How to log out of the Gmail app on Android, iPhone and iPad

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Typically, when you want to log out of an app, just tap the log out button. But when Gmail users try to find the same button, they are disappointed. So how do you log out of the Gmail mobile apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad? We find the answer in the post. Logging out means that you want to log out for the account you are using on a device. You will need to re-enter your credentials to use the account on the same device again. It's also possible to log out of the Gmail app, but how do you do it? Let's start our journey to find out the answers.

Can you sign out of the Gmail app?

Without sweetening my words, let me express it directly. There is no logout button in the Gmail mobile apps. Yes, you read that correctly.

When you add a Google account on your Android or iPhone / iPad, your phone or tablet will automatically use it to access the installed Google services. This includes Gmail and other services like YouTube, Google Drive, Docs, etc. However, the sync feature must be enabled to receive new emails. Otherwise, even if you can view and access the emails when you open the app, you will not receive new emails.

If you want to log out of the Gmail app, it's not a straightforward or straightforward process. There are several ways to stop using and receiving new emails in the Gmail app. You can deactivate the account or remove the Google account from your phone. Alternatively, you can disable syncing as well. Another workaround is to uninstall or disable the Gmail app. Let's check the steps and repercussions of both methods.

Method 1: Deactivate Gmail Account (iPhone and iPad)

This method only works on iOS and iPadOS. Here are the steps:

Step 1: launch the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the profile picture icon in the top right corner.

Step 2: select Manage accounts on this device from the pop-up screen.

Step 3: turn off the switch next to the account you don't want to show in the Gmail app. Press the Done button at the top of the popup to save your changes.

When you turn off the switch, the account will disappear from the Gmail app. You will not be able to view emails or receive new emails for those accounts. However, if you enable the switch again in step 3, you can see and receive new emails.

Method 2: remove the Google account

This is one of the safest ways to log out of the Gmail app. However, it has some negative effects.

When you remove the Google account from your phone, you can't access that account's data in the Google apps. That is, you will be logged out of Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Google Drive, Contacts, etc.

Removing the Google account from a phone does not delete the account from Google's servers. So none of your data from Google apps will be deleted. It simply removes the account from your phone. You can still access the account on other devices by logging in. If you want to log into the account on the same device, you will need to add the account again. Read in detail what happens when removing a Google account from Android or iOS / iPadOS.

Suggestion: use this method if your Google account is connected to someone else's phone or if you are giving it to someone else to use.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: open the Gmail app and tap the profile picture icon at the top.

Step 2: tap Manage accounts on this device. Go to step 3 if you are using an iPhone or iPad, otherwise read on.

On an Android phone, you will be taken to the Accounts screen where you will see all the accounts registered on your phone. Tap the Google account you want to remove.

Suggestion: you can access the Accounts screen from Phone settings> Accounts. On Samsung phones, tap Account again. Then tap on the Google account you want to remove.

Step 3: on iPhone and iPad, tap the Remove from This Device button under your account.

On Android phones, tap the Remove Account button. A confirmation message will appear. Confirm when prompted. If the Remove Account button isn't available, tap the three-dot icon at the top and select Remove Account.

Method 3: turn off sync (Android)

In case you don't want to receive new emails on your Android phone, you can turn off the sync feature. When you do that, new emails won't automatically show up in the Gmail app. If you open the Gmail app and update it, you can see your new emails.

To turn off syncing for Gmail, open Settings on your phone and go to Accounts. Tap your Google account.

Tap Account Sync. Turn off the switch next to Gmail.

Method 4: clear data (Android)

On Android, clearing the Gmail app data will also help you log out. When you clear the Gmail app data, the app will behave like a newly installed app. Your emails will not be deleted. You can still access it from a different device.

If you don't open the app or set up the app after clearing your data, you won't receive new emails. But if you set up the app, the app will work normally.

Here are the steps to clear the Gmail app data:

Step 1: open Settings on your Android phone and go to App.

Step 2: in All apps, tap Gmail, followed by Storage.

Step 3: tap the Clear Memory or Clear Data button.

Method 5: uninstall the Gmail app

Finally, if the above methods don't work, you can uninstall the Gmail app from your phone or tablet. Since Gmail is a pre-installed app on most Android phones, it cannot be uninstalled completely. You will only be able to disable it.

Deleting the Gmail app will only remove the app from your phone. Your emails will be safe and intact. You can view them from a different device. If you want to use Gmail in the future, please install the app again from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone / iPad).

To delete the Gmail app on Android phones, open Settings and go to Apps. Tap Gmail in All apps. Tap Disable. Confirm in the pop-up screen.

On iPhone and iPad, touch and hold the Gmail app on the home screen. When the icons start to wobble, tap the cross icon on the Gmail app. Alternatively, tap the Delete App option if it appears. Find out other ways to delete an app from iOS and iPadOS.

In case you want to log out of the Gmail app just to log into a different account of yours, you are taking the wrong approach. You can use multiple accounts in the Gmail app without logging out of any of them.

Basically, you simply add multiple Google accounts to your Android or iPhone. Then open the Gmail app and tap the profile picture icon at the top. Tap the account to switch to that account. Likewise, you can switch between multiple Gmail accounts in the app.

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