Pokémon Unite - Complete Guide to Fair Play Points

Pokémon Unite - Complete Guide to Fair Play Points

As you well know, online players sometimes manage to be very toxic, and have no respect for others and their efforts. To overcome this problem and try to have a healthier and more cooperative community, the developers of Pokemon Unite have decided to implement Fair Play points. A mechanic that rewards all those who behave in a sporting and polite manner, and instead punishes those who do not behave in an unsportsmanlike manner. Well, in this guide we will explain everything you need to know about Pokémon Unite's Fair Play points.

Here is the Pokémon Unite Fair Play Points guide

Each player, as soon as they create a Pokémon Unite account, starts with 100 Fair Play points, which moreover is the maximum achievable threshold. These points will guarantee you access to all the features of the game. Also, if you are above 90 points, they will give you as a gift 20 Aeos Coins per day, useful for buying new pokémon, for example.

Pokémon Unite - Complete Guide to Fair Play Points

However, if these points start to drop, you will be gradually prevented from accessing various features. As the picture shows, for example, if you are between 80-89 points you will not receive any daily reward, a situation that will worsen as you drop with the points, even arriving at not being able to participate in certain game modes.

How to lose and regain points

If you have lost points, as mentioned before, it means that you have had a bad behavior towards other players during the games. Among the simplest examples there may be having abandoned a game, or the so-called "inting", or going voluntarily to be killed by the opponents only to give a disadvantage to your team. Each of the unsportsmanlike behaviors will result in a point reduction which can vary from a simple -1, up to even a -8 each game, so be careful how you behave.

If, on the other hand, you have had some bad behavior in the past, and now you would like to fix it, don't worry, since Pokémon Unite gives everyone a second chance. For every CPU game you play, and perform well, the game will give you 1 Fair Play point, that it will increase to 2 if it is a normal game instead against other players or a ranked match.

This concludes our guide on Pokémon Unite Fair Play points. However, if you are interested in other articles always concerning this game we suggest you read another of our guides, such as the one on obtaining new pokémon.

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