Xbox Keystone: device streaming is in Phil Spencer's thoughts, but it's not his time yet

Yesterday evening Phil Spencer took the stage at WSJ Live, the annual event held and organized by the editorial staff of the Wall Street Journal and entirely focused on the tech world. The CEO of Microsoft Gaming did not miss the opportunity to talk a little about what the future of the Xbox ecosystem will be. The discussion points that have been touched upon are multiple, and we have gone from the possible increase in the prices of consoles and services to the evergreen discourse linked to the possible exclusivity of the Call of Duty series.

During the long speech given by Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming also spoke of a much talked about project these days. It's about Project Keystone, or the new Xbox device that would aim to offer a totally streaming gaming experience. Up to now this Microsoft project has always been hidden by countless rumors, but a few hours ago it was Phil Spencer himself who mentioned Keystone.

“Keystone was something we were incubating internally. In late spring we decided to partner with Samsung and they still have the prototype. Will we make a streaming device at some point? I expect it to happen, but it's still years away." This is what the CEO of Microsoft Gaming said last evening, who did not permanently close the doors on this project.

Phil Spencer on Xbox Keystone

"Keystone was something that we were incubating internally. Late spring we pivoted to working with Samsung. I still have the prototype… will we do a streaming device at some point? I expect we will, but it's years away"

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) October 26, 2022

The attention on this Keystone project has been manifold and in the past Spencer himself had managed to put fuel on the fire of speculation in an indirect way. According to some recent photo of Phil Spencer's station, in fact, it seems that an Xbox device not yet released had been highlighted, and many immediately joined the points thinking that it could be the phantom Keystone platform.

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