matter which one, you will find yourself near the observatory in any case. Eliminate the two pieces of "meat" to project yourself to victory and end the game!

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