How to enable Google and Gmail XNUMX-Step Verification

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Sometimes it's not enough to have a good password. They can steal your account if they log in, which you can avoid by activating the two-step verification. Below we explain how this security measure works and how you can activate it with your Gmail and Google accounts.

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Benefits of two-step verification

Password is the ultimate account protection method. There are many tips and tricks to avoid falling into the traps created by any hacker.

However, it's no longer a question of guessing passwords. There are many types of malware and malicious software that can access your account by simply clicking on a link. Decrypt your password in seconds and access your information, even preventing access.

Is the password invulnerable? Never and for that reason it doesn't hurt to take some additional security measures to prevent your account from being stolen. There two-step verification adds another layer of safety, an extra difficulty for those who want to access your account.

In addition to entering the password, with this method it is necessary to type a code that is automatically sent to your mobile phone. This code can only be used once, so even if someone sees it, they will only have a few seconds to use it.

How to activate Google XNUMX-Step Verification

If you want to protect i yours account di Google gmail with this measure of safety, you can do this from the website of the service. You just have to log in through this link and start the process.

First you need to click on Start and then enter the password for your account. Subsequently, the assistant allows you to enter the phone number in which you wish to receive the two-step verification of Gmail and other services. You can also select whether you want to do this by SMS or by call.

Then you will receive a text message with the first code. Don't worry about memorizing it. It is not needed; just enter it to complete the activation of XNUMX-Step Verification.

When done, Google redirects you to the security section of your account. In it you should see a sign indicating from which date the verification is activated. Note that once the process is complete, you need to log in again with the password on your mobile device.

How to verify your identity without writing codes

Another option offered by Google Is that of protect the Your Gmail account with the check but without codes. As? It's very simple: instead of texting your mobile, what the company does is show a pop-up window.

In it you have to click Yes to log into your account on the computer without having to write codes. It is just as secure as the original method, as only those with access to the phone number can authorize access.

To activate this simplified form of verification, you just need to go to the Security section of your Google account and click on Two-Step Verification. Inside, select the Add Google Alert option and that's it.

How to skip two-step verification if you don't have your own mobile phone

You may be traveling, without a battery, or for any other reason that you don't have access to your cell phone. If so, it gets tricky to get into your account.

Fortunately, Google has thought of its users and lets you skip the two-step verification di gmail, even if not freely. If you log into the verification control panel, you will see that several options are displayed in the lower area.

These are the alternatives to Google codes and messages to log into your account when you don't have a mobile phone. It can be codes, an application that works without a connection, and even a USB. Choose the one you like and configure it, even if we hope you don't need it.


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